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Though thickest dangers crowd our way,
Our God can chase our fears away ;
Our feeble faith on him relies,
And all those dangers still defies.

Though billows after billows roll,
To overwhelm our sinking soul;
Firm as a rock we still shall stand,
Upheld by God's almighty hand.

In life, his presence is our aid ;
In death, 'twill guide us through the shade ;
Chase all our rising fears away,
And turn our darkness into day.

Trust in God under Affliction.

Why is my heart with grief opprest !
Can all the pains I feel or fear,
Make thee, my soul, forget thy rest !
Forget that God, thy God, is near!

Mortality's unnumber'd ills
Are all beneath his sovereign hand:
Each pain which this frail body feels,
Attends, obedient, his command.

Lord ? form my temper to thy will :
If thou my faith and patience prove,
May every painful stroke fulfil
Thy purposes of faithful love!

Oh may this weak, this fainting mind,
A Father's hand adoring see ;
Confess thee just, and wise, and kind;
And trust thy word, and cleave to thee!

Consolatory Reflections on Providence.

"Tis wisdom, mercy, love divine,
Which mingle blessings with our cares :
And shall our thankless hearts repine,
That we obtain not all our prayers ?

From dark distrust our sorrows flow;
Short-sighted mortals, weak and blind,
Bend down their eyes to earth and woe,
And doubt if Providence be kind.

Should heaven with every wish comply,
Still, would the grant relieve the care !
Perhaps the good for which we sigh,
Might change its name, and prove a snare.

Were once our vain desires subdued,
The will resign'd, the heart at rest;
In every scene we should conclude,
The will of heaven is right and best.

Then cheerful let our hearts survey
The toils and dangers of the road;
And patient keep the heavenly way
That leads us homeward to our God.

Trust and Resignation under Bereavements.

The God of love will sure indulge
The flowing tear, the heaving sigh,
When righteous persons fall around,
When friends belov'd and kindred die.

2 Yet not one anxious murmuring thought Should with our mourning passions blend ;

Nor should our bleeding hearts forget
The almighty, ever-living Friend.

Parent, Protector, Guardian, Guide !
Thou art each tender name in one;
On thee we cast our every care,
And comfort seek from thee alone.

Our Father-God! to thee we look,
Our Rock, our Portion, and our Friend!
And on thy gracious love and truth,
Our sinking souls shall still depend.

430. Resignation taught by the Example of Christ.

1 • Father divine !' the Saviour cried, While horrors press'd on every side, And prostrate on the ground he lay• Remove this bitter cup away.

* But if these woes must all be borne,
Or helpless man be left forlorn,
I bow my soul before thy throne,
And say, Thy will, not mine, be done!'

Thus our submissive souls would bow,
And, taught by Jesus, lie as low;
Our hearts, and not our lips alone,
Would say, “Thy will, not ours, be done.'

Consolations of Religion in Affiction.

When sorrow sinks my spirits down,

And grief o'erwhelms my troubled mind,

Faith cries, 'Look up to God alone,

A refuge thou in him shalt find :)
My soul obeys the sacred word,
And casts her care upon the Lord.

What though affliction's shades surround

My path, yet God is wise and just; And oft my fainting soul has found

The promise true, in which I trust : Shall I then doubt his sacred word ? No-let me humbly trust the Lord.

3 'Tis in the hour of deep distress,

That we religion's comfort prove; The chastening hand we feel and bless,

Of God, that scourges us in love : Though nature sinks beneath the rod, Yet faith reposes still in God.

4 It is the Lord that strikes the blow;

Let every murmuring thought be still :
Oft has he made my cup o'erflow,

And shall I dare dispute his will ?
For ever be the thought abhorrd :
My soul! still wait thou on the Lord.

Wait, till he bid thy sorrows cease,

Till he thy every care remove;
And though thy troubles fast increase,

Thou need'st not doubt thy Father's love :
Though he delay, yet trust his word ;
For true and faithful is the Lord.

6 Yes, Israel's God was never known

To leave his children in distress;
Mercy and truth surround his throne,

His judgments all are righteousness :
Still shall my soul this truth accord;
I will for ever trust the Lord.

432. The Discipline of God's Providence.

When I review the devious ways

Through which my feet have trod,
I find incessant cause to bless
And love my guardian God.

Through all the labyrinth of life,

My folly he pursued;
And by some gracious providence,
My rebel heart subdued.

I rarely plann'd, but cause I found

My plan's defeat to bless; Oft į lamented an event Which turn'd to my success.

4 When labouring under fancied ill,

My spirits to sustain, He kindly curd with wholesome draughts Of deep distress or pain.

5 Sometimes he brought me near to death;

And, pointing to the grave, Made terror whisper kind advice, And taught the tomb to save.

"T'is from the seeds in sorrow sown,

The richest harvest rose ;
And in my Father's will I've found
An absolute repose.

Self-Examination in Affliction.

Now, in the hour of silent thought,
When anxious cares are hush'd

and still,

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