The Bomb

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J. Long, 1908 - Всего страниц: 312
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Стр. 125 - Den ersten besten Mann, Der ihr in den Weg gelaufen ; Der Jüngling ist übel dran. Es ist eine alte Geschichte, Doch bleibt sie immer neu ; Und wem sie just passieret, Dem bricht das Herz entzwei.
Стр. 33 - ... forty-five plus the normal fifteen pounds to the square inch, they work with more than usual energy. The trouble comes when they pass too quickly from this caisson Into normal atmosphere above. When the men upon going to work pass into the area of compression, the blood absorbs the gases of the air until the tension of the gases in the blood becomes equal to that in the compressed air. If the workman Is taken suddenly from this high pressure the gas is liberated in the blood and tissues in the...
Стр. 269 - In substance and effect it is that the defendant Neebe be imprisoned in the State Penitentiary at Joliet at hard labor for the term of fifteen years. And that each of the other defendants, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon of the third day of December next, in the manner provided by the statute of this State, be hung by the neck until he is dead. Remove the prisoners.
Стр. 7 - MY name is Rudolph Schnaubelt. I threw the bomb which killed eight policemen and wounded sixty in Chicago in 1886.
Стр. 264 - Give them (the strikers) a rifle diet for a few days, and see how they like that kind of bread," said Tom Scott, president of the Pennsylvania Central Railway, addressing Gov.
Стр. 257 - But Occult Theft, Theft which hides itself even from itself, and is legal, respectable, and cowardly, corrupts the body and soul of man, to the last fibre of them. And the guilty Thieves of Europe, the real sources of all deadly war in it, are the Capitalists — that is to say, people who live by percentages or the labour of others ; instead of by fair wages for their own.
Стр. 263 - We have not been able to obtain any particulars of the trial of Stevens and Hazlitt. On the I4th of February they were brought into court to receive sentence. Being asked whether they had anything to say why sentence should not be passed upon them, Stevens replied : — " May it please the court, I have a few words to say. Some of the testimony given against me was untrue. One of the witnesses stated that I said, 'Let us kill the of and burn the town.
Стр. 6 - twere a royal game, Shining in every colour of the sun With prizes to be played for, one by one, Love, riches, fame. "Some showed me Life, as 'twere a terrible fight, A ceaseless striving 'gainst unnumbered foes, A battle ever harder to the close Ending in night.
Стр. 264 - Hand grenades should be thrown among these Union sailors who are striving to obtain higher wages and less hours. By such treatment they would be taught a valuable lesson, and other strikers could take warning from their fate,

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