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for every thing that had been thus far predicted, has assuredly been accomplished.

6. The next great event, which will be of general interest to the human race, appears to be the downfall of the Turkish Empire, in consequence of actual depopulation,—a process, which has indeed been long carrying on, and which began to produce a visible effect, even in a territorial point of view, by means of the Greek insurrection, in 1821.

It appears, also, that one great end to be answered by this event will be, that “ a way may be prepared” for the return, and restoration, of the Israelitish Nation, to their own land, which will then become vacant and unoccupied :

But that another end to be effected by it will be, the preparing also of the means, for the final and exemplary punishment of all those enemies of God, who will oppose themselves to this longpredicted dispensation ; and who will be the same, in effect, as have perseveringly opposed themselves to his Truth, and have oppressed his Church, through the preceding portions of the one thousand two hundred and sixty years.

From the peculiar terms employed by the Prophet, it seems evident, that a great Crusade,

or Confederacy, will be set on foot, under the influence of a judicial infatuation, for the purpose of seizing upon “ the Holy Land,and preventing it from ever again falling into the hands either of Jews or Mahometans, -two of the most irreconcileable enemies of the Church of Rome : for he says,." I saw, out of the mouth of the Dragon, and “ out of the mouth of the wild Beast, and out “ of the mouth of the false Prophet, three un“ clean spirits, like unto frogs.

“For they are the spirits of Demons, working “ miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the “ Earth, and of the whole world, to gather them “ together to the battle of that great day of God “ Almighty b."

Under this Vial, this Confederation will be formed; and under it, also, it will be assembled at ARMAGEDDON, previous to its total defeat and ruin.

7. During the pouring out of this Vial, the war, for which the Confederates are to be mustered at ARMAGEDDON, will be waged; and the great and decisive battle will be fought, which is

b Rev, xvi. 13, 14.

to destroy all the implacable enemies of God: but, previously to matters proceeding to extremity, it appears, that many reclamations will be made from Popery, in particular; for “the great “ City became divided into three parts, and the “ cities of the Nations fell” from her communion.

With the issue of this contest, concludes the period of the one thousand two hundred and sixty years ; and the fourth grand division of the whole time, already mentioned, which is included in the prophecies of “ the Revelation.”

The fifth and sixth of these divisions are such as have been explained, in a former part of this Preface.

Such is the chronological arrangement of the great events, which have been developed, as Signs of the times, in regular succession, in consequence of the opening, in corresponding order, of the seven Seals of the great Book of “ the Revelation.” And the events themselves will be found described, with every requisite degree of particularity, in the following pages of the Work, respectively.

The history disclosed by the opening of the First Seal . ......... pages 156–168 ; Second Seal ........ 168–175; Third Seal ........... 175—190 ; Fourth Seal ... .. . 190—203; Fifth Seal ........ 203—212; Sixth Seal . . . .

. . . . 212–247; Seventh Seal ....... 247, to the

end of the Work.

The dreadful Interval, which was preparatory to the sounding of the Seven Trumpets, ... pages 247—264 ;

The Events, following the sounding of the First Trumpet ....... 265—273; Second Trumpet .....273-284 ; Third Trumpet ....... 284-291 ; Fourth Trumpet . . . . . . 291-303; The Warning of the blasts of the

three Woe Trumpets ... 297—303 ; Fifth Trumpet ....... 303–350 ; Interval between the first and second

Woes ......... 350-- 352; Sixth Trumpet ....... 352—501 ; Seventh Trumpet . . . . . , 501-884.

. IV. But it will be likewise perceived, that the
Reformation in the sixteenth century was an
object of such vast importance, in every point of
view, to the Church of Christ, that a little Book
was additionally vouchsafed by The Holy Spirit ;
and given, as it were, to the Church, through the
medium of the Angel, who had been the means
of commencing that new scene of Dispensation.
And the design of this was, that it might be sup-
plemental to the greater Book of “ the Revela-
tion ;” and, by its various elucidations, might
throw abundant light upon all those parts of the
larger volume, in which the particulars it describes

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