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Nomore they'll cry, “How long, O Lord ?” But be avenged and have



1 Soon will the sleeping martyrs rise 3 The living saints, they too will be
To meet the Saviour in the skies!

Remembered in the jubilee ;
No more they'll cry,“How long, O Lord ?” “Caught up together in the air,"
But be avenged and have reward.

The Saviour's triumph they will share. 2 Then will the sleeping saints come forth, 4 Soon, soon the trump of God will sound,

Who lie entombed in sea and earth, And earth shall quake to farthest bound ; And, robed in immortality,

As swears the angel, time shall be Their Jesus ..face to face” will see. Consigned to past eternity!


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Age af

ter age has gone,

mourn-er yet.

Mourn-er yet, mourn-er yet : Come, then, Lord Jesus, come!


1 The church has waited long

Her absent Lord to see ;
And still in loneliness she waits,

A friendless stranger she.
Age after age has gone,

Sun after sun has set ;
And still in weeds of widowhood

She weeps, a mourner yet.
Mourner yet, mourner yet :

Come, then, Lord Jesus, come! 2 Saint after saint on earth

Has lived and loved and died ; And, as they left us one by one,

We laid them side by side ;
We laid them down to sleep,

But not in hope forlorn ;
We laid them but to ripen there,

Till the last glorious morn.
Glorious morn, glorious morn:

Come, then, Lord Jesus, come!

3 We long to hear thy voice,

To see thee face to face,
To share thy crown and glory then,

As now we share thy grace.
Should not the loving bride

The absent bridegroom mourn ?
Should she not wear the weeds of grief

Until her Lord return?
Lord return, Lord return :

Come, then, Lord Jesus, come!
4 The whole creation groans,

And waits to hear that voice
That shall restore her comeliness,

And make her wastes rejoice.
Come, Lord, and wipe away

The curse, the sin, the stain,
And make this blighted world of ours

Thine own fair world again.
World again, world again :

Come, then, Lord Jesus, come!


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S We're go - ing home,we've had vis-ions bright, Of that ho - ly land, that

Where the long, dark night of time is past, And the morn of e- ter-ni - ty


world of light, S Where the wea-ry saint no more shall roam, But dwellin a dawns at last, Where the brow with sparkling gems is crowned, And waves of


happy and peaceful home; ?
bliss are flowing around. So that beautiful world! O

that beautiful world!

1 We're going home, we've had visions | 3 Where the tears and sighs which here bright,

were given,

[heaven; Of that holy land, that world of light, Are exchanged for the gladsome song of Where the long, dark night of time is past, Where the beauteous forms which sing And the morn of eternity dawns at last, and shine, Where the weary saint no more shall roam, Are guarded well by a hand divine ; But dwell in a happy and peaceful home; Where the banner of love and friendWhere the brow with sparkling gems is

ship's wand crowned,

Are waving above that princely band, And waves of bliss are flowing around. And the glory of God, like a boundless

Will cheer that immortal company. [sea, 2 We're going home, we soon shall be

Where the sky is clear and all are free, 4 'Mid the ransomed throng, ʼmid the sea of Where the victor's song floats o'er the 'Mid the holy city's gorgeousness, [bliss, plain,

[strain; 'Mid the verdant plains, 'mid angel's And the seraphs' anthems blend with its cheer, Where the sun rolls down its brilliant 'Mid the saints that round the throne flood,


appear; And beams on a world that is fair and Where the conqueror's song, as it sounds Where stars, once dimmed at nature's Is wafted on the ambrosial air : [afar,

[bloom. Through endless years we then shall prove Will ever shine o'er the new earth's The depth of a Saviour's matchless love.



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1. O the amazing change! A world created new! My thoughts with transport range,

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The work is thine-thine be the praise, The work is thine—thinebe the praise.

1 O the amazing change!

And bless our wondering eyes? A world created new!

That earth, with all her tongues may raise My thoughts with transport range, 11: United songs of ardent praise. : ||

The lovely scene to view; Thee, Lord, divine, in all I trace; 866 11: The work is thine-thine be the praise. :|| 1 Saviour, my spirit longs

To see the glorious day 2 Where pointed brambles grew,

When saints with joyful songs Entwined with horrid thorn,

And lifted eyes shall say, Gay flowers, forever new,

"Lo, this is he, our glorious Lord, The painted fields adorn;

11: He comes according to his word.” : 1 The lily there, and blushing rose,

2 From sin, and death, and hell, 11: The union fair, their sweets disclose. : ||

We 'll evermore be free,

With Christ henceforth to dwell, 3 The tyrants of the plain

And all his glory see. Their savage chase give o'er;

Lo, this is he, our glorious Lord, No more they rend the slain,

li: He comes according to his word. :| They thirst for blood no more ; But infants' hands fierce tigers lead, 3 The Saviour, promised long, 11: And lions with the oxen feed. : ||

Appears on earth to reign ;

Wake restitution's song, 4 O when, Almighty Lord,

Loud peal its lofty strain, Shall these gla scenes arise

“Lo, this is he, our glorious Lord, To verify thy word

!!: He comes according to his word.” :!|

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