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O! foul of heart, her faireft dames

Decline the sun's intruding beams,
To mad the midnight in their gloomy haunts :

Alas! there is, who sees them there;

There is, who flatters not the fair,
When cymbals tinkle, and the virgin chaunts.

He sees, and thunders ! - Now, in vain!

The courser paws, and foams the rein;
And chariots stream along the printed foil :

In vain! Her high, presumptuous air

In gorgeous vestments rich and rare,
O’er her proud shoulder throws the poor man's toil.

In robes or gems, her costly stain,

Green, scarlet, azure, shine, in vain !
In vain! their golden heads her turrets rear;

In vain ! high-flavour'd foreign fruits,

Sydonian oils, and Lydian lutes,
Glide o'er her tongue, and melt upon her ear,

In vain! wines flow in various streams,

With helm and spear each pillar gleams;
Damascus, vain! unfolds the glossy store;

The golden wedge from Ophir's coasts,

From Arab incense vain, she boafts, Vain are her gods, and vainly men adore.

XIX, Bell

Bell falls! the mighty Nebo bends !
The nations hiss! her glory ends !
To ships, her confidence ! the flies from foes;

Foes meet her there : the wind, the wave,

That once aid, strength, and grandeur gave,
Plunge her in seas, from which her glory rose.

Her ivory deck, embroider'd fail,

And mast of cedar nought avail,
Or pilot learn'd! She sinks, nor finks alone,

Her Gods sink with her! to the sky,

Which never more shall meet her eye,
She sends her soul out in one dreadful groan.

What though so vast her naval might,

In her first dawn'd the British right?
All flags abas'd her sea-dominion greet :

What though she longer warr'd than Troy?

At length her foes that Ife destroy
Whose conquest fail'd, as far as fail'd her fleet.

The kings the cloath'd in purple shake

Their aweful brows : « O foul inistake! ** O fatal pride! (they cry) this, this is she,

“ Who said--with my own art and arm,

“ In the world's wealth I wrap me warm”. And swell’d at-heart, vain Empress of the Sea !

XXIII. 6. This

“ This, This is the, who meanly foar'd :

" Alas! how low, to be ador’d, « And file herself a God !--Through stormy wars

" This Eagle-Ille her thunder bore,

“ High-fed her young with human gore; 66 And would have built her nest among the stars.

" But ah, frail man ! how impotent

66 To stand Heaven's vengeance, or prevent! * To turn aside the great Creator's aim !

" Shall Iand-kings with Him contend,

" Who makes the Poles beneath him bend ? “ And shall drink up the sea herself with flame ?

Earth, Æther, Empyréum bow,

" When from the brazen Mountain's brow 66 The God of Battles takes his mighty bow

“ Of wrath prepares to pour the flood,

“ Puts on his vesture dipt in blood,
* And marches out to scourge the world below.

" Ah! wretched Ille, once call’d the great!

“ Ah! wretched Ille, and wife too late ! 66 The vengeance of Jehovah is gone out :

Thy luxury, corruption, pride,
“ And freedom loft, the realms deride,

Ador’d thee standing, o'er thy ruins shout :



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To scourge with war, or peace bestow,

Was thine, O fallen ! fallen low ! « 'Twas thine, of jarring thrones to still debates :

“ How art thou fallen, down, down, down!

• Wide waste, and night, and horror frown, " Where Empire fiam'd in gold, and balanc'd states."



ARGUMENT. An inference from this History. Advice to Britain.

More proper to her than other Nations. How far the stroke of tyranny reaches. What supports our endeavours. The unconfider'd benefits of liberty. Britain's obligation to pursue trade. Why above half the globe is sea. Britain's grandeur from her situation. The winds, the seas, the constellations, described. Sir Isaac Newton's praise. Britain compared with other States. The Leviathan described. Britain's site, and ancient title to the seas. Who rivals her. Of Venice. Holland. Some despise Trade as mean. Censured for it. Trade's glory. The late Czar. Solomon. A surprizing instance of magnificence. The merchant's dignity. Compared with men of letters.

HENCE learn, as hearts are foul or pure,

Our fortunes wither or endure :
Nations may thrive, or perish by the wave.

What storms from Jove's unwilling frown,

A people's crimes solicit down! Ocean 's the womb of riches, and the


This Truth, O Britain! ponder well;

Virtues should rise, as Fortunes swell :
What is large property ? — The sign of good,

Of worth superior : if ’tis less,

Another's treasure we possess,
And charge the Gods with favours mijbejlow'd.

III. This

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