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Though Fate and Time have damp'd my strains,

Though youth no longer fires my veins,
Though slow their streams in this cold climate run;

The royal eye dispels my cares,

Recals the warmth of blooming years,
Returning George supplies the distant fun.

Away, my soul ! salute the * 'Pine,

That glads the heart of Caroline,
Its grand deposit faithful to restore ;

Salute the bark that ne'er shall hold

So rich a freight in gems or gold,
And loaded from both Indies would be poor.

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My soul! to thee, jhe spreads her sails;

Their bosoms fill with sacred gales; With inspiration from the godhead warm ;

Now bound for an eternal clime,

O send her down the tide of Time,
Snatch'd from oblivion, and secure from storm.

Or teach this flag, like that to foar,

Which Gods of old and Heroes bore;
Bid her a British constellation rife

The sea she scorns; and, now, shall bound

On lofty billows of fweet found, I am her pilot, and her port the skies !

VII. Dare * The vessel that brought over the King.

Dare you to fing, ye tinkling train ?

Silence, ye wretched ! ye prophane !
Who shackle profe, and boast of absent Gods;

Who murder thought, and numbers maim,

Who write Pindarics cold and lame, And labour stiff Anacreontic Odes.

Ye lawful Sons of Genius rise !

Of genuine title to the skies;
Ye founts of Learning! and ye mints of Fame!

You, who file off the mortal part

Of glowing thought, with Attick art,
And drink pure song from Cam's or Isis' stream,


I glow, I burn! the numbers pure,

High-flavour'd, delicate, mature, Spontaneous stream from my unlabour'd breast,

As, when full-ripen'd teems the vine,

The generous bursts of willing wine Distil nectareous from the grape unpreft.

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How the King attended. A prospect of happiness.

Induftry: A surprizing instance of it in old Rome. The mischief of Noth. What happiness is. Sloth its greatest enemy. Trade natural to Britain. Trade invoked. Described. What the greatest human excellence. The praise of wealth. Its use, abuse, end. The variety of nature. The final moral cause of it. The benefit of man's necessitiese Britain's naval stores, She makes all Nature serviceable to her ends. Of reason. Its excellence. How we should form our estimate of things. Reason's difficult task. Why the first glory hers. Her effects in old Britain.

“ OUR Monarch comes ! nor comes alone !"

What shining forms surround his throne,
O Sun! as planets thee !

—To my loud strain
See Peace, by Wisdom led, advance;

The Grace, the Muse, the Season, dance;
And Plenty spreads behind her flowing train!

“ Our Monarch comes ! nor comes alone :"

New glories kindle round his throne,
The visions rise! I triumph as I gaze :

By Pindar led, I turn'd of late
The volume dark, the folds of Fate;
am present to the future blaze,


And, now,

By George and Jove it is decreed,

The mighty months in pomp proceed,
Fair daughters of the sun !-0 thou divine,

Blest Industry! a smiling earth

From thee alone derives its birth :
By thee the ploughshare and its master shine.


From thee, maft, cable, anchor, oar,

From thee the cannon and his roar; On oaks nurst, rear’d by thee, wealth, empire grows;

O golden Fruit ! oak well might prove

The sacred tree, the tree of Jove ;
All Jove can give, the naval oak bestows.


What cannot Industry compleat ?

When Punick war first flam’d, the great, Bold, active, ardent, Roman fathers meet :

Fell all your groves,” a Flamen cries;

As soon they fall; as soon they rise ;
One moon, a forest, and the next, a fleet.

Is floth indulgence? 'Tis a toil;

Enervates man, and damns the foil;
Defeats creation, plunges in distress,

Cankers our being, all devours ;

A full exertion of our powers !
Thence, and thence only, glows our happiness.

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VII. The

The stream may ftagnate, yet be clear,

The fun suspend his swift career,
Yet healthy Nature feel her wonted force ;

Ere man, his active springs resign'd,

Can rust in body and in mind,
Yet taste of bliss, of which he choaks the fource.

Where, Industry ! thy daughter fair?

Recal her to her native air;
Here, was Trade born, here bred, here flourish'd long;

And ever shall she flourish here:

What though she languifh'd ? 'twas but fear,
She 's found of heart; her constitution strong.

Wake, fting her up. Trade ! lean no more

On thy fixt anchor, push from shore,
Earth lies before thee, every climate court.

And, fee, The 's rous’d, absolu'd from fears,

Her brow, in cloudless azure, rears,
Spreads all her fail, and opens every port.

See, cherish'd by her sister, Peace,

She levies gain on every place,
Religion, habit, custom, tongue, and name !

Again, se travels with the sun,

Again, the draws a golden zone Round earth and main; bright zone of wealth and fame!

XI. Ten

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