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To mine, how short ! On nature's Alps I stand,
And see a thousand firmaments beneath!
A thousand systems ! as a thousand grains ! 1750
So much a stranger, and so late arriv'd,
How can man's curious spirit not enquire,
What are the natives of this world sublime,
Of this so foreign, un-terrestrial sphere,
Where mortal, untranslated, never stray'd ? 1.755
O ye, as distant from my

little home, " As swiftest fun-beams in an age can fly! “ Far from my native element I roam, “ In quest of new, and wonderful, to man.. " What province This, of His immense domain, 1760 " Whom all obeys ? or mortals here, or gods ? “ Ye borderers on the coasts of bliss ! what are you?“ A colony from heaven? Or, only rais’d, “ By frequent visit from heaven's neighbouring realms, 4 To secondary gods, and half divine ?

1765 “ Whate'er your nature, this is paft dispute, “ Far other life you live, far other tongue “ You talk, far other thought, perhaps, you think, « Than man,

How various are the works of God! " But say, what thought? is reason here in thron'd, 1700 « And absolute? or senfe in arms against her ? “ Have you two lights ? or need you no reveald? « Enjoy your happy realms their golden age ? And had your Eden an abstemious Eve ? es Our Eve's fair daughters prove their pedigree, 1775. « And-alk their Adams—“Who would not be wife?" « Or, if your mother fell, are you redeemid?

". And


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* And if redeem'd—is your Redeemer scorn'd? * Is This your final residence ? if not, “Change you your scene, translated? or by death? 1780 “ And if by death; what death ? ---Know you disease? “Or horrid war ? -With war, this fatal hour, “ Europa groans (so call we a small field, " Where kings run mad). In Our world, Death deputes Intemperance to do the work of Age ;

1785 “ And, hanging up the quiver Nature gave him, “ As flow of execution, for dispatch «« Sends forth Imperial butchers ; bids them say Their sheep (the filly Sheep they fleec'd before), “ And toss him twice ten thousand at a meal. 1790 “ Sit all your executioners on thrones ? “ With you, can rage for plunder make a god? “ And bloodsbed wahh out every other stain ?“ But You, perhaps, can't bleed: from matter grofs “ Your Spirits clean, are delicately clad

1795 “ In fine-fpun Æther, privileg’d to soar, * Unloaded, uninfected; how unlike " The lot of man! How few of human race “ By their own mud unmurder'd! How we wage “ Self-war eternal !-Is your painful day 1800

Of hardy conflict o'er? Or, are you still " Raw candidates at school ? And have


those " Who disaffect Reversions, as with Us ? " But what are We? You never heard of Man; " Or Earth, the Bedlam of the universe ! 1805 " Where Reason (un-diseas’d with You) runs mad, “ And nurses Fally's children as her own;

56 Fond

" Fond of the fouleft. In the sacred mount
• Of Holiness, where reason is pronounc'd
Infallible; and thunders, like a god;

1810 " Ev’n there, by Saints, the Dæmons are outdone ; " What These think wrong, our Saints refine to right; And kindly teach dull hell her own black arts ; “ Satan, instructed, o'er their morals smiles." But This, how strange to You, who know not Man! " Has the least rumour of our race arriv'd ? “ Call’d here Elijah in his flaming car? “ Past by you the good Enoch, on his road " To those fair fields, whence Lucifer was hurl'd; Who brush d, perhaps, your sphere in his defcent, 1820 “ Stain’d your pure crystal Æther, or let fall " A short eclipse from his portentous shade ? “O! that the fiend had lodg’d on some broad orb “ Athwart his way; nor reach'd his present home, “ Then blacken’d Earth with footsteps fould in hello “ Nor wash'd in Ocean, as from Rome he past “ To Britain's ille; too, too, conspicuous There?"

But this is all digression : where is He, That o'er heaven's battlements the felon hurl'd Togroans, and chains, and darkness? Where is He, 1830 Who sees creation's summit in a vale ? He, Whom, while man is Man, he can't but seek; And if he finds, commences more than man? O for a telescope his throne to reach! Tell me, ye learn’d on Earth! or bleft Above! 1835 Ye searching, ye Newtonian angels! tell, Where, your Great Master's orb ? His planets, where ?


Those conscious Satellites, those Morning-fiars,
First-born of Deity! from central love,
By veneration most profound, thrown off; 1840
By sweet attraction, no less strongly drawn ;
Aw'd, and yet raptur’d; raptur'd, yet serene ;
Paft thought illustrious, but with borrow'd beams;
In still approaching circleș, still remote,
Revolving round the sun's eternal Sire ? 1845
Or sent, in lines direct, on embassies
To nations in what latitude ?-Beyond
Terrestrial thought's horizon ! And on what
High errands sent ?-Here human effort ends ;
And leaves me still a stranger to His throne. 1850
Full well it might! I quite mistook my

Born in an age more Curious than Devout;
More fond to fix the place of heaven, or hell,
Than studious this to shyn, or that secure.
'Tis not the curious, but the pious path,
That leads me to my point : Lorenzo ! know,
Without or Star, or Angel, for their guide,
Who worship God, shall find him. Humble Love,
And not proud Reafon, keeps the door of heaven;
Love finds admission, where proud Science fails. 1860
Man's science is the culture of his heart;
And not to lose his plumbet in the depths
Of Nature, or the more profound of God.
Either to know, is an attempt that sets
The wisest on a level with the fool.

1865 To fathom Nature (ill-attempted Here!) Past doubt is deep philofophy Above ;


Higher degrees in bliss archangels take,
As deeper learn’d; the deepest, learning still.
Por, 'what a thunder of Omnipotence

1870 (So might I dare to speak) is seen in All ! In Man! in Earth! in more amazing Skies ! Teaching this leffon, Pride is loth to learn “ Not deeply to discern, not much to know, “ Mankind was born to Wonder, and Adore.” 1875

And is there cause for higher wonder still, Than that which struck us from our past surveys ? Yes; and for deeper adoration too. From my late airy travel unconfin'd, Have I learn'd nothing ?-Yes, Lorenzo! This; 1880 Each of these stars is a religious house ; I saw their altars smoke, their incense rife; And heard Hosannas ring through every sphere, A seminary fraught with future gods. Nature all o’er is consecrated ground,

1885 Teeming with growths immortal and divine. The Great Proprietor's all-bounteous hand Leaves nothing waste; but sows these fiery fields With seeds of reason, which to virtues rise Beneath His genial ray; and, if escap'd 1890 The pestilential blasts of stubborn will, When grown mature, are gather'd for the skies. And is Devotion thought too much on earth, When beings, su superior, homage boast, Anditriumph in proftration to The Throne ?

But wherefore more of planets, or of stars ? Æthereal journeys, and, discover'd there,



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