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Where hadft thou been, if, left at large,

Those finewy arms that tugg’d the barge,
Had caught at pleasure on the flowery green?

If they that watch'd the midnight ftar

Had swung behind the rolling car,
Or fill'd it with disgrace, where hadft thou been?

As by repletion men consume,

Abundance is the miser's doom;
Expend it nobly; he that lets it rust,

Which, passing numerous hands, would shine ;

Is not a man, but living mine,
Foe to the gods, and rival to the duft.

Trade barbarous lands can polish fair ;

Make earth well worth the wise man's care ;
Call forth her forests, charm them into fleets;

Can make one house of human race;

Can bid the distant poles embrace;
Hers, every sun; and India, India meets.

Trade Monarchs crowns, and arts imports,

With bounty feeds, with laurel courts ;
Trade gives fair Virtue fairer still to shine ;

Enacts those guards of gain, the laws;

Exalts ev'n Freedom's glorious cause.Trade ! warn’d by Tyre, O make Religion thine !


XV. You

You lend each other mutual aid :

Why is heaven's smile, in wealth, convey'd !
Not to place vice, but virtues in our power :

Pleasure declin'd, is luxury,

Boundless in time and in degree :
Pleasuré enjoy'd, the tumult of an hour.

False joy's a discomposing thing,

That jars on nature's trembling string,
Tempests the Spirits, and untunes the frame :

True joy, the sunshine of the soul,

A bright serene that calms the whole;
Which they ne'er knew, whom other joys inflame.

Merchant ! Religion is the care

To grow as richmas angels are ;
To know false coin from true; to sweep the main ;

The mighty stake secure, beyond

The strongest tie of field, or fund:
Commerce gives gold, Religion makes it gain.

Join, then, Religion to thy store,

Or India's mines will make thee poor :
Greater than Tyre! O bear a nobler mind

Sea-sovereign isle ! proud war decline,

Trade patronize! what glory thine, Ardent to bless, who couldft fubdue mankind !

XIX. Rich

Rich commerce ply with warmth divine

By day, by night; the stars are thine,
Wear out the stars in trade ! eternal run

age to age, the noble glow,
A rage to gain, and to bestow,
While ages last! in trade burn out the sun!

Trade, Britain's all, our fires fent down

With toil, blood, treasure, ages won ;
This, Edgar great bequeath'd ; this, Edward bold:

Let Forbishers, let Raleighs fire !

O let Columbus' Made inspire !
New worlds disclose, with Drake surround an olde

Columbus! fcarce inferior fame

For thee to find, than heaven to frame
That womb of gold and gem: her wide domain,

An universe! her rivers, seas !

Her fruits, both men and gods to please! Heaven's fairest birth! and, but for thee, in vain!

Worlds still unknown deep shadows wrap ;

Call wonders forth from nature's lap;
New glory pour on her Eternal Sire :

O noble search ! O glorious care !

ye not Britons ? why despair ? New worlds are due to such a godlike fire. 5

XXIII. Swear

Swear hy the great Eliza's soul,

That Trade, as long as waters roll-
Ah! no; the gods chastise my rash decree :

By great Eliza do not swear ;

For thee, O George! the gods declare,
And thou for them! late time thall swear by thee.

Truth, bright as fars, with thee prevails;

Full be thy fame, as swelling sails,
Constant, as tides, thy mind; as mafts, elate ;

Thy juflice, an unerring belm

To steer Britannia's fickle realm ;
Thy numerous race, fure anchor of her state !






What is the bound of Britain's power. Beyond that

of the most famed in history. The sign Lyra. What the constellations are. Argo. The whale. The dolphin.

Eridanus. The lion. Libra. Virgo.

Berenice. The British ladies censured. The moon.

What the sea is. Apostrophe to the Einperor. The Spanish armada. How Britain Tould speak her resentment. What gives power, What navies do in war. The Tartar. Mogul. Africà. China. Who master of the world. Wbat the history of the world'is. The genealogy of glory. Mistakes about it. Peace the merchant's harvest. Ships of divine origin. Merchants ambassadors. The Briton's voyage. Praise the food of glory. Britain's record.

BRITANNIA'S state what bounds confine ?

(Of rising thought O golden mine!) Mountains, Alps, freams, gulphs, oceans, fet no bound;

She fallies till the strikes the star;

Expanding wide, and launching far
As wind can fly, or rolling wave resound.

Small ille! For Cæsars, for the son

Of Jove, who burst from Macedon,
For gorgeous Easterns blazing o'er mankind;

Then, when they call'd the world their own,

Not equal fame from fable shone :
They rose to Gods, in half thy sphere confin'd.

III. Here,

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