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850 i The harvest-time is near,

1 Thou Judge of quick and dead, The year delays not long ;

Before whose bar severe,
And he who sows with many a tear, With holy joy, or guilty dread,
Shall reap with many a song.

We all shall soon appear ; 2 Sad to his toil he goes,

2 Our cautioned souls prepare His seed with weeping leaves ;

For that tremendous day, But he shall come at twilight's close,

And fill us now with watchful care, And bring his golden sheaves.

And stir us up to pray ; 3 But fearful vengeance falls

3 To pray and wait the hour, On that rebellious race

That awful hour unknown, Who will not hear when Jesus calls, When robed in majesty and power, And dare to slight his grace.

Thou shalt from heaven come down,


4 Th’immortal Son of man,

To judge the human race, 1 And will the Judge descend ? And must the dead arise ?

With all thy Father's dazzling train, And not a single soul escape

With all thy glorious grace.

C. WESLEY. His all-discerning eyes ?

851 2 How will my heart endure

1 Behold, with awful pomp, The terrors of that day,

The Judge prepares to come ; When earth and heaven before his face, Th’archangel sounds the dreadful trump, Astonished, shrink away?

And wakes the general doom. 3 But ere the trumpet shakes

2 Horrors all hearts appall ; The mansions of the dead,

They quake, they shriek, they cry ; Hark! from the gospel's cheering sound Bid rocks and mountains on them fall ; What joyful tidings spread !

But rocks and mountains fly. 4 Ye sinners, seek his grace,

3 'Tis time we all awake; Whose wrath ye cannot bear ;

The dreadful day draws near; Flee to the shelter of his cross,

Sinners, your proud presumption check, And find salvation there.

And stop your wild career.

J. Hart.

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1. Day of wrath, that day of mourning! See ful-filled the proph-ets' warning,

Copyright, 1894, by Chas. H. WOODMAN, Manager.

Heaven and earth in

ash - es burn-ing! Heaven and earth in ash - es burning!

853 1 Day of wrath, that day of mourning! 1 See at last the signs portending

See fulfilled the prophets' warning, Earth's full ripeness for its ending, ll: Heaven and earth in ashes burning ! :|| 11: Christ the Lord himself descending. :|| 2 O what fear man's bosom rendeth, 2 Sun and moon in doom appalling,

When from heaven the Judge descendeth, Starry spheres from heaven falling, !1: On whose sentence all dependeth! :|| 11: Boding fear the world enthralling. : | 3 Lo! the trumpet's wondrous elling 3 In the clouds with awful splendor,

Peals through each sepulchral dwelling, Dooms to seal, rewards to render, 11: All before the throne compelling. :|| ll: Comes the saints' beloved Defender. :// 4 Death is struck, and nature quaking, 4 Scene all other scenes transcending, All creation is awaking,

Power and glory interblending, 11: To its Judge an answer making. :// 11: Far beyond our comprehending. :|| 5 Lo! the book exactly worded,

5 Lo, the shout o'er earth resounding Wherein all hath been recorded :

The archangel's voice astounding, ll: Thence shall justice be awarded. : || 11: Unbelieving souls confounding ! :|| 6 When the Judge his seat attaineth, 6 Day of terror, work of wonder!

And each hidden deed arraigneth, Trump of God, like mighty thunder, 11: Nothing unavenged remaineth. : || 11: Rends all sepulchres asunder! :|| 7 When shall I, frail man, be pleading ? 7 Come, ye blessed! Christ the giver Who for me be interceding,

Calls to kingdoms fading never11: When the just are mercy needing? :|| 11: Heaven's all-glorious life forever! 8 Guilty, now I pour my moaning, 8 While thy triumph, Lord, is nearing,

All my shame with anguish owning; May I, faithful, nothing fearing, 11: Spare, O God, thy suppliant groaning. :||:||: Love and look for thy appearing. :|| 9 Righteous Judge! for sin's pollution 9 O this precious great salvation ! Grant thy gift of absolution,

Grander in the consummation 11: Ere that day of retribution. ://

11: Of the new and last creation! ://


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1. The char - iot! the char - iot! its wheels roll in fire, As the Lord com-eth

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down in the pomp of his ire; Lo, self-mov - ing, it drives on its

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path-way ofcloud, And the heavens with the bur-den of God-head are bowed.

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1 The chariot! the chariot! its wheels roll in fire,

As the Lord cometh down in the pomp of his ire ;
Lo, self-moving, it drives on its pathway of cloud,

And the heavens with the burden of Godhead are bowed.
2 The trumpet! the trumpet! the dead have all heard ;

Lo, the depths of the stone-covered charnel are stirred !
From the sea, from the earth, from the south, from the north,

All the vast generations of men are come forth.
3 The glory! the glory! around him are poured

Mighty hosts of the angels that wait on the Lord ;
And the glorified saints, and the martyrs are there,

And there all who the palm-wreaths of victory wear.
4 The judgment! the judgment! the thrones are all set,

Where the Lamb, and the white-vested elders are met;
There all flesh is at once in the sight of the Lord,

And the doom of eternity hangs on his word.
5 In mercy, in mercy, look down from above,

Great Creator, on us, thy sad children, with love!
When the wicked away from thy glory are driven,
May we find in thy presence a home and a heaven.


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Then, O how shall we stand in the judgment, When summoned our sentence to hear?

trembling with fear and with anguish, Be banished a-way from his throne? Не will clothe them in heavenly beau - ty, As low at his feet they shall kneel. When the Bridegroom shall come to the marriage, We'll enter with him with delight. When, the days of our pil-grim-age end-ed, We'll bask in his presence di - vine.

Used by per. of J. J. Hoon, owners of Copyright.


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He will gath-er the wheat in his gar-ner, But the chaff will he scat-ter a - way;





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858 1 Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, 1 Soon all shall hail our Jesus' name, I love to hear of thee;

Angels shall prostrate fall; No music's like thy charming name, For him the brightest glory claim, ll: Nor half so sweet can be. ://

ll: And hail him Lord of all. :|| 2 My Jesus shall be still my theme,

2 Ascending saints shall sound the lyre, While in this world I stay ;

And, as as they sound it, fall I'll sing my Jesus' lovely name

Before his face, who formed their choir, 11 :When all things else decay. ://

11: And hail him Lord of all. : || 3 When I appear in yonder cloud,

3 The remnant saved from Israel's race, With all the favored throng,

Redeemed from Israel's fall, Then will I sing more sweet, more loud,

Shall praise him for his wondrous grace, ll: And Christ shall be my song. :|| 11: And hail him Lord of all. : ||

J. CENNICK. 857 1 The time draws nigh, when, from the

859 clouds,

1 Sweet rivers of redeeming love Christ shall with shouts descend,

I see before me lie; And the last trumpet's awful voice

Had I the pinions of a dove, 11: The heavens and earth shall rend. :||

11: I'd to those rivers fly. :|| 2 The saints of God, from death set free, 2 A few more days, or months, at most, With joy shall mount on high ;

My troubles will be o'er; The heavenly hosts, with praises loud,

I hope to join the heavenly host ll: Shall meet them in the sky. :||

11: On Canaan's happy shore. : || 3 Together to their Father's house 3 O come, my Saviour, come away, With joyful hearts they go ;

And bear me to the sky! And dwell forever with the Lord,

Nor let thy chariot wheels delay ; 11: Beyond the reach of woe. :||

11: Make haste and bring it nigh. :|| 4 A few short years of evil past,

4 I long to see thy glorious face, We reach the happy shore,

And in thine image shine ; Where death-divided friends at last To triumph in victorious grace, ll: Shall meet, to part no more. :|

11: And be forever thine. :||


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