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6 Time, which this world with all its joys

With eager haste devours, May take inferior things away,

But Jesus still is ours. 324. L. M. DODDRIDGE.

Strength equal to our day. 1 NOW let the feeble all be strong,

And make Jehovah's arm their song;
His shield is spread o'er every saint;

And, thus supported, who shall faint ? 2 What though the hosts of hell engage

With mingled cruelty and rage !
A faithful God restrains their hands,

And chains them down in iron bands. 3 Bound by his word, he will display

A strengih proportion’d to our day:
And, when united trials meet,

Will show a path of safe retreat.
4 Thus far we prove that promise good,

Which Jesus ratify'd with blood:
Still is he gracious, wise, and just;

And still, in him, let Israel trust. 325. L. M. GIBBONS.

Imitation of Christ's Beneficence. 1 WHEN Jesus dwelt in mortal clay,.

What were his works from day to day,
But miracles of pow'r and grace,

That spread salvation through our race ? 2 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view

Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue;
Let alms bestow'd, let kindness done,

Be witness'd by each rolling sun.
3 That man may last but never lives,

Who much receives, but nothing gives;
Who none can love, whom none can thank,

Creation's blot, creation's blank:
4 But he who marks, from day to day,

In gen'rous acts his radiant way,
Treads the same path his Saviour trod,
The path to glory and to God.

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Against Persecution and Intolerance.
1 ABSURD and yain attempt! to bind

With iron chains the free-born mind;
To force conviction, and reclaim

The wand'ring, by destructive flame.
2 Bold arrogance! to snatch from heav'n

Dominion not to mortals giv'n;
O'er conscience to usurp the throne,

Accountable to God alone.
3 Jesus, thy gentle law of love

Doth no such cruelties approve;
Mild as thyself, thy doctrine wields

No arms but what persuasion yields. 4 By proofs divine, and reason strong,

It draws the willing mind along;
And conquests to thy church acquires
By eloquence which heaven inspires.

Integrity, fortitude, and joy.
1 THE man, whose firm and equal mind

To solid glory is inclin'd,
Determind will his path pursue,

And keep the godlike prize in view. 2 His calm, undaunted, manly breast,

Of virtue, honour, truth possest,
Will stem the torrent of the age,

And fearless tread this mortal stage. 3 Amidst th' assailing ills of life,

Pride, passion, malice, envy, strife;
He'll act his part without disguise,

Intrepid, generous, just and wise. 4 In conscious rectitude secure,

This man, unshaken, shall endure
Of human woes the num'rous train,

Oppression, bondage, sickness, pain. 5 And when, at last, th' eternal Power

Shall fix th' irrevocable hour;
That solemn hour which none can fly,
Since 'tis decreed that all must die:




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6 Conscious of sov'reign mercy near,

Its voice shall banish ev'ry fear;
While faith and hope in joys to come,

Waft him to realms beyond the tomb.
Paul's solicitude to finish his course with joy.
1 ASSIST us, Lord, thy name to praise,

For this rich gospel of thy grace;
And, that our hearts may love it more,

Teach them to feel its vital pow'r.
2 With joy may we our course pursue,

And keep the crown of life in view ;
That crown, which in one hour repays

The labour of ten thousand days.
3 Should bonds or death obstruct our way,

Unmov'd, their terrors we'll survey;
And the last hour improve for thee,

The last of life or liberty.
4 Welcome those bands which may unite

Our souls to their supreme delight;
Welcome that death, whose painful strife

Bears us to Christ our better life. 329. C. M. ANONYMOUS.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. 1 JOY is a fruit that will not grow

In nature's barren soil;
All we can boast till Christ we know,

Is vanity and toil.
2 But where the Lord has planted grace,

And made his glories known;
There fruits of heav'nly joy and peace

Are found, and there alone.
3 A bleeding Saviour, seen by faith,

A sense of pard’ning love,
A hope that triumphs over death,

Give joys like those above.
4 To take a glimpse within the veil,

To know that God is mine,
Are springs of joy that never fail,

Unspeakable ! divine !

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5 These are the joys which satisfy,

And sanctify the mind
Which make the spirit mount on high,

And leave the world behind.
6 No more, believers, mourn your lot ;

But if you are the Lord's,
Resign to them that know him not

Such joys as earth affords. 330. L. M. ANONYMOUS.

The death of Stephen. 1 AS some tall rock amidst the waves

The fury of the tempest braves, While the fierce billows, tossing high,

Break at its foot, and murm’ring die ;) 2 Thus they who in the Lord confide,

Though foes assault on ev'ry side, Cannot be mov'd or overthrown,

For Jesus makes their cause his own. 3 So faithful Stephen, undismay'd,

The malice of the Jews survey'd;
The holy joy which fill'd his breast,

A lustre on his face impress’d.
4 “Behold! he said, the world of light

Is open'd to my strengthen'd sight;
My glorious Lord appears in view,

That Jesus whom ye lately slew."
5 With such a friend and witness near,

No form of death could make him fear; Calm, amidst show'rs of stones, he kneels,

And only for murd'rers feels.
6 May we by faith, perceive thee thus,

Dear Saviour, eyer near to us!
This sight our peace through life shall keep,
And death be fear'd no more than sleep.


The Christian Armour. 1 SOLDIERS of Christ, arise,

And put your armour on;

Strong in the strength which God supplies,

In his beloved Son.

2 Strong in the Lord of hosts,

And mighty in his pow'r;
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts

Is more than conqueror.
3 Put on then, for the fight,

The armour of your God;
And, trusting in your Leader's might,

Pursue the path he trod.
4 Lord, grant, that all things done,

And all our conflicts past,
We may o'ercome, through thee alone,

And stand entire at last.


1 SOLDIERS of Christ, arise,

And put your armour on;
Engage your enemies,

Let every fear be gone:
Now take the field, the fight renew,

And never yield, though faint, pursue. 2 Though sin, and death, and hell,

Your heav'nly march oppose;
Fear not, it shall be well,

God will confound your foes:
Go on, ye saints, the fight renew,

And Gideon like, though faint, pursue. 3 Ne'er lay your weapons down,

Till death shall close the strife;
Till you receive a croʻyn

Of everlasting life:
On God depend, the fight renew,

As Gideon conquer'd, so shall you. 4 Come feed on heav'nly bread,

'Twill make you strong to fight;
God will supply your need,

And put your foes to flight:
His arm is strong, his word is true,
Ye saints, go on, though faint, pursue.

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