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1 And must I be to judgment brought,

And answer, in that day,
For every vain and idle thought,

And every word I say?
2 Yes, every secret of my heart

Shall shortly be made known,
And I receive my just desert

For all that I have done.

4 What! to be banished from my Lord ;

To rocks and mountains cry ;
And yet to them must call in vain,
For who his wrath can fly?

I. Watts. 834 1 God, to correct a guilty world,

In wrath is slow to rise,
But comes at length in thunder clothed,

And darkness veils the skies.
2 Yet, though enveloped in the cloud,

And from our view concealed,
The righteous Judge will soon appear,

In majesty revealed.
3 Then will he curb the lawless power,

The deadly wrath, of man,
And all the windings will unfold

Of his own gracious plan.
1 The day approaches, O my soul,-
The great, decisive day,–

Which from the verge of mortal life

Shall take thee soon away.
2 That solemn day will surely dawn,

When, lo! the Judge appears :
Ye heavens, retire before his face ;

And sink, ye darkened stars.
3 Yet does one short, preparing hour-

One precious hour-remain :
Rouse, then, my soul, with all thy power,

Nor let it pass in vain.

3 How careful, then, ought I to live,

With what religious fear,
Who such a strict account must give

For my behavior here! 4 Thou mighty Judge of quick and dead,

The watchful power bestow ;
So shall I to my ways take heed

In all I speak or do.
1 That awful day will surely come,

Th’appointed hour makes haste, When I must stand before my Judge,

And pass the solemn test.
2 Jesus, thou source of all my joys,

Thou ruler of my heart,
How could I bear to hear thy voice

Pronounce the word, “Depart!" 3 The thunder of that awful word

Would so torment my ear, 'Twould tear my soul asunder, Lord,

With most tormenting fear.



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1. When thou, my righteous Judge, shaltcome To call thy ransomed peo-ple home,

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Who sometimes am

a - fraid to die,

Be found at

thy right hand ?


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1 When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt To call thy ransomed people home, [come

Shall I among them stand ? Shall such a worthless worn as I, Who sometimes am afraid to die,

Be found at thy right hand ?
2 I love to meet among them now,
Before thy gracious throne to bow,

Though weakest of them all ;
But can I bear the piercing thought,
To have my worthless name left out,

When thou for them shalt call ?

Then loudest of the throng I'll sing,
While heaven's resounding mansions ring

With shouts of sovereign grace.
1 0 God, my inmost soul convert,
And deeply on my thoughtful heart

Eternal things impress :
Give me to feel their solemn weight,
And tremble on the brink of fate,

And wake to righteousness!
2 Before me place in dread array
The pomp of that tremendous day,,

When thou with clouds shalt com'e
To judge the nations at thy bar :
And tell me, Lord, shall I be there,

To meet a joyful doom?
3 Be this my one great business here,
With serious industry and fear

Eternal bliss t’insure :
Thine utmost counsel to fulfill,
And suffer all thy righteous will,

And to the end endure.

3 Prevent, prevent it by thy grace!
Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding-place,

In that expected day :
Thy pard’ning voice, O let me hear,
To still each unbelieving fear,

Nor let me fall, I pray.

4 Among thy saints let me be found, Whene'er th’ archangel's trump shall

To see thy smiling face ; [sound,





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840 1 He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour reigns, 1 Dark broods the heavens over thee, Praise him in evangelic strains ;

Black clouds of gloom are gathering: Let the whole earth in songs rejoice, In awful power thy God has come, [fasi, And distant islands join their voice.

Thy days of sin and mirth are past. 2 In robes of judgment, lo, he comes !

2 Dark broods the heavens over thee, Shakes the wide earth and cleaves the

Red flames of death are bursting round; Before him burns devouring fire, [tombs ;

Bright lightnings flash, loud thunders The mountains melt, the seas retire.



How shakes the heaving, broken 3 His enemies, with sore dismay,

3 Dark broods the heavens over thee, Fly from the sight, and shun the day ;

Behold, the Judge of all appears ; Then lift your heads, ye saints, on high,

Unnumbered millions throng around, And sing, for your redemption's nigh.

Raised from the buried dust of years. 839

4 Dark broods the heavens over thee, i That fearful day, that day of dread,

Sinner, behold thy dreadful doom! When thou shalt judge the quick and Destruction opens wide for thee O God! I shudder to foresee [dead; Thy blindly chosen, final home.

The awful things which then shall be ! 841 2 When thou shalt come, e, thineangels round,

1 The day of wrath, that dreadful day, With legions, and with trumpet sound;

When heaven and earth shall pass away! O Saviour! grant me, in the air,

What power shall be the sinner's stay? With all thy saints, to meet thee there !

How shall he meet that dreadful day?

2 When, shriveling like a parched scroll, 3 Weep, O my soul! ere that great day, When God shall shine in plain array ;

The flaming heavens together roll,

And louder yet, and yet more dread, O weep thy sin, that thou may'st be

Resounds the trump that wakes the In that severest judgment free!

dead, 4 O Christ! forgive, remit, protect, 3 O on that day, that wrathful day,

And set thy servant with th'elect ; When man to judgment wakes from clay, That I may hear the voice, that calls Be thou, O Christ, thy people's stay, The righteous to thy heavenly halls! Though heaven and earth shall pass away. Lat., THEODORE.


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1. The Lord will come; the earth shall quake, The hills their fix - ed seat for-sake;

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And, withering, from the vault of night, The stars withdraw their feeble light.



1 The Lord will come ; the earth shallquake, | 4 His voice at Sinai shook the earth, The hills their fixed seat forsake;

But at the new creation's birth, And, withering, from the vault of night, How vast an earthquake shall dismay

The stars withdraw their feeble light. The guilty, found in error's way? 2 The Lord will come, but not the same

844 As once in lowly form he came A silent Lamb to slaughter led,

1 The great archangel's trump shall sound, The bruised, the suffering, and the dead.

While twice ten thousand thunders roar,

Tear up the graves, and cleave the ground, 3 The Lord will come--a glorious form

And make the greedy sea restore. Come as the lightning and the storm ; On radiant clouds, swift as the wind, 2 The greedy sea shall yield her dead ; He 'll come the Judge of all mankind.

The earth no more her slain conceal ;

Sinners shall lift their guilty head, 4 While sinners in despair shall call

And shrink to see a yawning hell. “Rocks, hide us! mountains, on us fall!" The saints ascending from the tomb,

3 But we, who now our Lord confess, Shall joyful sing, “The Lord is come !":

And faithful to the end endure,

Shall stand in Jesus' righteousness; 843

Stand, as the Rock of ages, sure. 1 Hark! from the cross a voice of peace 4 We, while the stars from heaven shall fall, Bids Sinai's awful thunder cease!

And mountainsareon mountains hurled, Sinner, that voice of love obey,

Shall stand unmoved amidst them all, From Christ, the true, the living way. And smile to see a burning world. 2 How else his presence wilt thou bear, 5 The earth and all the works therein When he in judgment shall appear;

Dissolve, by raging flames destroyed, When slighted love to wrath shall turn, While we survey the awful scene, And all the earth like Sinai burn?

And mount above the fiery void. 3 The trumpet's voice that then did sound, 6 By faith we now transcend the skies,

How soon shallthrough the earth resound; And on that ruined world look down ; The Lord will come in vast array ;

By love above all height we rise, How will you, sinner, meet that day? And share the everlasting throne.





Arr. by A. Ross.

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{The con-stel -12- Lions make re-ply,

Ho - san-na! hark, the mel - o - dy Strikes sweetly on my rav-ished ear!?

In ech-oes from each distant sphere, )

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1 Hosanna! hark, the melody

To reap the harvest of the sword; Strikes sweetly on my ravished ear! And captains' flesh shall be your food, The constellations make reply,

And ye shall drink of heroes' blood. In echoes from each distant sphere,

3 The cry is up, the strife begun ; Till all the wide expansion rings

Destruction spreads from field to field; With “Live forever, King of kings !"

And soon shall Slaughter's work be done ; 2 Ripe is the vintage of the earth ;

Soon shall Abaddon's legions yield : Its clustering grapes are roundand full ; Unnumbered thousands shall be slain, And vengeance, vengeance burststo birth, And cover all Megiddo's plain. Sudden and irresistible :

847 Messiah comes to tread amain

1 Ye angels, put the sickle in, The wine-press of the battle-plain.

The world is now mature in sin; 3 The cry is up, the strife begun,

The press is full, the fats o'erflow; The struggle of the mighty ones,

The Lord's decisive day is near,
And Armageddon's day comes on,

And countless multitudes appear
The carnival of Slaughter's sons;

Before his judgment-seat below.
War lifts his helmet to his brow

2 The sun shall set in solemn night, O God! protect thy people now.

The moon and stars withdraw their light,

The shattered earth's foundations 846

groan : 1 Wake, Zion, wake! put on thy strength;

The ruined heavens his wrath shall feel, Don thy rich garb, Jerusalem ;

And nature's last convulsions tell Rise, shine, thy light is come at length,

That Israel's Strength remains alone. And thou the wicked shalt condemn : But, hark! the war-cry nearer sounds ;

3 Crown thy impatient people's hope, From land to land destruction bounds. And fill our faith and knowledge up,

The kingdom to thy saints restore ; 2 Assemble quickly, fowls of air ;

And when thy church is filled with thee, Come to the supper of the Lord ; Pure holiness thy church shall be, The great ones of the earth prepare

And sin shall never enter more.


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