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" THOU only know'st,

2195 « Thou, whose broad eye the future, and the past,

Joins to the present; making one of three " To moral thought! Thou know'st, and Thou alone,

All-knowing--! all-unknown!--and yet well-known!

Near, though remote! and, though unfathoni’d, felt! “And, though invisible, for ever seen! "And seen in all! the great and the minute : “ Each globe above, with its gigantic race, “ Each fiower, each leaf, with its small people swarm’d,

(Those puny vouchers of Omnipotence !) 2205 To the first thought, that asks, “ From whence?"

li declare “ Their common source. Thou Fountain, running o'er os In rivers of communicated joy ! “ Who gav'st us speech for far, far humbler themes !

Say, by what name shall I presume to call “ Him I see burning in these countless suns, " As Moses, in the bush? Illustrious Mind! “ The whole creation, less, far less, to Thee, “ Than that to the creation's ample round. " How shall I name Thee ?-How my labouring soul “ Heaves underneath the thought, too big for birth!

“ Great system of perfections ! mighty cause " Of causes mighty ! cause uncaus’d! sole root “ Of nature, that luxuriant growth of God! 66 First Father of effects ! that progeny

2220 “ Of endless series ; where the golden chain's “ Last link admits a period, who can tell ? “ Father of all that is or heard, or hears !

" Father


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~ Father of all that is or seen, or fees! “ Father of all that is, or fall arise !

2225 " Father of this immeasurable mass « Of matter multiform; or dense, or rare ; “ Opaque, or lucid ; rapid, or at rest; Minute, or paffing bound! in each extreme Of like amaze, and mystery, to man. “ Father of these bright millions of the night! “ Of which the least full Godhead'had proclaim'd, “ And thrown the gazer on his knee-Or, say, Is appellation higher still, Thy choice? “ Father of matter's temporary lords !

2235 “ Father of spirits ! nobler offspring ! sparks “ Of high paternal glory; rich endow'd “ With various measures, and with various modes “ Of instinct, reafon, intuition; beams “ More pale, or bright from day divine, to break 2240 “ The dark of matter organiz'd (the ware “ Of all created fpirit); beams, that rise “ Each over other in superior light, “ Till the last ripens into lustre strong, Of next approach to Godhead. Father fond 2245 “ (Far fonder than e'er bore that name on earth) “ Of intellectual beings! beings bleit “ With powers to please Thee; not of passive ply To laws they know not; beings lodg’d in seats « Of well-adapted joys, in different domes 22.50 “ Of this imperial palace for thy fons; “ Of this proud, populous, well-policy'd, “ Though boundless habitation, plann'd by Thee :

" Whose

" Whose several clans their several climates suit; “ And transposition, doubtless, would destroy. 2255 “ Or, Oh! indulge, immortal King, indulge A title, less august indeed, but more

Endearing; ah! how fweet in human ears ! “ Sweet in our ears, and triumph in our hearts ! Father of immortality to man!

2260 “ A theme that * lately set my soul on fire“ And Thou the Next! yet equal ! Thou, by whom That blessing was convey'd; far more! was bought; “ Ineffable the price ! by whom all worlds “ Were made; and one, redeem'd ! illustrious Light “ From Light illustrious! Thou, whose regal power, “ Finite in time, but infinite in space, " On more than adarnantine basis fix’d, O'er more, far more, than diadems and thrones,

Inviolably reigns; the Dread of gods ! 2270 " And Oh! the Friend of man! beneath whose foot, “ And by the mandate of whose aweful nod, “ All regions, revolutions, fortunes, fates, “ Of high, of low, of mind, and matter, roll

Through the short channels of expiring time, 2275 “ Or shoreless ocean of eternity, “ Calm, or tempestuous (as thy Spirit breathes), “ In absolute subjection !---And, o Thou “ The glorious Third ! distinct, not separate ! “ Beaming from Both! with Both incorporate ; 2280 " And (strange to tell !) incorporate with dust! " By condescenfion, as Thy glory, great,

« Enshrin'd Nights the Sixth and Seventh.

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“ Enshrin'd in man ! of human hearts, if

pure, " Divine inhabitant! the tie divine " Of heaven with distant earth! by whom I trust, 2285

(If not inspir’d) uncensur'd this address “ To Thee, to Them-To whom ?--Mysterious Power! " Reveal’d---yet unreveal'd! darkness in light; " Number in unity! our Joy! our Dread! " The Triple Bolt that lays all wrong in ruin ! 2290 “ That animates all right, the Triple Sun! “ Sun of the foul ! her never-setting Sun! “ Triune, Unutterable, Unconceiv'd,

Absconding, yet Demonftrable, Great God ! “ Greater than Greatest ! Better than the Best! 2295 " Kinder than kindest! with soft pity's eye, “ Or (stronger still to speak it) with Thine Own, “ From Thy bright home, from that high Firmament, " Where Thou, from all eternity, hast dwelt; “ Beyond archangels unassisted ken; " From far above what mortals highest call; - From elevation's pinnacle; look down, “ Through--What? confounding interval ! through all • And more than labouring fancy can conceive;

Through radiant ranks of effences unknown ; 2305 “ Through hierarchies from hierarchies detach'd “ Round various banners of Omnipotence, “ With endless change of rapturous duties fir'd; « Through wondrous beings interposing swarms, « All clustering at the call, to dwell in Thee; “ Through this wide waste of worlds! this vista valt, * All landed o'er with suns ; funs turn'd to night

6 Before



* Before thy feeblest beam--Look down--down--down, “ On a poor breathing particle in duit, “ Or, lower, an immortal in his crimes.

2315 * His crimes forgive! forgive his virtues, too! “ Those smaller faults, half-converts to the right. “ Nor let me close these eyes, which never more

May see the sun (though night's descending scale “ Now weighs up morn), unpity'd, and unblest ! 2320 “ In Thy displeasure dwells eternal pain; " Pain, our aversion ; pain, which strikes me now; And, since all pain is terrible to man,

Though tranfient, terrible; at Thy good hour, Gently, ah gently, lay me in my bed, 2325 My clay-cold bed! by nature, now, so near;

By nature, near; still nearer by disease ! “ Till then, be this, an emblem of my grave : “ Let it out-preach the preacher ; every night " Let it out-cry the boy at Philip's ear; 2330 “ That tongue of death! that herald of the tomb ! “ And when (the shelter of thy wing implor'd)

My senses, footh’d, shall fink in soft repose, “ O link this truth ftill deeper in my soul, “Suggested by my pillow, fign'd by fate, 2335 “ Firít, in fate's volume, at the page of man--Man's sickly foul, though turn'd and toss’d for ever, From side to side, can rest on nought but Thee : Here, in full truf ; bereafter, in full joy ; “ On Thee, the promis'd, sure, eternal down 2340 “ Of spirits, toil'd in travel through this vale. * Nor of that pillow shall my soul despond ;

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