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In nature's channel, thus the questions run.

“What am I ? and from whence ?-I nothing know, “ But that I am; and, since I am, conclude 1450

Something eternal : had there e'er been nought, « Nought ftill had been : eternal there must be. " But what eternal ?-Why not human race? " And Adam's ancestors without an end ?6. That's hard to be conceiv'd; fince every link 1455 " Of that long-chain'd succession is fo frail ; “ Can every part depend, and not the whole ? “ Yet grant it true ; new difficulties rise; “ I'm still quite out at sea; nor see the shore. « Whence earth, and these bright orbs ?-Eternal too? « Grant matter was eternal ; still these orbs. « Would want some other father ;-much design « Is seen in all their motions, all their makes; Design implies intelligence, and art; That can't be from themselves--or man; that art 1465 “ Man scarce can comprehend, could man bestow ?' “ And nothing greater yet allow'd than man.“ Who, motion, foreign to the smallest grain, “ Shot through vast masses of enormous weight? « Who bid brute matter's reftive lump assume 1479 « Such various forins, and gave it wings to fly? “ Has matter innate motion ? then each atom, « Afferting its indisputable right « To dance, would form an universe of duft : of Has matter none? Then whence these glorious forms « And boundless flights, from shapeless, and repos’d? « Has matter more than motion has it thought,

“ Judgment,

“ Judgment, and genius ? is it deeply learn'd • In matbematics?? Has it fram'd such laws, " Which but to guess, a Newton made immortal?--1480 “ If so, how each sage atom laughs at me, " Who think a clod inferior to a man! “ If art, to form ; and counsel, to conduct; “ And that with greater far, than human skill; “ Resides not in each block;—a Godhead reigns.-1485 “ Grant, then, invisible, eternal, Mind; That granted, all is folv’d.-But, granting that, " Draw I not o'er me a still darker cloud ? « Grant I not that which I can ne'er conceive ? A being without origin, or end !

1490 “ Hail, human liberty! There is no God“ Yet, why ? On either scheme that knot subfifts “ Subsist it muft, in God, or human race; “ If in the last, how many knots beside, * Indiffoluble all ?—Why chuse it there, 1495 " Where, chosen, still fubfist ten thousand more? “ Reject it, where, that chosen, all the rest “ Dispers’d, leave reason's whole horizon clear? " This is not reason's dictate; reason says, “ Close with the side where one grain turns the scale; 1500 " What vast preponderance is here ! can reason “ With louder voice exclaim-Believe a God ? “ And reason heard, is the sole mark of man. " What things impossible must man think true, “ On any other fyftemn! and how strange 1505 " To disbelieve, through mere credulity!" If, in this chain, Lorenzo finds no tiaw,


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Let it for ever bind him to belief,
And where the link, in which a flaw he finds ?
And, if a God there is, that God how great! 1510

whose providential care
Through these bright orbs' dark centres darts a ray !
Of nature universal threads the whole !
And hangs creation, like a precious gem,
Though little, on the footstool of his throne !

1515 That little

gem, how large! a weight let fall
From a fixt star, in ages can it reach
This distant earth! Say, then, Lorenzo ! where,
Where, ends this mighty building? Where, begin
The suburbs of Creation ? Where, the wall

1520 Whole battlements look o'er into the vale Of non-existence ? Nothing's strange abode! Say, at what point of space Jehovah dropp’d His Nacken'd line, and laid his balance by ; Weigh’d worlds, and measur'd infinite, no more ? 1525 Where, rears his terminating pillar high Its extra-mundane head ? and says, to gods, In characters illustrious as the sun, 6. I stand, the plan's proud period; I pronounce “ The work accomplish’d; the creation clos'd : 1530 ar Shout, all ye gods! nor fhout ye gods alone; “ Of all that lives, or, if devoid of life, 6. That refts, or rolls, ye heights, and depths resound! • Resound! resound! ye depths, and heights, resound!”

Hard are those questions !--Answer harder ftill. 1535 Is this the fole exploit, the single birth, The solitary son of power divine ?


Or has th’ Almighty Father, with a breath,
Impregnated the womb of distant space ?
Has He not bid, in various provinces,

Brother-Creations the dark bowels burst
Of night primæval ;. barren, now, no more?
And He the central fun, transpiercing all.
Those giant-generations, which disport,
And dance, as motes, in his meridian ray ; 1545
That ray withdrawn, benighted, or absorb’d,
In that abyss of borror, whence they sprung ;
While Chaos triumphs, repofsest of all
Rival creation ravith'd from his throne ?
Chaos! of nature both the womb, and grave ! 155.0

Think'st thou my scheme, Lorenzo, spreads too wide? Is this extravagant?-No; this is just; Juft, in conjecture, though 't were false in fact.If 'tis an error, 'tis an error sprung From noble root, high thought of the Moft-High. 1555 But wherefore error ? who can prove it tuch ? He that can set. Omnipotence a bound. Can man conceive beyond what God can do ? Nothing, but quite imposible is hard. He summons into being, with like ease, 1560 A whole creation, and a single grain. Speaks he the word ? a thousand worlds are born! A thousand worlds ? there 's space for millions more ; And in what space can his great fiat fail.? Condemn me not, cold critic! but indulge 1565 The warm imagination : why condemn ?. Why not indulge such thoughts, as swell our hearts.


E 3

With fuller admiration of that power,
Who gives our hearts with such high thoughts to swell?
Why not indulge in His augmented praise ? 1570
Darts not His glory a still brighter ray,
The less is left to Chaos, and the realms
of hideous night, where fancy strays aghast;
And, though most talkative, makes no report?

Still seems my thought enormous ? Think again;-1575
Experience 'felf shall aid thy lame belief.
Glases (that revelation to the fight!)
Have they not led us in the deep disclose
Of fine-fpun nature, exquisitely small,
And, though demonstrated, still ill-conceiv'd ? 1580
If, then, on the reverse, the mind would mount
In magnitude, what mind can mount too far,
To keep the balance, and creation poise ?
Defeet alone can err on such a theme ;
What is too great, if we the cause survey?

1585 Stupendous Architect! Thou, Thou art all! My soul flies up and down in thoughts of Thee, And finds herself but at the centre still ! I Am, thy name! existence, all thine own! Creation's nothing; flatter'd much, if styl’d

1590 The thin, the fleeting atmosphere of God.

O for the voice of what? of whom? What voice Can answer to my wants, in such ascent, As dares to deem one universe too small ? Tell me, Lorenzo: (for now fancy glows, 1595 Fir'd in the vortex of Almighty power) Is not this home creation, in the map


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