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There shall that piercing eye survey

My humble worship paid,
With every morning's dawning ray,
And every evening's shade.

I'll leave behind each earthly care ;

To thee my soul shall soar ; While grateful praise, and fervent prayer, Employ the silent hour.

So shall the sun in smiles arise,

The day shall close in peace;
So wilt thou train me for the skies,
Where joy shall never cease.


PRAYER is the soul's sincere desire,
Utter'd, or unexpress'd

The motion of a hidden fire,
That trembles in the breast.

Prayer is the burden of a sigh,

The falling of a tear,
The upward glancing of an eye,
When none but God is near.

Prayer is the simplest form of speech,

That infant lips can try ;
Prayer, the sublimest strains that reach
The Majesty on high.

Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice,

Returning from his ways ;
While angels in their songs rejoice,

And cry, 'Behold he prays.'

Prayer is the christian's vital breath,

The christian's native air ;
His watchword at the gates of death :
He enters heaven with prayer.

Religious Retirement.

My God! permit me not to be
A stranger to myself and thee :
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove,
Forgetful of my highest love.

Call me away from flesh and sense ;
Thy sovereign word can draw me thence;
I would obey thy voice divine,
And all inferior joys resign.

3 Be earth, with all her scenes, withdrawn; Let noise and vanity be gone ; In secret silence of the mind, My heaven, and there my God, I find.

286. Religious Retirement.

Far from the world, O Lord, I flee;

From strife and tumult far,
From scenes where sin is waging still
Its most successful war.

The calm retreat, the silent shade,

With prayer and praise agree ; And seem by thy sweet bounty made

For those who follow thee.

There, if thy spirit touch the soul,

And grace her mean abode,
Oh with what peace, and joy, and love,
She communes with her God!

Author and Guardian of my life,

Thou Source of light divine, And all harmonious names in one, My Father-thou art mine!

5 What thanks I owe thee! and what love!

A vast and boundless store
Shall echo through the realms above,
When time shall be no more !

Communing with the Heart.

RETURN, my roving heart, return, .
And chase earth's fleeting joys no more ;
Seek out some solitude, to mourn,
And thy forsaken God implore.

Wisdom and pleasure dwell at home,
Retir'd and silent; seek them there :
True conquest, is ourselves to o'ercome;
True strength, to break the tempter's snare.

And thou, my God, whose piercing eye
Distinct surveys each dark recess!
In these abstracted hours draw nigh;
And with thy presence fill the place.

Through all the mazes of my heart,
My search let heavenly wisdom guide ;
And still its radiant beams impart,
"Till all be search'd and purified,

Then with the visits of thy love
Vouchsafe my inmost soul to cheer ;
"Till every grace shall join to prove
That God hath fix'd his dwelling there.


Worldly Anxiety reprehended.

Oh! why should I perplex
My life with fruitless care ;
With fears and hopes, which idly vex,
And oft the heart ensnare ?

Can anxious thoughts increase
My days' appointed sum !
Why waste I then my health and peace,
To hoard for years to come ?

To him, these low desires,

This sordid gain, I leave,
Who to no higher good aspires
Than what this world can give.

Then let to-morrow's cares
Until to-morrow stay ;
The trouble which to-day prepares,
Suffices for to-day.

289. Professions of Sincerity, Repentance, and


1 Thou art my portion, O my God!

Soon as I know thy way, My heart makes haste to obey thy word,

And suffers no delay.

2 I choose the path of heavenly truth,

And glory in my choice ; Not all the riches of the earth Could make me so rejoice.

The testimonies of thy grace

I set before mine eyes;
Thence I derive my daily strength,
And there my comfort lies.

4 Whene'er I've wander'd from thy path,

I think upon my ways; Then turn my feet to thy commands, And trust thy pardoning grace.

5 Now I am thine, for ever thine ;

Oh save thy servant, Lord ! Thou art my shield, my hiding-place ; My hope is in thy word.

6 Thou hast inclin'd this heart of mine

Thy statutes to fulfil ;
And thus, till mortal life shall end,
Would I perform thy will.

Religious Reverence and Obedience,

1 With ardour I'll thy favour seek;

Oh let me never stray From thy commands, O God of love! Nor tread the sinner's way.

2 Thy word I'll store within my heart,

To keep my mind serene, And be an everlasting guard

From every rising sin,

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