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1 The day is past and gone,

The evening shades appear;
O, may we all remember well,

The night of death draws near! 2 Lord, keep us safe this night,

Secure and free from fear;
May angels guard us till the light

Of morning shall appear. 3 And then when we arise

And view th'unwearied sun,
May we press on to win the prize –

For heavenly glory run.
4 And when life's day is past,

And time shall be no more,
O, may we in thy presence rest,

Where night will come no more.

4 Shine thou within us, then,

A day that knows no end, Till songs of angels and of men In perfect praise shall blend.

J. ELLERTON. 150 1 Another day is gone,

Great God, we bow to thee;
Again, as shades of night steal on,

Unto thy side we flee.
2 0, when shall that day come,

Ne'er sinking in the west,
That country and that happy home,

Where none shall break our rest; 3 Where all things shall be peace,

And pleasure without end,
And golden harps, that never cease,
With joyous hymns shall blend ?

W. J. BLEW. 151 1 Jesus, we look to thee,

Thy promised presence claim;
Thou in the midst of us shalt be,

Assembled in thy name. 2 Not in the name of pride

Or selfishness we meet;
From nature's paths we turn aside,

And worldly thoughts forget. 3 Present we know thou art,

But O thyself reveal!
Now, Lord, let every bounding heart

The mighty comfort feel.


1 The day of praise is done ;

The evening shadows fall ;
Yet pass not from us with the sun,

True Light that lightenest all! 2 Too faint our anthems here ;

Too soon of praise we tire ;
But O, the strains how full and clear

Of that eternal choir !

3 'Tis thine each soul to calm,

Each wayward thought reclaim, And make our daily life a psalm

Of glory to thy name.

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And ev - ery evening shall make known Some fresh me-mo- rial of his grace.

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1 Thus far the Lord hath led me on, 4 Let this blest hope mine eyelids close ;

Thus far his power prolongs my days ; With sleep refresh my feeble frame; And every evening shall make known Safe in thy care may I repose, Some fresh memorial of his grace.

And wake with praises to thy name. 2 Much of my time has run to waste, 154 And I, perhaps, am near my home ;

1 Glory to thee, my God, this night, But he forgives my follies past,

For all the blessings of the light; And gives mestrength for days to come.

Keep me, O mighty King of kings.

Beneath the shadow of thy wings. 3 I lay my body down to sleep ;

Peace is the pillow for my head; 2 Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son, While well-appointed angels keep

The ills which I this day have done ; Their watchful stations round my bed. That with the world, myself, and thee,

I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 4 Thus, when the night of death shall come.

My flesh shall rest beneath the ground, 3 Be thou my Guardian while I sleep; And wait thy voice to rouse my tomb,

Thy watchful station near me keep; With sweet salvation in the sound. My heart with love celestial fill,


And guard me from approach of ill. 153

155 1 Great God, to thee my evening song

1 O Holy Father, 'mid the calm With humble gratitude I raise ;

And stillness of this evening hour, O let thy mercy tune my tongue,

We lift to thee our solemn psalm, And fill my heart with lively praise !

To praise thy goodness and thy power. 2 My days unclouded as they pass, 2 Kept by thy goodness through the day, And every gently rolling hour,

Thanksgiving to thy name we pour ; Are monuments of wondrous grace, Night o'er us, with its stars, , - we pray

And witness to thy love and power. Thy love to guard us evermore. 3 Seal my forgiveness in the blood 3 In grief console, in gladness bless, Of Jesus; his dear name alone

In darkness guide, in sickness cheer ; I plead for pardon, gracious God,

Till, perfected in righteousness, And kind acceptance at thy throne. Before thy throne we shall appear.



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1. My God, ac- cept my ear - ly vows, Like morning in-cense in thy house ;

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1 My God, accept my early vows,

4 Retirement solemn, yet serene, Like morning incense in thy house ;

And undisturbed by human voice, And let my nightly worship rise,

Invites repose on Jesus' arm, Sweet as the evening sacrifice.

And bids my soul in God rejoice. 2 Watch o'ermy lips, and guard them, Lord, 158 From every rash and heedless word ;

1 My God, how endless is thy love! Nor let my feet incline to tread

Thy gifts are every evening new ; The guilty path where sinners lead.

And morning mercies from above 3 O may the righteous, when I stray,

Gently distil like early dew. Smite and reprove my wandering way!

2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night, Their gentle words, like ointment shed,

Great Guardian of my sleeping hours ; Shall never bruise, but cheer my head.

Thy sovereign word restores the light, 4 When I behold them pressed with grief, And quickens all my drowsy powers.

I'll cry to heaven for their relief;
And by my warm petitions prove

3 I yield my powers to thy command ;

To thee I consecrate my days; How much I prize their grateful love.

Perpetual blessings from thine hand

Demand perpetual songs of praise. 157 1 Still evening comes, with gentle shade, 159

Sweet harbinger of balmy rest 1 With heart and voice, O Lord, we raise From toilsome hours, and anxious To thee a song of grateful praise, thoughts,

For all the mercies thou hast shown Revolving in the pensive breast. To us now gathered at thy throne. 2 Refulgent day in darkness sets ; 2 Accept the sacrifice we bring ;

The noisy crowds are hushed in sleep ; And may we ever closely cling Harsh sounds to gentle murmurs turn, To thee, thy word, thy work, thy ways,

As o’er the fields the zephyrs sweep. Till glory ends our pilgrim days. 3 The hour is sweet when tumults cease ; 13 Then in that world where none shall die,

The scene obscured inspires my eye, But live thy name to glorify, And darkness marks the loved retreat We shall, with all the ransomed host, Where pleasures live and sorrows die. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.



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1 With joy we hail the sacred day,

Which God has called his own; With joy the summons we obey,

To worship at his throne. 2 Thy chosen temple, Lord, how fair !

As here thy servants throng To breathe the humble, fervent prayer,

And pour the grateful song.
3 Spirit of grace ! O deign to dwell

Within thy church below;
Make her in holiness excel,

With pure devotion glow.
1 This is the day the Lord hath made,

He calls the hours his own ;
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

And.praise surround the throne. 2 To-day he rose and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell ;
To-day the saints his triumph spread,

And all his wonders tell.

1 And now another week begins,

This day we call the Lord's ;
This day he rose, who bore our sins-

For so his word records.
2 Hark, how the angels sweetly sing!

Their voices fill the sky;
They hail their great victorious King,

And welcome him on high.
3 We'll catch the note of lofty praise ;

May we their rapture feel ;
Our thankful songs with their's we'll raise,

And emulate their zeal.


4 Come, then, ye saints! and grateful sing

Of Christ, our risen Lord-
Of Christ, the everlasting King-
Of Christ, th’incarnate Word.

T. KELLY. 163 1 Spirit of truth! on this thy day,

To thee for help we cry,
To guide us through the dreary way

Of dark mortality.
2 We ask not, Lord, the cloven fame,

Or tongues of various tone;
But long thy praises to proclaim,

With fervor in our own. 3 No heavenly harpings soothe our ear,

No mystic dreams we share ;
Yet hope to feel thy comfort near;

And bless thee in our prayer.

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1. Sweet is the work, my God,my King, To praise thy name,give thanks and sing,

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1 Sweet is the work, my God, my King, | 3 A heavenly calm pervades the breast,

To praise thy name, give thanks and sing, The earnest of that glorious rest
To show thy love by morning light, Which for the church of God remains,
And talk of all thy truth at night.

The end of cares, the end of pains. 2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest; 4 With joy, great God, thy works we view,

No mortal care shall seize my breast : In various scenes, both old and new :
O, may my heart in tune be found, With praise, we think on mercies past;

Like David's harp of solemn sound ! With hope, we future pleasures taste. 3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, 5 In holy duties let the day,

And bless his works, and bless his word : In holy pleasures, pass away ;
Thy works of grace, how bright they shine! How sweet, a Sabbath thus to spend,
How deep thy counsels, how divine ! In hope of one that ne'er shall end!

J. STENNETT. 4 Lord, I shall share a glorious part,

166 When grace hath well refined my heart, And fresh supplies of joy are shed,

1 Again the Lord's own day is here,

The day to Christian people dear, Like holy oil, to cheer my head.

As, week by week, it bids them tell 5 Then shall I see, and hear, and know- How Jesus rose from death and hell.

All I desired or wished below;
And every power find sweet employ

2 For by his flock their Lord declared

His resurrection should be shared ; In that eternal world of joy.

And they who trust in him to save,

Shall triumph with him o'er the grave. 165 1 Another six days' work is done,

3 We, one and all, of him possessed Another Sabbath is begun;

Are with exceeding treasures blest; Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest,

Though absent yet his grace we share ; Improve the day that God hath blest. Our every need is yet his care. 2 O that our thoughts and thanks may rise, 4 And therefore unto thee we sing, As grateful incense, to the skies,

O Lord of Peace, Eternal King ; And draw from heaven that sweet repose Thy love we praise, thy name adore, Which none but he that feels it knows ! Both on this day and evermore.


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