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He too of Judah, great, as wise,

With Hiram strove in merchandize;
Monarchs with monarchs struggle for an oar!

That Merchant * sinking to his grave,

A flood of treasure swells the cave;
The king left much, the merchant bury'd more,

Is Merchant an inglorious name?

No; fit for Pindar such a theme,
Too great for me;


beneath the weight!
If loud as Ocean's were my voice,

If words and thoughts to court my choice
Out-number'd sands, I could not reach its height.

Merchants o'er proudest heroes reign ;

Those trade in blessing, these in pain,
At Naughter swell, and sout, while nations groan :

With purple Monarchs, Merchants vie ;

If great to spend, what, to supply? Priests pray for blessings; Merchants pour them down.

Kings Merchants are in league and love ;

Earth’s odours pay soft airs above,
That o'er the teeming field prolific range;

Planets are Merchants ; take, return,

Lustre and heat; by traffick burn; The whole Creation is one vast Exchange.

XXVII. Is * Va tresfure taken from Solomon's tomb 1300 $215 after his death.



Is Merchant an inglorious name?

What say the fons of letter'd fame, Proud of their volumes, swelling in their cells?

In open life, in change of scene,

Mid various manners, throngs of men,
Experience, Arts, and solid Wisdom dwells.

Trade, Art's mechanick, Nature's stores

Well-weighs ; to starry Science soars : Reads warm in life (dead-colour'd by the pen)

The scites, tongues, interests, of the ball :

Who studies Trade, he studies all; Accomplish'd Merchants are accomplish'd Men.




Pindar invoked. His praise. Britain should decline

war; but boldly affert her trade. Encouraged from the throne : Britain's condition without trade, Trade's character, and surprizing deeds. Carthage. Solomon's temple. St. Paul's

church. The miser's character. The wonderful effects of trade. Why religion recommended to the merchant. What, falje joy. What, true. What religion is to the merchant. Why trade more glorious in Britons than others. How warmly, and how long, to be pursued by us. The Briton's legacy. Columbus. His praise. America described. Worlds still unknown. Queen Elizabeth. King George the Second. His glory navally represented.

HOW shall I farther rouse the soul?

How Sloth's lascivious reign control
By verse, with unextinguish'd ardour wrought ?

every breast inflame with mine?
How bid my theme still brighter shine,
With wealth of words, and unexhausted thought ?

O thou Dircäan swan, on high,

Round whom familiar thunders fly!
While Jove attends a language like his own :

Thy Spirit pour, like vernal showers,

My verse shall burst out with the flowers, While Britain's trade advances with her sun.

III. Though

Though Britain was not born to fear,

Grasp not at bloody fame from war;
Nor war decline, if thrones your right invade :

Jove gathers tempest black as night;

Jove pours the golden flood of light; Let Britain thunder, or let Britain trade..


Britain a comet, or a star,

In commerce this, or that in war,
Let Britons shout! earth, seas, and skies resound!

Commerce to kindle, raise, preserve,

And spirit dart through every nerve,
Hear from the throne* a voice through time renown'd.

So fall from heaven the vernal showers,

To chear the glebe, and wake the flowers ;
The bloom callid forth sees azure skies display'd;

The bird of voice is proud to sing,

Industrious bees ply every wing,
Diftend their cells, and urge their golden trade.

Trade once extinguish’d, Britain's sun

out too ; his race is run ;
He shines in vain ! her isle 's an isle indeed,

A spot too small to be o’ercome;

Ah, dreadful fafety! wretched doom ! No foe will conquer what no foe can feed.

VII. Trade * The King's speech.

Trade 's the source, sinew, foul of all;

Trade 's all herself; hers, hers, the ball;
Where most unseen, the goddess still is there ;

Trade leads the dance, Trade lights the blaze,

The courtier's pomp! the student's ease ! 'Twas Trade at Blenheim fought, and clos’d the war.

What Rome and all her gods defies ?
The Punic oar.

Behold it rise
And battle for the world! Trade gave the call;

Rich cordials from his naval art

Sent the strong fpirits to his heart, That bid an Afric Merchant grasp the ball.

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Where is, on earth, Jehovah's home ?

Trade mark'd the soil, and built the dome, In which his Majesty first deign'd to dwell;

The walls with silver sheets o’erlaid,

Rich, as the sun, through gold unweighid,
Bent the moon'd arch, and bid the column swell.

Grandeur unknown to Solomon !

Methinks the labouring earth should groan,
Beneath yon load * : created sure, not made !

Servant and rival of the skies!

Heaven's arch alone can higher rise :
What hand immortal rais'd thee?-Humble Trade.

XI. Where * St. Paul's, built by the coal-tax. YOUNG.

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