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Jesi list for great usefulness, occasion your eternal ruin. Let retien de nothing hinder you from giving regular and full time bim is to devotion. The days of health and strength should pe pan be given to God, while the evil days come not nor the

years draw nigh when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure
in them.


. Are you AFFLICTED ? That is the time for special prayer. Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will hear thee, and thou shalt glorify me. Io the absence of the sun, the mild and peaceful radiance of the moon illumines our path. Let devotion spread a cheering light over your darker hours. “ The Queen of night," says Bowdler, “unveils its full beauty when the hours of joy and lustre have passed away, pouring as it were a holy light through the damps and darkness of adversity." This will constant prayer cheer the darkest season of affliction. . . ... . . Are you roung ? Let that rapid torrent of youth. ful strength and vivacity, which, if left to itself, would only be wasted and dashed against rocks, from precipice to precipice, be turned into a profitable course. Let this stream be brought into the channel of devotion, and it will move the machine of the Christian life, and communicate innumerable blessings to man. Those thul seek me early shall find me. Prov. viii, 17. No. thing is more pleasing, nothing more profitable, than early devotion. Slight not him in your strength, who will be the only protector of your weakness.

Are you in middle life? In the midst of this world's engagements, how are you encompassed as in a maze of temptation! Let prayer be the secret thread which leads you safely out of this labyrinth. How are you surrounded with duties of the first importance! What a happy influence, then, would devotion have in making you a general blessing to your family, your neighbourioni, and your country! Like the regulator in the watch, thongh unseen outwardly, it would keep the spring of your actions in order; it would make all your movements certain and oseful. Give the strength of your years to God, aor you will leave a good name, better than precious miniment. Eccles. vii, 1. Remember, “the prayer of faith," as Bishop Porteus says, “tnoves the band of Him that moveth all things."

Are you in DECLINING YEARS ? and will you not hold converse with Him whom you are soon to meet and see face to face? Why should you enter the eternal world a stranger to the great King who rules there, when you have an opportunity of being adopted into his family, enjoying his presence here, and sharing the splendors of his crown and of his glories hereafter. “What,” says one, " can be more truly desirable than to attain to a measure of that light and peace, which, in their full measure, belong to a higher condition ? and what more excellent than that occupation which connects the service with the enjoyment of God, the duties of this life with the glories of the better ?" .

To every class of my readers I say,


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Though Earth thy footstool, Heaven thy throne,

Tby way and the sea,
Thy path deep foods, thy steps unknown,

Thy counsels mystery :

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. Patience to watch, and wait, and weep,

Though inercy long delay;
Couragé our fainting souls to keep,

And Irust thee, thougl, thou slay.

Give these ;--and then thy will be done;

thus strengthen's with all miglit, We, by thy Spirit, through thy Son,

Shall pray, and pray aright.


LORD! when we bend before thy throne,

And our co:fessions pour;
Teach is to feel the sins we own,

And bate what we deplore.

Our broken spirit pitying see ;

True penitelice impart :
Then let a kinilling glance from thee

Beam hope on every heart.

When we disclose our wants in prayer,

May we our wills resign;
And not a thought our hosom share,

That is not wholly thine.

May faith each weak petition fill,

And raise it to the skies,
And teach our heart 'tis Goodness still

That grants it, or denies.


Forms of Prayer.

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THE writer's design has been to induce his readers, generally, to pray in private and in the family, without formis. Yet as this work may fall into the hands of many, to whom this, from various causes, would not

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