Flowers of Fable: Culled from Epictetus, Croxall, Dodsley, Gay, Cowper, Pope, Moore, Merrick, Denis, and Tapner

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Vizetelly, Branston and Company Fleet Street., 1832 - Всего страниц: 352

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Стр. 13 - The daily labours of the bee Awake my soul to industry : Who can observe the careful ant, And not provide for future want ? / My dog (the trustiest of his kind) / With gratitude inflames my mind : I mark his true, his faithful way, V And in my service copy Tray.
Стр. 225 - Oft has it been my lot to mark A proud, conceited, talking spark, With eyes that hardly served at most To guard their master 'gainst a post ; Yet round the world the blade has been To see whatever could be seen, Returning from his finished tour, Grown ten times perter than before.
Стр. 65 - For God's sake, come, and live with men: Consider, mice, like men, must die, Both small and great, both you and I: Then spend your life in joy and sport. (This doctrine, friend, I learn'd at court.)" The veriest hermit in the nation May yield, God knows, to strong temptation.
Стр. 180 - A NIGHTINGALE, that all day long Had cheer'd the village with his song, Nor yet at eve his note suspended, Nor yet when eventide was ended, • Began to feel, as well he might. The keen demands of appetite ; When, looking eagerly around, He spied far...
Стр. 64 - What good, or better, we may call, And what the very best of all...
Стр. 280 - gan in haste the drawers explore, The lowest first, and without stop The rest in order to the top. For 'tis a truth well known to most, That whatsoever thing is lost, We seek it, ere it come to light, In every cranny but the right.
Стр. 18 - How insolent is upstart pride! Had'st thou not thus with insult vain, Provok'd my patience to complain, I had conceal'd thy meaner birth, Nor trac'd thee to the scum of earth. For scarce nine suns have wak'd the hours, To swell the fruit, and paint the flow'rs, Since I thy humbler life survey'd.
Стр. 107 - The goat remarked her pulse was high, Her languid head, her heavy eye ; " My back," says he, " may do you harm ; The sheep's at hand, and wool is warm.
Стр. 203 - How uncorrupt are all his ways ! Beneath his conduct and command, Rapine shall cease to waste the land. His brain hath stratagem and art ; Prudence and mercy rule his heart ; What blessings must attend the nation Under this good administration ! He said. A Goose who distant stood, Harangu'd apart the cackling brood.
Стр. 280 - Beware of too sublime a sense Of your own worth and consequence. The man who dreams himself so great, And his importance of such weight, That all around in all that's done Must move and act for Him alone, Will learn in school of tribulation The folly of his expectation.

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