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2 Bid our conflicting passions cease, And terror from each conscience flee; Oh, speak to every bosom peace,

Unknown to all who know not thee.

3 Give us to taste thy heavenly joy,
Our hopes to brightest glory raise;
Guide us to bliss without alloy,

And tune our hearts to endless praise.


1 WHY should the children of a King
Go mourning all their days?-
Great Comforter! descend, and bring
Some tokens of thy grace.

2 Dost thou not dwell in all thy saints,
And seal them heirs of heaven?
When wilt thou banish our complaints,
And show our sins forgiven?

3 Assure each conscience of its part
In our Redeemer's blood;

And bear thy witness with each heart,
That we are born of God.

4 Thou art the earnest of his love,
The pledge of joys to come;
And thy soft wings, celestial Dove,
Will safe convey us home.



Prayer for the return of the Spirit.
1 LORD, in the temples of thy grace,
Thy saints behold thy smiling face;
Here have we seen thy glory shine
With power and majesty divine.
2 Return, O Lord-our spirits cry-
Our graces droop-our comforts die;
Return, and let thy glories rise
Again to our admiring eyes;

3 Till, filled with light, and joy, and love,
Thy courts below, like those above,
Triumphant hallelujahs raise,

Till heaven and earth resound thy praise.



Divine Influence compared to Rain. 1 THE dews and rains, in all their store, Watering the pastures o'er and o'er, Are not so copious as that grace Which sanctifies and saves our race. As in soft silence, vernal showers Descend and cheer the fainting flowers! So in the secrecy of love

Falls the sweet influence from above.
3 That heavenly influence let us find
In holy silence of the mind,

While every grace maintains its bloom,
Diffusing wide its rich perfume.

4 Nor let these blessings be confined
To us, but poured on all mankind;
Till earth's wild wastes in verdure rise,
And a new Eden bless our eyes.



The strong persuasions of Grace. 1 O SINNERS, fly to Jesus' arms, Enjoy his everlasting charms! He calls you to a heav'nly feast, O come, poor starving souls, and taste. 2 Say, will you be for ever blest, And with the heavenly Jesus rest? He'll save you from all sin and pain, And you shall in full glory reign.

3 Say now, poor souls, what will you do?
Say, will you have this Christ or no?
Make now the choice, and halt no more,
For Christ is waiting at your door.

4 He waits, he woos, he's loath to leave,
And will you not his word believe?
Why will you let this Jesus go?
Say, will you have this Christ or no?
5 Once more we'll ask you in his name
(We know his love is still the sam
Will you be sav'd from dreadful
Say, will you have this Christ or


242. L. M. RIPPON'S COLL. Prayer for all the saving influences of Grace. 1 'WE'RE in a world of hopes and fears, A wilderness of toils and tears,

Where foes alarm, and dangers threat, And pleasures kill, and glories cheat. 2 Shed down, O Lord! a heav'nly ray, To guide us in the doubtful way; And o'er us hold thy shield of pow'r, To guard us in the dang'rous hour. 3 Teach us the flatt'ring path to shun, In which the thoughtless many run; Who for a shade the substance miss, And grasp their ruin in their bliss. 4 Each sacred principle impart; The faith, that sanctifies the heart; Hope, that to heaven's high vault aspires; And love, that warms with holy fires. 5 Whate'er is noble, pure, refin'd, Just, gen'rous, amiable, and kind, That may our constant thoughts pursueThat may we love and practise too. 6 Let neither pleasure, wealth, nor pride, Allure our wand'ring souls aside; But, through this maze of mortal ill, Safe lead us to thy heav'nly hill.



Sins Confessed and Mourned.

1 GOD of mercy, God of love,
Hear our sad repentant song;
Sorrow dwells on every face,
Penitence on every tongue.
2 Deep regret for follies past,
Talents wasted, time mispent;
Hearts debased by worldly cares,
Thankless for the blessings lent:
3 Foolish fears, and fond desires,
Vain regrets for things as vain;

Lips too seldom taught to praise, Oft to murmur and complain: 4 These, and every secret fault, Filled with grief and shame we own; Humbled at thy feet we lie, Seeking pardon from thy throne. 5 God of mercy, God of grace, Hear our sad repentant songs; O restore thy suppliant race, Thou to whom all praise belongs.


Inconstancy Lamented.

1 THE wandring star and fleeting wind
Are emblems of the fickle mind;
The morning cloud and early dew
Bring our inconstancy to view.

2 But cloud and wind, and dew and star,
Only a faint resemblance bear;
Nor can there ought in nature be
So changeable and frail as we.

3 Our outward walk and inward frame,
Are scarcely through an hour the same;
We vow, and straight our vows forget,
And then those very vows repeat.

With contrite hearts, Lord, we confess
Our folly and unsteadfastness;

When shall these hearts more stable be,
Fixed by thy grace alone on thee!



Prayer for Divine Help.

1 OH help us, Lord! each hour of need
Thy heavenly succour give;
Help us in thought, and word, and deed,
Each hour on earth we live.

2 Oh help us, when our spirits bleed,
With contrite anguish sore,

And when our hearts are cold and dead, Oh help us, Lord, the more.

3 Oh help us, through the prayer of faith More firmly to believe;

For still the more the servant hath,
The more shall he receive.

4 Oh help us, Father! from on high;
We know no help but thee;
Oh! help us so to live and die,
As thine in heaven to be.



Hope Reviving.

1 AND shall we sit alone,



Oppressed with grief and fear;
To God our Father make our moan,
And he refuse to hear?

If he our Father be,

His pity he will show;

From cruel bondage set us free,

And inward peace bestow.

If still he silence keep,

'Tis but our faith to try;

He knows and feels whene'er we weep,

And softens every sigh.

4 Then will we humbly wait,
Nor once indulge despair;

Our sins are great, but not so great
As his compassions are.




Absence from God.

O THOU, whose mercy hears
Contrition's humble sigh;

Whose hand indulgent, wipes the tear
From sorrow's weeping eye

2 See low before thy throne



We wretched wanderers mourn;
Hast thou not bid us seek thy face?
Hast thou not said,-Return?

Absent from thee, our light,

Without one cheering ray,

Through dangers, fears, and gloomy night,

How desolate our way!

On this benighted heart
With beams of mercy shine;

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