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Their wit far brightest will be prov'd,

Who funk it in good sense; And veneration most profound

Of dread Omnipotence. 'Tis that alone unlocks the gate

Of bleft Eternity ; 0! may'st thou never, never lose

That more than * golden key! Whate'er may

seem too rough excuse,
Your good I have at heart :
Since from my soul I wish you

As yet we must not part :
Shall you, and J, in love with life,

Life's future schemes contrive,
The world in wonder not unjust,

That we are still alive?
What have we left? How mean in man

A shadow's shade to crave ! When life, so vain! is vainer still, 'Tis time to take


leave : Happier, than happiest life, is death,

Who falling in the field
Of conflict with his rebel will,

Writes Vici on his shield;
So falling man, immortal heir

Of an eternal prize ; Undaunted at the gloomy grave,

Descends into the skies.


Alluding to Prussia.

O! how diforder'd our machine,

When contradictions mix !
When nature strikes no less than twelve,

And folly points at fix !
To mend the moments of your heart,

How great is my delight
Gently to wind your morals up,
And set


hand aright! That hand, which spread your wisdom wide

To poison distant lands : Repent, recant; the tainted age

Your antidote demands; To Satan dreadfully resign'd,

Whole herds rush down the steep
Of folly, by lewd wits poffefs’d,

And perish in the deep.
Men's praise your vanity pursues ;

'Tis well, pursue it still ; But let it be of men deceas'd,

And you 'll resign the will; And how superior they to those

At whose applause you aim ; How very far superior they

In number, and in name!



THUS have I written, when to write

No mortal should presume;
Or only write, what none can blame,

Hic jacetfor his tomb :
The public frowns, and censures loud

My puerile employ;
Though just the cenfure, if you smile,

The scandal I enjoy ;
But sing no moreno more I sing,

Or reassume the lyre,
Unless vouchsaf'd an humble part

Where Raphael leads the choir :
What myriads swell the concert loud!

Their golden harps resound
High, as the footstool of the throne,

And deep, as hell profound;
Hell (horrid contrast!) chord and song

Of raptur’d angels drowns
In felf-will's peal of blasphemies,

And hideous burst of groans ;
But drowns them not to me ; I hear

Harmonious thunders roll
(In language low of men to speak)

From echoing pole to pole!

Whild this grand chorus shakes the skies

“ Above, beneath the sun, • Through boundless age, by men, by gods,

“ Jehovah's will be done."
'Tis done in heaven ; whence headlong hurl'd

Seif-will with Satan fell ;
And must from earth be banith'd too,

Or earth's another hell;
Madam ! self-will inflicts your pains :

Self-will’s the deadly foe
Which deepens all the dismal shades,

And points the shafts of woe :
Your debt to nature fully paid,

Now virtue claims her due :
But virtue's cause I need not plead,

'Tis safe; I write to You :
You know, that virtue's bafis lies

In ever judging right;
And wiping error's clouds away,

Which dim the mental light :
Why mourn the dead ? you wrong the grave,

From storm that safe resort;
We are still toiling out at sea,

Our admiral in port.
Was death deny'd, this world, a scene

How dismal and forlorn!
To death we owe, that 'tis to man
A blefling to be born;



every other blessing fails,
Or sapp'd by flow decay,
Or, storm'd by sudden blafts of fate,

Is swiftly whirld away ;
How happy! that no storm, or time,

Of death can rob the just !
None pluck from their unaching heads

Soft pillows in the dust!
Well-pleas'd to bear heaven's darkest frown,

Your utmost power employ ; 'Tis noble chemistry to turn

Necessity to joy.
Whate'er the colour of my fate,

My fate shall be my choice :
Determin’d am I, whilft I breathe,

To praise and to rejoice;
What ample cause ! triumphant hope !

O rich eternity!
I start not at a world in flames,

Charm’d with one glimpse of thee :
And thou ! its great inhabitant !

How glorious doft thou shine!
And dart through sorrow,danger, death,

A beam of joy divine !
The void of joy (with some concern

The truth severe I tell)
Is an impenitent in guilt,
A fool or infidel ;


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