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to this court or any member of it, or to the

RULE XXXI. court below, or to other counsel." (Colu

It has been adopted as a rule by a long well v. Sanderson, 63 Wis. 52, 28 N. W. 232, 33 N. W. 591, and Heating Co. v. Sloteman, line of decisions that a motion to strike out

a pleading as frivolous, in the court below 69 Wis. 398, 34 N. W. 387.)

will be treated as a demurrer upon the mer

its. (Diggle v. Boulden, 48 Wis. 477, 482, RULE XXVIII.

4 N. W. 678; Lerdall v. Insurance Co., 51 A new rule was adopted by this court Sep. Wis. 126, 431, 8 N. W. 280; Magdeburg v. tember 8, 1881 (see 52 Wis., 60 N. W. v.): Uihlein, 53 Wis. 166, 10 N. W. 363; Krall v. “At each session of the court for the hearing | Libbey, 53 Wis. 295, 10 N. W. 386; Jameson of calendar causes, only the first six causes v. Barber, 56 Wis. 640, 14 N. W. 859; Wright assigned will be peremptorily for call on v. City of Ft. Howard, 60 Wis. 119, 18 N. W. the first day of the session; all of the first 750, 50 Am. Rep. 350; Quackenbush v. Railtwelve causes not disposeil of, will be for road Co., 62 Wis. 412, 22 Y. W. 519; Hoffman call on the second day; the first eighteen v. Wheelock, 62 Wis. 435, 22 N. W. 713, 716; causes not disposed of, on the third day; Hurlbut v. Marshall, 62 Wis. 601, 22 N. W. and so on to the end of the assignment.” 832; Guth v. Lubach, 73 Wis. 135, 40 N. W. Modified August 14, 1894, to eight causes. 681.)

A new rule was adopted January 29, 188+ line of decisions, that when the judgment in

It has been adopted as a rule by a long (see 58 Wis.): “Cases on any calendar re

the court below is in excess for a definite maining unargued at the adjournment of the term shall stand continued and be con

amount, the same must be reversed and the sidered as at the head of the next calendar, cause remanded for a new trial, subject to and shall be heard in their order, as assigned an option on the plaintiff's part to remit such at the next term, without further notice of excess and take judgment for the balance. argument."

(Page v. Town of Sumptor, 53 Wis. 053, 11 RULE XXX.

N. W'. 60; Wylie v. Karner, 54 Wis. 599, 12

N. W. 57; Corcoran v. Harran, 55 Wis. 125, A new rule was adopted December 13, 1887 12 X. W. 468; Potts v. Cooley, 56 Wis. 50, (see (8 Wis.): "In all criminal cases the 13 X. W. 682; West v. Railway Co., 56 Wis. plaintiff in error shall prepare and serve up- 324, 14 N. W. 292; Hartung v. Witte, 59 on the attorney general, at least ten days | Wis. 288, 18 X. W. 175; Evans v. Foster, before the case is called for argument, a 80 Wis, 516, 50 N. W. 410, 14 L. R. A. 117; printed or written statement of the points Waterman v. Railroad Co., 82 Wis. 613, 039, of error relied upon.”.

52 N W, 217, 1136.)

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Page Adams v. Detroit Electric Ry. (Mich.)... 634 Beindorff, Kuker y. (Neb.)...

190 Adsit v. Smith (Mich.). 65 Bell v. Town of Clarion (Iowa).

824 Etna Life Ins. Co., Smith v. (Iowa).... 368 Bennett v. Luby (Wis.). Ætna Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., v. Berg v. Damkoehler (Wis.).

606 Wortasewski (Neb.) 855 Bergeson, Griffith v. (Iowa).

451 Agricultural Ins. Co. of Watertown, North Bergman v. Jones (N. D.)..

284 western Mut. Life Ins. Co. v. (Minn.)... 272 Bernard v. Fee's Estate (Mich.)..

.1052 Ainsworth, Fiala v. (Neb.). 135 Berry v. Berry (Iowa).

.1075 Albright, State v. (N. D.)... 729 Bettingen, Hahn v. (Minn.).

10 Aldine Mfg. Co. v. Phillips (Mich.). 632 | Beverly v. Supreme Tent of Maccabees of Aldritt v. Gillette-Herzog Mig. Co. (Minn.) 741 the World (Iowa)...

..1054 Allen v. Allen (Iowa)..

. 1091 Beyer v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. Allen, Smith v. (Neb.).


57 Allen's Estate, In re (Iowa).

.1091 Blaess v. Nichols & Shepard Co. (Iowa)... 829 Alsever v. Minneapolis & St. L. R. Co. Bliss v. Macomb Probate Judge (Mich.). 390 (Iowa)

841 Board of Com’rs of Hennepin County, KuhAmerican Savings & Loan Ass'n, Anselme lo v. (Minn.)..

2 V. (Neb.)

665 Board of Com’rs of Hennepin County, McAmerican Surety Co., Hill v. (Wis.).

Gee v. (Minn.).

Anchor Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Taylor v. Board of Com’rs of Polk County, Sortedahl
807 v. (Minn.)

21 Anderson v. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. Board of Control of State Institutions, (Minn.) .1001 State v. (Minn.).

533 Anderson v. City of Milwaukee (Wis.) 905 Board of Sup'rs of Chippewa County, Lauanderson, Spaan v. (Iowa). 200 zon v. (Mich.)...

628 Andrus, Porter v. (N. D.).

567 Bodman y. Johnson County (Iowa) 331 Andrus, Swanson v. (Minn.). 252 | Boettger V. Galloway (Iowa).

831 Anselme v. American Savings & Loan Bogart v. Kiene (Minn.)...

748 Ass'n (Neb.) 665 Bohrer, Lamson v. (Neb.).

161 Archer v. Strachan (Mich.). 465 Booth, State y. (Iowa),

344 Armour v. Officer (Iowa).. .1058 Bowen v. Lansing (Mich.).

384 Arnett v. Smith (N. D.)..... .1037 Bowerman, Stewart v. (Mich.).

396 Atherton v. Defreeze (Mich.). 886 | Bowlsby, Gregory v. (Iowa)..

822 Attix v. Minnesota Sandstone Co. (Minn.) 436 Bowman, City of Omaha v. (Neb.). 521 Attorney General, In re (Wis.).

912 Boyd, Talbot v. (N. D.). Auditor General' v. Sage Land & Im Boydan v. Haberstumpf (Mich.).

386 provement Co. (Mich.)... 468 Boyle v. Lybrand (Wis.).

904 Aultman, Miller & Co., German Nat. Bradford Sav. Bank & Trust Co. v. Crippen Bank v. (Neb.).. 479 (Neb.)

166 Ayres v. Thurston County (Neb.).

178 Brainerd & N. M. R. Co., Green v. (Minn.) 974 Ayres, Saunders v. (Neb.). 526 Breeding v. Jordan (Iowa).


Brew, Consolidated Vinegar Works V.
Racher r. Gray (Wis.).


603 Bahr, Wanderer v. (Wis.).

.1016 Bridgeman v. City of Missouri Valley Bailey v. City of Centerville (Iowa).


Bailey v. Hughes (Iowa).
804 Briggs, City of St. Paul v. (Minn.)

984 Baker, Eitscheid v. (Wis.). 52 | Brokken v. Baumann (N. D.)..

84 Baker, State v. (Neb.).. 124 Brooke, Eickhoff v. (Mich.).

397 Ball v. Beaumont (Neb.).

173 Brooks v. Brotherhood of American YeoBallou, Ellis v. (Mich.). 898 men (Iowa)

..1089 Barge v. Haslam (Neb.)... 516 Brooks, Westercamp v. (Iowa).

372 Barnabee v. Holmes (Iowa).

.1098 Brooks Elevator Co., Caldwell v. (N. D.).. 700 Barnabee, Nielan v. (Iowa).

.1098 Brotherhood of American Yeomen, Brooks Barowski v. Schultz (Wis.). 236 v. (Iowa).

..1089 Barr v. Guelph Patent Case Co. (Mich.)... 640 Brothers, Cranmer v. (S. D.)....

105 Barrager, Royce v. (Iowa)...

940 Browu v. City of Webster City (Iowa)...1070 Bartlett v. Eau Claire County (Wis.). 61 Brown v. Crosson (Iowa)...

360 Bartlett, Jameson v. (Neb.).

860 Brown v. Hotel Ass'n of Omaha (Neb.)... 175 Baskerville v. Gaar, Scott & Co. (S. D.)... 103 Brown v. Modern Woodmen of America Battle Creek Valley Bank v. First Nat. (Iowa)

965 Bank (Neb.) 145 Brown, Walter v. (Iowa).

832 Batty v. City of Hastings (Neb.). 139 Bruss, Mueller v. (Wis.).

229 Batz, Namyst v. (Minn.). 991 Buck v. Hogeboom (Web.).

8.37 Baumann, Brokken v. (N. D.). 84 Buck v. Stuben (Neb.).

483 Beall v. McMenemy (Neb.).. 134 Buhl, State Sav. Bank v. (Mich.).

171 Beatrice Nat. Bank, German Nat. Bank Burke v. Unique Printing Co. (Neb.). 488 v. (Neb.)....

480 Burlington, C. R. & N. R. Co., Lorenz v. Beattie v. City of Detroit (Mich.). 71 (Iowa)

835 Beatty, McDonald v. (N. D.).

281 Burlington, C. R. & N. R. Co., Major v. Beaumont, Ball v. (Neb.). 173 (Iowa)

815 Beck v. McKibben (Neb.).

765 Burlington Land & Improvement Co., PerBecker v. Hall (Iowa). 324 kins v. (Wis.)

648 Beebe, McIntire v. (Néb.). 867 | Burton v. Gage (Minn.).

997 Beebe, State v. (Iowa). 358 | Burton T. Williams (Neb.).

765 88 N.W.



Page Bushnell, Dunn v. (Neb.). ...

693 City of Omaha, Kountze v. (Neb.)...... 117 Butler-Ryan Co. v. Williams (Minn.). 3 City of Omaha, Nelson v. (Neb.).

154 Butterbaugh, Carthage Nat. Bank v. (Iowa) 954 City of Omaba, Philadelphia Mortgage & Butterfield v. Kirtley (Iowa). 371 Trust Co. v. (Neb.)...

523 Buxton, Shaulis v. (Iowa). 968 City of St. Paul v. Briggs (Minn.).

981 Byard V. Palace Clothing House Co. City of St. Paul, Lumberman's Ins. Co. v. (Minn.) 998 (Minn.)

749 Byington v. City of Merrill (Wis.).... 26 City of Webster City, Brown v. (Iowa). .1070

City Sav. Bank v. Cleveland Woodenware Cadillac State Bank v. Cadillac Stave & Co. (Mich.)

894 Heading Co. (Mich.). 67 Clark, Lyon v. (Mich.).

.1046 Cadillac Stave & Heading Co., Cadillac Clark, Townsend v. (Wis.).

908 State Bank v. (Mich.). 67 Clarke v. Irwin (Neb.).

783 Caldwell v. Brooks Elevator Co. (N. D.).. 700 Clements v. Eisely (Xeb.).

871 Calhoun Circuit Judge, Church v. (Mich.) 403 Cleveland Woodenware Co., City Sav. Bank Carbondale Fuel Co., Cushman v. (Iowa).. 817 v. (Mich.)

894 Carpenter, Thomas E. Lynch Co. v. Clinton Sav. Bank v. Grohe (Iowa).

357 (Mich.) 387 Clopton v. Clopton (N. D.).

562 Carthage Vat. Bauk v. Butterbaugh (Iowa) 95+ Coad v. Rogers (Iowa)..

917 Case v. City of Detroit (Mich.). 626 Cole v. Willard (Neb.).

13+ Casey v. Casey (Iowa). 937 Coleman v. Stalnacke (S. D.).

107 Cawker, J. G. Wagner Co. r. (Wis.). . 599 Cole Transp. Co., H. W. Williams Transp. Chamberlain Banking House, Tecumseh Line v. (Mich.)..

473 Nat. Bank v. (Neb.). 186 Collins v. Collins (Iowa).

..1097 Chamberlin v. Wood (S. D.). 109 Collins, Long v. (S. D.)

571 Chapman v. Dunwell (Iowa).

.1067 Columbia Xat. Bank, National Wall Paper Charlebois, Nichols & Shepard Co. v. (N. D.) 80 Co. v. (Neb.)...

481 Cheshire Provident Iust. v. Fuesner (Neb.) 819 Commercial Union Assur. Co. of London v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. y. Village of Wil Shoemaker (Neb.)

156 ber (Neb.) 660 Comstock, Hayer v. (Iowa).

351 Chicago G. W. R. Co., Pierson v. (Iowa).. 363 Cone v. Wold (Minn.).

977 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Anderson v. Conklin, Simmons v. (Mich.).

625 (Minn.) . 1001 Conrad, Elenz v. (Iowa).

337 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Kling v. Consaul v. Loennecker (Wis.).

215 (Iowa)

355 Consolidated Vinegar Works v. Brew (Wis.) 603 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Minneapolis Cook v. John Schroeder Lumber Co. & St. L. R. Co. v. (Iowa). 1082 (Minn.)

971 Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co. v. Shaw (Neb.) 508 Cook. People's Building, Loan & Saving Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co., Cowles v. Ass'n v. (Neb.)..

763 (Iowa) .1072 Cool v. Kelly (Vinn.). .

988 Chicago, St. P., M. & O. R. Co., Dakota Corson V. Iowa Mut. Fire Ins. Ass'n County v. (Neb.)., 663 (Iowa)

..1086 Chicago, St. P., M. & O. R. Co., Johnson Cosgrove v. Filer & Stowell Co. (Wis.)... 220 v. (Iowa) 811 Coulthard, McIntosh v. (Iowa).

. 1069 Chicago & N. W. R. Co., Ullman v. (Wis.) 41 County Board of Gates County, Hill v. Chicago & N. W. R. Co., Ullman v. (Wis.)

463 (Wis.)

.1103 Cowles v. Chicago, R. 1. & P. R. Co. Chinstrand, Kirk v. (Minn.).. 122 (Iowa)

.1072 Chittenden, State v. (Wis.). 587 Cram, Fischer v. (Neb.).

478 Christen, Downie v. (Iowa). 830 Crane, Unland v. (Neb.,.

667 Christianson V. Norwich Union Fire Ins. Cranmer v. Brothers (S. D.).

105 Soc. (Minn.). 16 Crary v. Hoffman (Iowa).

833 Church v. Calhoun Circuit Judge (Mich.).. 403 Crawford, Kelly v. Wis.).

296 Churchill, Price v. (Minn.). 11 Crawford, Lee v. (N. D.).

97 Citizens' Bank v. Stewart (Iowa). 374 Crawford, Stacks v. (Neb.).

852 City of Anoka, Reed v. (Minn.).

981 Crippen, Bradford Sav. Bank & Trust Co. City of Bay City, Michigan Cent. R. Co. v. (Neb.)

166 v. (Mich.) 639 Crocker v. Huntzicker (Wis.).

232 City of Cedar Rapids v. Rall (Iowa). 826 Crookston Lumber Co., Lally v. (Minn.).. 846 City of Cedar Rapids, Hall v. (Iowa). 418 Cross v. Leidich (Neb.).

667 City of Centerville, Bailey v. (Iowa). 379 Crosson, Brown v. (Iowa).

366 City of Des Moines v. Keller (Iowa). 827 Crynes v. City of Independence (Iowa). 937 City of Detroit, Beattie v. (Mich.).

71 | Cumberland Glass Mfg. Co., Edward H. City of Detroit, Case v. (Mich.). 626 Everett Co. v. (Wis.).

597 City of Detroit, Hammond v. (Mich.). .1102 Cunningham v. Finch (Web.).

168 City of Detroit, Klass v. (Mich.). 204 Cunningham, Fairchild v. (Minn.).

15 City of Detroit, Nicholson v. (Mich.). 695 Cushman v. Carbondale Fuel Co. (Iowa)... 817 City of Dubuque, Thoeni v. (Iowa)..

967 City of Duluth, Le Tourneau v. (Hinn.). . 529 Dakota County v. Chicago, St. P., M. & City of Fargo, Gagnier v. (N. D.).. .1030 0. R. Co. (Neb.).

663 City of Targo, Pickton v. (N. D.).

90 Dalrytople v. Security Loan & Trust Co. City of Fond du Lac v. Otto's Estate

of Casselton (N. D.).

.1033 (Wis.) 917 Damkoehler, Berg v. (Wis.).

606 City of Fond du Lac, Devine v. (Wis.). 913 Darius Cole Transp. Co., H. W. Williams City of Hastings v. Gillitt (Vinn.). 997 Transp. Line v. (Mich.).

473 City of Hastings, Batty v. (Neb.). 139 Darr v. Spencer (Neb.).

161 City of Independence, Crynes v. (Iowa). 937 Darr v. Wisner (Neb.)...

518 City of Jamestown, Glaspell y. (N. D.)..1023 Davenport, R. I. & N. W. R. Co., Diamond City of Lincoln, Gallaher v. (Neb.)...... 50.5 Jo Line Steamers v. (Iowa).

939 City of Merrill, Byington v. (Wis.). 26 Davidson, State v. (Wis.).

596 City of Milwaukee, Anderson v. (Wis.). 905 Davis v. Hamilton (Minn.).

744 City of Milwaukee, Koepke v. (Wis.). 238 Davis, Kingman v. (Neb.).

777 City of Milwaukee, Riesen v. (Wis.).... 594 Davis. Supreme Court, Order of Patricians City of Missouri Valley, Bridgeman v. v. (Mich.)

874 (Iowa)

1069 Davis Gasoline Engine Works Co. v. McCity of Omaha v. Bowman (Neb.). 521 Hugh (Iowa)




Page Decatur v. Simpson (Iowa).

839 Farmers' & Merchants' Nat. Bank V. Decker v. Kanous' Estate (Mich.). 398 Mosher (Neb.).

552 Dederick v. Gillespie (Neb.) 659 Farwick, Schupanitz v. (Iowa),

951 Dee, McClure v. (Iowa).

.1093 l'aust v. William Deering & Co. (Neb.).. 477 Deering & Co., Faust v. (Neb.). 477 Fawcett, State_v. (Neb.).

681 Defreeze, Atherton v. (Mich.).

886 Fee's Estate, Bernard v. (Mich.). .1052 De Gooyer, Slagle v. (Iowa). 932 Fereday. Shesler v. (Iowa)..

. 1102 De Groot v. Wilson (Neb.).

657 Ferguson, Tolerton & Stetson Co. v. (Minn.) 19 De Long v. Olsen Neb.). 512 Fetkenhauer v. State (Wis.).

294 Des Moines Ins. Co., Summers v. (Iowa).. 326 Fezler v. Willmar & S. F. R. Co., two Detroit Citizens' St. R. Co., Doty v. cases (Minn.)

746 (Alich.) ..1050 Fiala v. Ainsworth (Neb.).

135 Detroit Electric Ry., Adams v. (Mich.)... 634 Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland, Home Detroit Electric Ry., Leach v. Mich.)... 635 Savings & Trust Co. v. (Iowa).

821 Devine V. City of Fond du Lac (Wis.). 913 Filer & Stowell Co., Cosgrove v. (Wis.).. 220 Diamond Jo Line Steamers v. Davenport, Fillmore v. Van Horn (Mich.).

69 R. I, & N. W. R. Co. (Iowa). 959 Finch, Cunningham v. (Neb.).

168 Dickinson, State v. (Mich.).

621 Finerty v. Supreme Council Catholic Dillrance, New Hampshire Sav. Bank v. Knights of America (Iowa).

834 (Neb.) 653 Fiola v. McDonald (Alinn.).

431 District Court of Chippewa County, State First Nat. Bank, Battle Creek Valley Bank V. (Minn.) 755 v. (Neb.)

145 District Judge of Tenth Judicial District, First Nat. Bank, Grainger v. (Neb.).

121 State v. (Minn.)..

742 First Nat. Bank, Hammel v. (Mich.). 397 Dittberner, Teske v. (Neb.).

658 First Nat. Bank, Meyer v. (Neb.). . 867 Donahue r. Potter & George Co. (Neb.). 171 First Nat. Bank, Tolerton & Stetson Co. Donovan, State v. (N. D.).. 717 v. Neb.)

865 Doolittle, Williams v. (Iowa).. 350 Fischer v. Cram (Neb.).

478 Dorer v. Hood (Wis.). .1009 Fish v. Thompson (Mich.).

896 Doty v. Detroit Citizens' St. R. Co. (Mich.). 1030 Fitzgerald, Pettibone v. (Neb.).

143 Douville, Mindeman v. (Wis.). 299 Flanigan v. Pomeroy (Minn.).

761 Downey, Montgomery v. (Iowa). 810 Fleming v. McCutcheon (Minn.).

433 Downie v. Christen (Iowa). 830 Fletcher, Piper v. (Iowa)..

380 Downing v. Nicholson (Iowa).. 1064 Fogel, Karbach v. (Neb.).

659 Downing, Hinkle v. (Iowa).

.1088 Fond du Lac County, Winnebago FurniDrinkall v. Movius State Bank D.). 724 ture Mfg. Co. v. (Wis.)..

. 1018 Dunham v. Johnson (Minn.). 737 Foote, Edwards y. (Mich.).

404 Dunn v. Bushnell (Neb.)... 693 Fox v. State (Neb.).

176 Dunn v. McGovern (Iowa) 938 Frederick, Kohl v. (Iowa).

.1055 Dunn, McCormick Harvesting Mach. Co. Freeman v. Wood (N. D.).

721 V. (Neb.) 159 Freeman, Ernst v. (Mich.).

636 Dunwell, Chapman v. (Iowa).

.1067 Freewater Cemetery Ass'n, Vansyoc v. (Neb.)

162 Eastern Building & Loan Ass'n of Syra Trick v. Fritz (Iowa).

961 cuse, National Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford Fritz, Frick v. (Iowa).

961 V. (Neb.) 863 Frye, State v. (Neh.).

149 Eaton v. Guarantee Co. of North Dakota Fuesner, Cheshire Provident Inst. v. (Web.) 819 (N, D.)

.1029 Eau Claire County, Bartlett v. (Wis.). 61 Gaar, Scott & Co. v. Nichols (Iowa). 382 Eddie, Milliman v. (Iowa).

961 Gaar, Scott & Co. v. Stolte (Iowa). Edward H. Everett Co. v. Cumberland Gaar, Scott & Co. v. Wilson (Iowa). 332 Glass Mfg. Co. (Wis.).

597 Gaar, Scott & Co., Baskerville v. (S. D.)... 103 Edwards y. Foote (Mich.). 404 Gage, Burton v. (Minn.)..

997 Edwards, German Nat. Bank v. (Neb.). 657 Gagnier v. City of Fargo (N. D.). .1030 Egan v. Semrad (Wis.)..

906 Gallaher v. City of Lincoln (Neb.)... 505 Eicher v. Stone (Iowa).

941 Gallaher, Kilmer v., two cases (Iowa). 959 Eickhoff v. Brooke (Mich.). 397 Galloway, Boettger v. (Iowa).

831 Eisley, Clements v. (Neb.). 871 Garner v. Mahoney (Iowa)..

828 Eitscheid v. Baker (Wis.). 52 Garrow, Farmers' Bank v. (Neb.).

131 Electrical Engineering Co., Paget

Garvin v. Pettee (S. D.)...

573 (Minn.) 844 Gates, Maxon v. (Wis.).

54 Elenz v. Courad (Iowa). 337 Gentert, Swigart v. (Neh.).

159 Elgar y Equitable Life Assur. Soc. of Georgia, Kulberg v. (N. D.). United States (Wis.)..

927 German Ins. Co. of Freeport, Ill., Poppitz Ellis v. Ballou (Mich.). 898 v. (Minn.).

438 Ellis v. Remley (Iowa).

819 German Nat. Bank v. Aultman, Miller & Ellis, Vincent v. (Iowa). 836 Co. (Neb.).

479 Emerson v. Miller (Iowa).

803 German Nat. Bank v. Beatrice Nat. Bank Emigh, Mizer v. (Neb.). 479 (Neb.)

480 Engels v. Kiene (Iowa).

331 German Nat. Bank v. Edwards (Neb.)... 657 Engles, Hoover v. (Neb.).

869 G. Heilman Brewing Co. V. Piemeis! Equitable Life Assur. Soc. of United (Minn.)

441 States, Elgar v. (Wis.). 127 Gibson v. Hammang (Neb.).

500 Ernst v. Freeman (Mich.). 036 Gibson v. Torbert (Iowa).

443 Ettenheimer v. Wallman (Neb.). 859 Gilbertson. Hagen v. (N. D.).

455 Evans, Miller v. (Iowa)... 198 Gillespie, Dederick v. (Neb.).

0.39 Everett Co. v. Cumberland Glass Mfg. Co. Gillette-Herzog Mfg. Co., Aldritt v. (Minn.) 741 (Wis.)

597 Gilligan v. Town of Grattan (Neb.). 477 Gillitt, City of Hastings v. (Minn.).

987 Fairchild v. Cunningham (Minn.). 15 Gilmore v. Lichtenberg (Mich.).

629 Farmers' Bank v. Garrow (Neb.).

131 Gisleson v. Minneapolis & St. L. R. Co. Farmers' Mut. Fire Ins. Co. of Manistee,


970 Benzie & Mason Counties, Hill v. (Mich.) 392 Glaspell'v. City of Jamestown (N. D.). .1023 Farmers' Mut. Hail Ins. Ass'n of Iowa Goldthorp v. Goldthorp (Iowa).

914 V. Slattery (Iowa) 919 Goldthorp's Estate, In re (Iowa).


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