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1. Though troubles

as - sail, and dan-gers affright, Though friends shouldall


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er be - tide, The prom-ise as - sures us, “The Lord will pro-vide."

1 Though troubles assail, and dangers affright,

Though friends should all fail, and foes all unite,
Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide,

The promise assures us, “The Lord will provide."
2 When Satan appears to stop up our path,

And fills us with fears, we triumph by faith ;
He cannot take from us, though oft he has tried,

The heart-cheering promise, “The Lord will provide.”
3 No strength of our own, nor goodness we claim ;

Our trust is all thrown on Jesus' great name:
In this our strong tower for safety we hide ;
The Lord is our power, “The Lord will provide."


1 0 worship the King, all glorious above,

And gratefully sing his wonderful love ;
Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,

Pavillioned in splendor, and girded with praise ! 2 0, tell of his might, and sing of his grace,

Whose robe is the light, whose canopy, space ;
His chariots of wrath the deep thunder-clouds form,

And dark is his path on the wings of the storm! 3 Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail,

In thee do we trust, nor find thee to fail ;
Thy mercies, how tender! how firm to the end!
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer and Friend!

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1. Mor - tals, a - wake, with an-gels join, And chant the

sol - emn lay;

Joy, love and grat - i . tude com-bine To hail th'au-spi-cious day.


1 Mortals, awake, with angels join, 4 Adoring angels tuned their songs And chant the solemn lay ;

To hail the joyful day; Joy, love and gratitude combine

With rapture then let mortal tongues To hail th'auspicious day.

Their grateful worship pay. 2 Wrapt in the silence of the night,

198 Lay all the eastern world,

Shepherds, rejoice; lift up your eyes, When, bursting, glorious, heavenly light,

And send your fears away ; The wondrous scene unfurled.

News from the region of the skies —

Salvation's born to-day! 3 Hark! the cherubic armies shout, And glory leads the song ;

2 Jesus, the Lord, whom angels fear,

Comes down to dwell with you ;
Good-willand peace are heard throughout
Th’harmonious heavenly throng.

To-day he makes his entrance here,

But not as monarchs do. 4 With joy the chorus we'll repeat, 3 Go, shepherds, where the Infant lies, Glory to God on high!

And see his humble throne ; Good-will and peace are now complete, With tears of joy in all your eyes, Jesus was born to die!

Go, shepherds, kiss the Son. 197

199 1 Awake, awake the sacred song,

1 Angels rejoiced and sweetly sung To our incarnate Lord !

At our Redeemer's birth; Let every heart and every tongue

Mortals, awake! let every tongue Adore th' eternal Word.

Proclaim his matchless worth. 2 That awful Word, that sovereign Power 2 Glory to God, who dwells on high, By whom the worlds were made

And sent his only Son O happy morn! illustrious hour!-

To take a servant's form and die Was once in flesh arrayed !

For evils we had done! 3 Then shone almighty power and love, 3 Good-will to men! ye fallen race ! In all their glorious forms,

Arise, and shout for joy ! When Jesus left his throne above,

He comes, with rich abounding grace, To dwell with sinful worms.

To save, and not destroy.




CHRISTMAS ANTHEM. Foyfully. f 2 4

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Copyright, 1888, by F. O. WELLCOME.

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Where wild Judea stretches far Her silver-mantled plains,Her silver-mantled plains.

1 Calm on the listening ear of night,

Come heaven's melodious strains, Where wild Judea stretches far ll: Her silver-mantled plains. :||


2 Celestial choirs, from courts above,

Shed sacred glories there,
And angels, with their sparkling lyres,

11: Make music on the air. : //
3 The answering hills of Palestine

Send back the glad reply; And greet, from all their holy heights, 11: The day-spring from on high. :||

5 “Glory to God!" the sounding skies

Loud with their anthems ring,"Peace to the earth, good-will to men,'

ll: To Heaven's eternal King. ://
1 High let us swell our tuneful notes,

And join th' angelic throng,
For angels no such love have known

11: To wake a cheerful song. : ||
2 Justice and grace, with sweet accord

His rising beams adorn;
Let heaven and earth in concert join,

11: To us a Child is born! :||
3 Glory to God in highest strains,

In highest worlds be paid ;
His glory by our lips proclaimed,
il: And by our lives displayed. :||

4 O'er the blue depths of Galilee

There comes a holier calm, And Sharon waves, in solemn praise, 11: Her silent groves of palm. :||




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1 To us a Child of hope is born ;

3 “To you, in David's town, this day, To us a Son is given;

Is born of David's line, 11: Him shall the tribes of earth obey, 11: The Saviour, who is Christ, the Lord, Him all the hosts of heaven. ://

And this shall be the sign. :// 2 His name shall be the Prince of peace, 4 “The heavenly babe you there shall find Forevermore adored ;

To human view displayed, 11: The Wonderful, the Counsellor, 11: All meanly wrapped in swathing bands, The great and mighty Lord. : ||

And in a manger laid." :|| 3 His power, increasing, still shall spread; 205 His reign no end shall know ;

1 As shadows cast by cloud and sun 11: Justice shall guard his throne of love,

Flit o'er the summer grass, And peace abound below. : ||

So, in thy sight, Almighty One, 4 To us a Child of hope is born;

Earth's generations pass. To us a Son is given ;

2 And as the years, an endless host, !!: The Wonderful, the Counsellor,

Come swiftly pressing on, The mighty Lord of heaven. ://

The brightest names that earth can boast J. MORRISTON.

Just glisten and are gone. 204 1 While shepherds watched their flocks by 3 Yet doth the star of Bethlehem shed

All seated on the ground, [night, A luster pure and sweet; 11: The angel of the Lord came down,

And still it leads, as once it led, And glory shone around. :||

To the Messiah's feet. 2 “Fear not,” said he — for mighty dread 4 O Father, may that holy star Had seized their troubled mind —

Grow every year more bright, 11: Glad tidings of great joy I bring,

And send its glorious beams afar To you and all mankind. : ||

To fill the world with light.


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