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3 Bring back, O Lord, their wand'ring steps, Misled by airy dreams;

And let the light of truth dispel
Their visionary schemes.

4 Rouse, and direct them by thy word,
Their dang'rous state to see,

That they may seek, and find the path
That leads to heav'n and thee.





1 PRAYER is the soul's sincere desire,
Utter'd, or unexpress'd;
The motion of a hidden fire,
That trembles in the breast.

2 Prayer is the burden of a sigh,
The falling of a tear;

The upward glancing of an eye,
When none but God is near.

3 Prayer is the simplest form of speech
That infant lips can try;

Prayer the sublimest strains that reach
The Majesty on high.

4 Prayer is the Christian's vital breath,
The Christian's native air,

The watch-word at the gates of death;
He enters heaven with prayer.

5 Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice,
The turning from his ways;
While angels in their songs rejoice,
And cry, "Behold! he prays!"

6 In prayer, on earth the saints are one;
They're one in word and mind,
When, with the Father and the Son,
Sweet fellowship they find.

7 O thou, by whom we come to God,
The Life, the Truth, the Way,
The path of pray'r thyself hast trod;
Lord, teach us how to pray.



The Lord's Prayer.

1 OUR heavenly Father, hear The prayer we offer now:




Thy name be hallowed far and near,
To thee all nations bow.

Thy kingdom come; thy will
On earth be done in love,

As saints and seraphim fulfil

Thy perfect law above.

Our daily bread supply,

While by thy word we live;
The guilt of our iniquity
Forgive as we forgive.

From dark temptation's power
Our feeble hearts defend;
Deliver in the evil hour,
And guide us to the end.

5 Thine, then, for ever be
Glory and power divine;

The sceptre, throne, and majesty
Of heaven and earth are thine.



1 FATHER, adored in worlds above!
Thy glorious name be hallowed still;
Thy kingdom come in truth and love;
And earth, like heaven obey thy will.
2 Lord, make our daily wants thy care;
Forgive the sins which we forsake:
In thy compassion let us share,
As fellow men of ours partake.

3 Evils beset us every hour;
Thy kind protection we implore,
Thine is the kingdom, thine the power,
The glory thine for ever more.



The Universal Prayer.

1 FATHER of all! whose cares exten

To earth's remotest shore,

From every clime let praise ascend,

And every age adore.

2 Thou great First Cause, least understood,
Who all our sense confined,
To know but this that thou art good,
And we ourselves are blind.

3 What conscience dictates to be done,
Or warns us not to do:

This, teach us more than hell to shun,
That, more than heaven pursue.

4 Save us alike from foolish pride,
Or impious discontent:

At aught thy wisdom hast denied,
Or aught thy goodness lent.

5 Teach us to feel another's wo,
To hide the faults we see :
The mercy we to others show,
We shall receive from thee.

6 To thee whose temple is all space,
Whose altar, earth, sea, skies,
One chorus let all beings raise,
All nature's incense rise!



Prayer for Divine Aid and Guidance.

1 ETERNAL Source of light and thought!
Supremely good and wise!

To thee we bring our grateful vows,
To thee lift up our eyes.

2 Thy quickening energy is felt

Through nature's ample round;

In heaven, on earth, through air, and skies, Its impress, Lord! is found.

3 Our dark and erring minds illume
With truth's celestial rays;

Kindle in these cold hearts thy love,
And tune our tongues to praise.

O grant to us thy needful aid,
To do and bear thy will;

my grace can make each burden light,
And every murmur still.

5 O safely guide us by that grace,
Through life's perplexing road,
To pleasures which for ever flow
From the right hand of God!



Spiritual blessings implored.

1 FOUNTAIN of blessing! God of love!
To thee our hearts we raise;
Thine all-sustaining power we prove,
And gladly sing thy praise.

2 Thine, wholly thine, we long to be,
Our sacrifice receive;

Made and preserved, and saved by thee,
To thee ourselves we give.

30 may we travel all the length
Of the celestial road;

Till by thy wisdom and thy strength,
We see our Father, God!


L. M.


Encouragement to Prayer.

1 SING to the Lord, who loud proclaims
His various and his saving names;
Oh may they not be heard alone,
But by our sure experience known.
2 Through every age his gracious ear
Is open to his servants' prayer;
Nor can one humble soul complain,
That he has sought his God in vain.
3 What unbelieving heart shall dare
In whispers to suggest a fear,

While still he owns his ancient name,
The same his power-his love the same;

4 To thee our souls in faith arise,
To thee we lift expecting eyes;
We boldly through the desert tread,
For God will guard, where he shall lead.


L. M.


1 LORD, how shall wretched sinners da Look up to thy divine abode,

Or offer their imperfect prayer
Before a just and holy God?

2 Bright terrors guard thine awful seat,
And dazzling glories veil thy face;
Yet mercy calls us to thy feet:

Thy throne is still a throne of grace.
3 Oh! may our souls thy grace adore;
May Jesus plead our humble claim,
While thy protection we implore,
In his prevailing, glorious name.
4 Let past experience of thy care
Support our hope-our trust invite;
Again attend our humble prayer ;-
Let mercy still be thy delight.



Prayer for Protection and Guidance. 1 O THOU, to whose all-searching sight The darkness shineth as the light,

Search, prove our hearts, they pant for thee; Oh burst these bonds, and set them free! 2 If in this darksome wild we stray, Be thou our light-be thou our way; No foes, nor danger will we fear, While thou, our Saviour, God, art near. 3 When rising floods our souls o'erflow, When sink our hearts in waves of wo, Great God, thy timely aid impart,

To raise each head-and cheer each heart. 4 Oh let thy hand support us still, And lead us to thy holy hill,

Where toil, and grief, and pain shall cease, Where all is calm-and all is peace.



1 LORD, through the dubious path of life
Thy feeble servants guide!
Supported by thy powerful arim,

Our footsteps shall not slide.

2 Let others, swelled with empty pride,
Of wisdom make their boasts;

Our wisdom and our strength must come
From thee, the Lord of hosts.

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