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Ten thousand worlds, ten thousand ways devout,
All Nature sending incense to The Throne,
Except the bold Lorenzos of Our sphere?

1900 Opening the folemn fources of


Since I have pour'd, like feign'd Eridanus,
My flowing numbers o'er the flaming skies,
Nor see, of fancy, or of fact, what more
Invites the Muse-Here turn we, and review

1905 Our past nocturnal landschape wide :-Then say, Say, then, Lorenzo ! with what burst of heart, The whole, at once, revolving in his thought, Must man exclaim, adoring, and aghast? “ O what a root! O what a branch, is here ! “ O what a Father! What a Family! " Worlds ! systems ! and creations !-And creations, In one agglomerated cluster, hung, *Great Vine! On Thee, on Thee the cluster hangs; “ The filial cluster ! infinitely spread In glowing globes, with various being fraught ; " And drinks (nectareous draught !) immortal life. “ Or, shall I say (for who can say enough ?). - A constellation of ten thousand gems, (And, O! of whatdimension! of what weight!) 190 " Set in one Signet, flames on the right hand “ Of Majesty Divine ! The blazing Seal, “ That deeply stamps, on all created mind, “ Indelible, His sovereign attributes,

Omnipotence, and Love! That, passing bound: 1925 And This, surpassing That. Nor stop we Here, VOL. III.

John xv. 1.


66 For


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“ For want of Power in God, but Thought in Man. « Ev’n This acknowledg’d, leaves us still in debt: 6. If Greater .aught, That Greater all is Thine, “ Dread Sire !--Accept this Miniature of Thee; 1930 “ And pardon an Attempt from mortal thought, “ In which archangels might have faild, unblam’d.”

How such ideas of th’ Almighty's Power, And such ideas of th' Almighty's Plan, (Ideas not absurd) distend the thought

1935 Of feeble mortals! Nor of them alone! 'The fulness of the Deity breaks forth In Inconceivables to men, and gods. Think, then, O think; nor ever drop the thought; How low must Man descend, when Gods adore ! 1940 Have I not; then, accomplish'd my proud boast ? Did I not tell thee, “* We would mount, Lorenzo ! 6. And kindle our devotion at the Stars?"

'And have I faild? And did I flatter thee? And art all adamant? And doft confute

1945 All urg'd, with one irrefragable Smile? Lorenzo ! Mirth how miserable here! Swear by the Stars, by Him who made them, swear, Thy heart, henceforth, shall be as pure as They: Then Thou, like Them, falt shine ; like Them, shalt rife From low to lofty ; from obscure to bright; By due gradation, Nature's sacred law. The Stars, from whence ?-Alk Chaos---He can tell. These bright temptations to idolatry, From Darkness, and "Confufion, took their birth ; 1955

Sons Page 226

Sons of Deformity! from fluid dregs
Tartarean, first they rose to mafles rude ;
And then, to spheres opaque; Then dimly shone ;
Then brighten'd; Then blaz'd out in perfećt day.
Nature delights in progress; in advance 1960 "
From worse to better : but, when Minds ascend,
Progress, in part, depends upon themselves.
Heaven aids exertion ; Greater makes the Great ;
The voluntary Little lessens more.
O be a Man! and thou shalt be a God!

1965 And Half Self-made !-Ambition how divine !

o Thou, ambitious of disgrace alone!
Still undevout? Unkindled ?--Though high-taught,
Schcold by the skies, and pupil of the stars ;
Rank coward to the fashionable world!

Art thou ashani'd to bend thy knee to heaven?
Curit fume of pride, exhal'd from deepest hell!
Pride in Religion is man's highest praise.
Bent on deitruction! and in love with death!
Not all these luminaries, quench'd at once, 1975
Were half so fad, as one benighted mind,

for happiness, and meets despair.
How, like a widow in her weeds, the Night,
Amid her glimmering tapers, filent fits :
How sorrowful, how defolate, she weeps

Perpetual dews, and saddens nature's scene !
A scene more sad Sin makes the darken'd loul,
All comfort kills, nor leaves one fpark alive.

Though blind of heart, still open is thine eye: Why such magnificence in all thou seest? 1985



· Of Matter's grandeur, know, one end is This,

To tell the Rational, who gazes on it“ Though That immensely Great, ftill Greater He, “ Whose breast, capacious, can embrace, and lodge, « Unburden'd, nature's universal scheme; 1985 “ Can grasp Creation with a single thought; Creation grasp ; and not exclude its Sire”To tell him farther-" It behoves him much “ To guard th' important, yet depending, fate “ Of being, brighter than a thousand suns :

1995 « One single ray of Thought outshines them all.”. And if man hears obedient, foon he 'll foar Superior heights, and on his purple wing, His purple wing bedropt with eyes of gold, Rising, where Thought is now deny'd to rise, » Look down triumphant on these dazzling spheres.

Why then persist?-No mortal ever liv'd But, dying, he pronounc'd (when words are true) The whole that charms thee, absolutely vain ; Vain, and far worse!—Think Thou, with dying men; O condescend to think as angels think! O tolerate a chance for happiness! Our nature such, ill choice ensures ill fate; And hell had been, though there had been no God. Dost thou not know, my new astronomer! Earth, turning from the Sun, brings night to man? Man, turning from his God, brings endless night; Where thou canst read no morals, find no friend, Amend no manners, and expect no peace. How deep the darkness! and the groan, how loud! 2015




And far, how far, from lambent are the flames !
Such is Lorenzo's purchase ! Such his praise !
The proud, the politic, Lorenzo's praise !
Though in his ear, and level'd at his heart,
I've half read o'er the volume of the tkies.

For think not thou hast heard all this from me; My song but echoes what Great Nature speaks. What has she spoken? Thus the goddess spoke, Thus speaks for ever :-“ Place, at nature's head, “ A sovereign, which o'er all things rolls his eye, 2025 “ Extends his wing, promulgates his commands, " But, above all, diffuses endless good; To whom, for sure redress, the wrongd may ily; “ The vile, for mercy; and the pain’d, for peace; By whom, the various tenants of these spheres, 2030 Diversify'd in fortunes, place, and powers, “ Rais'd in enjoyment, as in worth they rise, Arrive at length (if worthy such approach) “ At that blest fountain-head, from which they stream; " Where conflict past redoubles present joy ; 2035 And present joy looks forward on increase ; “ And That, on more; no period ! every step “ A double boon! a Promise, and a Bliss." How easy fits this scheme on human hearts ! It suits their make; it sooths their vast desires ; 2040 Pation is pleas’d; and Reafon alks no more ; 'Tis rational ! 'tis great! But what is Thine ? It darkens! shocks! excruciates! and confounds! Leaves us quite naked, both of help, and hope, Sinking from bad to worfe ; few years, the sport 2045

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