God, Literature and Process Thought

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"This title was first published in 2002: This book explores and evaluates evolutionary theism - which asserts that God is subject to change as humanity is subject to change - charting the way it surfaces as a theme in classic, modern, and post-modern forms of creative writing, philosophical theology, and cultural theory. Probing texts by process thinkers such as Whitehead, Bergson, Teilhard, and Hartshorne, as well as the literary art of figures such as Aeschylus, Byron, Goethe, Greene, Joyce, Kazantzakis, Levertov, and Shakespeare, the twelve scholars in this volume reflect on God and the world, on reading and interpretation, and on being and becoming. The contributors emerge with fresh perspectives which promise to make a substantial contribution to the field of literature and religion today."--Provided by publisher.

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