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1 See that pilgrim—lowly bending ;

Hear his prayer to heav'n ascending;
Praise and sighs together blending

From his lips in mournful strain :
Glowing with sincere contrition,
And with child-like, blest submission,
Ever riseth this petition-

"Jesus, come! oh, come to reign !" 2 Christian, cheer thee-land is nearing,

Still be hopeful—nothing fearing ;
Soon, in majesty appearing,

You'll behold the Lamb once slain,
O how joyful then to hear him,
While all nations shall revere him,
Saying to his flock who fear him,

so I have come on earth to reign."

1 Lord, we see the day approaching

When thou wilt again appear;
Sinners still, thy garments touching,

Stay thee in thy coming here.
Hid in heaven is all our treasure,

Patience now becomes thy saints ;
Lord, we wait thy gracious pleasure,

Faith should silence all complaints. 2 Coming judgments round us darken,

Human hearts may fail or fear;
But to thee alone we hearken,

“Your redemption draweth near.” Make each waiting child obedient,

Stay our anxious hearts on this :
If thy going were "expedient,"

Surely thy return is bliss.

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Son of God, thy peo-ple's shield, Must we still thine ab - sence 1.

Let thy prom-ise be ful-filled ; Thou hast said, “I will
D.C. Then will cease the con-stant tear, Hope be turned to joy ful


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1 Son of God, thy people's shield,

Still we for redemption wait,
Must we still thine absence mourn? Christ will give it when he comes ;
Let thy promise be fulfilled :

He will break the prison-gate,
Thou hast said, “I will return."

And admit us to our homes.
Gracious Master, soon appear;

ANON. Quickly bring thy morning light:

32 Then will cease the constant tear, Hope be turned to joyful sight. 1 To the kingdom promised long,

With his shining angel throng, 2 As a woman counts the days

Righteous vengeance to fulfill,
Till her absent lord she sees,

Recompense for good and ill,
Longs and watches, weeps


prays, Adam's race from dust to call, So the church must long for thee. Lo, he cometh, Judge of all! Come that we may see thee nigh,

Adam's race from dust to call, Then thy sheep shall feed in peace ; Lo, he cometh, Judge of all! Hush forever trouble's sigh, Sin and sorrow's triumphs cease. 2 He shall speak, and earth shall hear;

Rending rocks shall quake with fear,

And the waking dead shall come 31

From the silence of the tomb. 1 Darkness overspreads us here,

Shaken heavens and shattered earth But the night wears fast away ;

Then shall rise to second birth ; Jacob's star will soon appear,

Shaken heavens and shattered earth Harbinger of endless day;

Then shall rise to second birth. Now 'tis time to rouse from sleep,

Trim our lamps, and stand prepared, 3 Earth is fleeing, fleeing fast, For our Lord strict watch to keep,

And its beauty fades at last; Lest he find us off our guard.

O beloved, then, awake,

Bonds of carnal slumber break; 2 Though already saved by grace

Wake, beloved, watch and pray, From the hour we first believed,

While remains one hour of day! Yet, while sin and war have place, Wake, beloved, watch and pray, We are but in part relieved ;

While remains one hour of day!


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Arr. by F. A. BLACKMER.

gran - deur reap - ers

is com - ing, de - scend-ing,



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1. Earth's vint - age


God in its

ri - pen'd, the



Sav - iour, Re - deem - er, ride

Time's rec
Will reap

ord is clos - ing, the judg - ment is
the dread har - vest-Death's sic

kle they

De - scend

in thy

glo - ry, and

reign on




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Sav - iour de - scend-ing will come with all pow - er,


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trump of Je-ho - vah will sound thro’ the air; And ter - ri - fied millions will

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wail in their anguish, Their hearts fail with terror, and sink in de - spair.

1 The day of our God in its grandeur is coming,

Time's record is closing, the judgment is near;
Earth's vintage all ripened, the reapers descending,

Will reap the dread harvest-Death's sickle they bear.
The Saviour descending will come with all power,

The trump of Jehovah will sound through the air ;
And terrified millions will wail in their anguish,

Their hearts fail with terror, and sink in despair.
2 Creation is groaning, and travails with danger,

The “wise" see its peril, and look for the end ;
The bride is in exile, a pilgrim and stranger,

Expecting the Bridegroom will soon her defend.
She longs to lay by her sad garments of mourning,

And put on the robe which her Lover will bring ;
To strike the key-note of the loud, choral anthem

At the coronation of Jesus, her King.
3 Our Father in heaven, we pray for the kingdom

Appointed to Jesus, our Saviour and Lord ;
Where all thy redeemed ones will eat at his table,

And dwell in his presence, their glorious reward.
Then come, O thou Blessed! with that shining city,

Whose walls are of jasper, whose streets are of gold;
0, come with the mansion, for us, thou didst promise-

We're watching and longing thy face to behold !







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Hark! the song of ju - bi - lee; Loud as mighty thun - ders roar, 1.

Or the full - ness of the sea, When it breaks up-on the shore : S D.C. Hal - le - lu - jah! let the word Ech- o round the earth and main.

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1 Hark! the song of jubilee ;

Jesus comes to break the chain, Loud as mighty thunders roar,

Lord of living and of dead; Or the fullness of the sea,

Christ the Conqueror comes to reign, When it breaks upon the shore :

He shall bruise the serpent's head.
Hallelujah! for the Lord
God omnipotent shall reign;

2 Captives long by Satan bound,
Rise and cast your

bonds away. Hallelujah! let the word

See the King with glory crowned, Echo round the earth and main.

Ushers in redemption's day. 2 Hallelujah!-hark! the sound,

He can burst your galling chains, From the center to the skies,

He can set each captive free; Wakes above, beneath, around,

He can cleanse sin's foulest stains ; All creation's harmonies :

He can give you liberty.
See Jehovah's banner furled,
Sheathed his sword : he speaks—'tis

1 Come, Desire of nations, come!
And the kingdoms of this world
Are the kingdoms of his Son.

Hasten, Lord, the general doom !

Hear the Spirit and the bride, 3 He shall reign from pole to pole

Come and take us to thy side. With illimitable sway ;

Thou, who hast our place prepared, He shall reign, when, like a scroll, Make us meet for our reward ; Yonder heavens have passed away :

Then with all thy saints descend ; Then the end ;-beneath his rod

Then our earthly trials end. Man's last enemy shall fall;

2 Plant thy heavenly kingdom here, Hallelujah! Christ in God,

Glorious in thy saints appear ; God in Christ, is all in all.

Speak the sacred number sealed,


Speak the mystery revealed.

Take to thee thy royal power, 1 Ye whose harps, untuned so long,

Reign, when sin shall be no more ; Have by Babel's waters hung, Wake aloud the joyful song,

Reign, when death no more shall be,

Reign to all eternity. Join the chorus every tongue :


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