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And all its scenes appear

Like relics of a dream!
Spent are its griefs, its joys are flown,
And memory holds their trace alone!

Frail, fleeting life! how soon
May thy probation close ;
And they who prize thee most,

In the still grave repose !
Thy joys are brief—they cannot last ;
And change comes o'er thy seasons fast.

Then pause, my soul, and trace
Time's progress, and thine own:
Shall earth thy cares engage,
When better things are known ?
Oh! fix thy love on heavenly bliss :
All other good shall fail but this.

Yes ! let thy zeal be strong,
Life's purpose to fulfil ;
And work, with all thy powers,

Thy righteous Father's will :
So shall thy deeds be truly blest,
And death conduct to endless rest.

448. Preparation for Death, by a Life of Duty.

None can evade the stroke of death :
Lord ! help me to surmount the fear ;
That, when I must resign my breath,
I may in peace the summons hear.

2 'Tis sin gives venom to the dart ; In me let every sin be slain ; From secret faults, oh! cleanse my heart ; From wilful sins, my hands restrain.

Grant that I may, with holy zeal,
The ends of living, close pursue ;
Seek thy whole pleasure to fulfil ;
And honour thee in all I do.

May I to Jesus lift mine eyes,
Once dead, but now enthron'd on high ;
Glorious like him I hope to rise,
Why should I fear like him to die !

Faith's radiant beams shall chase the gloom ;
Thick hanging o'er the vale of death ;
Undaunted I'll survey the tomb,
And, as a victor, yield my breath.

449. Serious Reflections on the Uncertainty of Life.

1 ETERNAL bliss, and lasting woe, Hang on this span of life below,

This short uncertain breath : My heavenly Father only knows Whether another day shall close, Ere I expire in death.

Before thy throne, great God! I bow;
And in these solemn moments, now

Would learn my real state :
While life, and health, and time endure,
May I thy pardoning grace secure,
Before it be too late.

If in destruction's road I stray,
Teach me to choose that better way

Which leads to joys on high : My soul renew, my sins forgive ; Nor let me ever dare to live,

Such as I dare not die,

450. The Service of God the true Aim of Life, and the

Support in Death

My gracious Lord ! I own thy right
To every service I can pay;
And call it my supreme delight,
To hear thy dictates and obey.

What is my being, but for thee-
Its sure support, its noblest end!
Oh may I e'er thy presence see,
And serve the cause of such a Friend !

I would not breathe for worldly joy,
Or to increase my worldly good;
Nor future days or powers employ,
To spread a sounding name abroad.

Thy work my hoary age shall bless,
When youthful vigour is no more :
And my last hour of life confess
Thy love hath animating power.

Prospects of the real Christian.

LORD! I am thine ; but thou wilt prove
My faith, my patience, and my love;
Whate'er my trials, I would see
Thy hand in all, and bow to thee.

The sinner's portion I resign :
Lord ! 'tis enough if thou art mine :
I shall behold thy blissful face,
And stand complete in righteousness.



This life's a dream, an empty show ;
But the bright world to which I go
Hath joys substantial and sincere :
When shall I wake, and find me there !

O glorious hour! O blest abode!
I shall be near and like
And flesh and sin no more control
The sacred pleasures of the soul.

My flesh shall slumber in the ground,
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound ;
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's likeness rise.

Old Age anticipated.

When in the vale of lengthen'd years

My feeble feet shall tread,
And I survey the various scenes
Through which I have been led ;

How many mercies will my life,

Before my view unfold !
What countless dangers will be past !
What tales of sorrow told !

But oh! my soul, if thou canst say,

I've seen my God in all ;
In every trouble own'd his hand,
In every gift his call :

If piety has mark'd my steps,

And love my actions forni'd ; And purity possess'd my heart,

And truth my lips adorn'd:

If I an aged servant am

Of Jesus and of God,
I need not fear the closing scene,
Nor dread the appointed road.

This scene will all my labours end ;

This road conduct on high : With comfort I'll review the past, And triumph, though I die.

453. The Christian's Reflection and Hope. My God, my everlasting Hope !

I live upon thy truth; Thy hands have held

my childhood up, And strengthen'd all my youth.

2 My frame was fashion'd by thy power,

And shows thy skill divine; My all I owe to thy command ; I am entirely thine.

3 Still has my life new wonders seen,

In each revolving year ; Behold my days that yet remain, I trust them to thy care.

Cast me not off when strength declines,

When hoary hairs arise ;
And round me let thy glory shine,
Whene'er thy servant dies.

454. God's gracious Guidance sought in Life and in


1 Be thou my Shepherd, gracious Lord ! My wants shall then be well supplied ;

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