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Cecilia, charming saint, we raise
Our soulslto thee in songs of praise.;
Fill with seraphic strains our thoughts,
With heav'nly music tune our notes:

For none pare speak or sing of thee,
Unless inspir'd by sacred Harmony.
A tuneful

, concert then be made
Bring in the lute and viol to our aid ;
The joyful grain of instruments command,

Taught by Cecilia's powerful hand. See how the trembling strings, all, at Cecilia's name, In grateful shotes give back their Music whence it came !

Behold how they rejoice to move, And celebrate her once abode below, as now her reign above!

The melancholy Aute forgets to mourn

Forsaken Damon's sad despair;
And all the rising notes return
Cecilia !' in a brisk and more exalted air.

Tir'd with the rough alarms of war,
The martial trumpet hither does repair,
Joys with a milder blast

90 swell, And on Cecilia's praises dwell;

Joys here a peaceful sainy to yield Those sounds, due to the fighting hero and the noisy

field, And the majestic organ, known Cecilia's care and art alone,

That warms us with divine desires, And kindles in our souls seraphic fires ; The sounding organ does aspire,

With its monopoly Of tuneful sounds, to pierce the sky; And join with its own saint in concert in the heavenly


Cecilia's sacred inemory,
Whilst Music lives, shall never die:
usic, the charming magnet the whole,
Of Heaven and Earth the mighty soul !
Music, that sweetens all our mirth,
And gives new blooming joys their birth,
That drives pale sorrow from our breast,
And lulls our waking cares to rest;

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