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« For---Love almighty! Love almighty! (sing, “ Exult, creation !) Love almighty, reigns ! of That death of death! that cordial of despair ! 2345 " And loud Eternity's triumphant song!

“ Of whom, no more:--For, O Thou Patron-God! « Thou God and Mortal! Thence more God to man! " Man's theme eternal ! man's eternal theme ! “ Thou canst not ’scape uninjur'd from our praise. 2350 “ Uninjur'd from our praise can He escape, " Who, disembofom'd from the Father, bows The heaven of heavens, to kiss the distant earth! “ Breathes out in agonies a finless foul ! « Against the Cross, Death's iron fceptre breaks ! 2355 “ From familh'd ruin plucks her human prey ! “ Throws wide the gates celestial to his foes ! “ Their gratitude, for such a boundless debt,

Deputes their suffering brothers to receive ! ** And, if deep human guilt in payment fails ; 2360 “ As deeper guilt prohibits our despair ! “ Injoins it, as our duty, to rejoice! " And (to close all) omnipotently kind, « * Takes his delights among the sons of men." What words are these---And did they come from heaven?

2365 And were they spoke to man? to guilty man? What are all mysteries to love like this ? The songs of angels, all the melodies Of choral gods, are wafted in the found; Heal and exhilarate the broken heart;


Though * Prov. chap. viii.

Though plung'd, before, in horrors dark as night :
Rich prelibation of consummate joy !
Nor wait we diffolution to be blest.

This final effort of the moral Muse,
How justly * titled? nor for me alone :

2375 For all that read; what spirit of support, What heights of Consolation, crown my fong!

Then, farewel Night! of darkness, now, no more Joy breaks ; Mincs; triumphs ; 'tis eternal day. Shall that which rises out of nought complain

2386 Of a few evils, paid with endless joys ? My soul: henceforth, in sweetest union join The two supports of human happiness, Which some, erroneous, think can never meet ; True taste of life, and constant thought of death! 2385 The thought of death, fole victor of its dread ! Hope, be thy. joy; and probity thy skill; Thy patron He, whose diadem has droppd Yon gems of heaven; Eternity, thy prize : And leave the racers of the world their own, 2390 Their feather, and their froth, for endless toils : They part with all for that which is not bread; They mortify, they starve, on wealth, fame, power ; And laugh to scorn the fools that aim at more. How must a spirit, late escap'd from earth, 2395 Suppose Philander's, Lucia's, or Narciffa's, The truth of things new-blazing in its eye, Look back, astonishid, on the ways of men, VOL, III,

Whole * The Consolation,

Whose lives whole drift is to forget their graves !
And when our present privilege is past,

To scourge us with due sense of its abuse,
The same astonishment will feize us all.
What then must pain us, would preserve us now.
Lorenzo ! 'tis not yet too late ; Lorenzo !
Seize wisdom, ere 'tis torment to be wise ;, 2405
That is, seize wisdom, ere she feizes thee.
For what, my small philosopher ! is hell ?
'Tis nothing but full knowledge of the truth,
When truth, refifted long, is sworn our foe;
And calls Eternity to do her right.

2410 Thus, darkness aiding intellectual light, And sacred silence whispering truths divine, And truths divine converting pain to peace, My song the midnight raven has outwing'd, And shot, ambitious of unbounded scenes, 2415 Beyond the flaming limits of the world, Her gloomy flight. But what avails the flight Of fancy, when our hearts remain below? Virtue abounds in flatterers and foes; 'Tis pride, to praise her ; penance to perform. 2420 To more than words, to more than worth of tongue, Lorenzo ! rise, at this auspicious hour; An hour, when heaven 's most intimate with man; When, like a falling far, the ray

divine Glides swift into the bofom of the juft;

2425 And just are all, determind to reclaim; Which sets that title high within thy reach.


Awake, then : thy Philander calls : awake!
Thou, who shalt wake, when the creation sleeps ;
When, like a taper, all these suns expire ; 2430
When Time, like him of Gaza in his wrath,
Plucking the pillars that support the world,
In Nature's ample ruins lies intomb’d;
And Midnight, Universal Midnight! reigns.

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