Byzantine Women: Varieties of Experience 800-1200

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Lynda Garland
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2006 - Всего страниц: 226
This volume brings together a group of international scholars, who explore many unusual aspects of the world of Byzantine women in the period 800-1200. The specific aim of this collection is to investigate the participation of women - non-imperial women in particular - in supposedly 'masculine' fields of operation. This new research across a range of disciplines attempts to provide an analysis of the activities of and attitudes towards Byzantine women in this period. Using evidence from sources as diverse as tax registers, monastic foundation documents, twelfth-century novels, historical texts, art historical evidence and the writings of women themselves, such as the hymnographer Kassia and the historian Anna Komnene, these papers elucidate the context in which Byzantine women lived. They emphasize the variety of female experiences, the circumstances that shaped women's lives, and the ways in which individual women were perceived by their society.

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Changing Functions of Monasteries for Women
an Appreciation
the Parameters
Representations of Women
Woman and Empress Between Two Worlds
Middle Byzantine Family Values and Anna Komnenes Alexiad
Women and the Carnivalesque
Imperial Women and Entertainment at the Middle Byzantine Court
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Стр. 205 - The Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa. Translated from the original Armenian with a commentary and introduction by Ara Edmond Dostourian.

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Lynda Garland is an Associate Professor in the School of Classics, History and Religion at The University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia.

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