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1. The Lord is coming in the clouds, Is coming with an - gel - ic crowds ; A u-ni


versal shout shall rend The air,and Jesus will descend, The air,and Jesus will descend.

116 1 The Lord is coming in the clouds, 1 O Jesus, Lord! when shall we see Is coming with angelic crowds ;

And cast our longing eyes on thee; A universal shout shall rend

On thee, our light, our life, our love, 11: The air, and Jesus will descend. : || 11: Our all below, our heaven above? : || 2 How grand the pomp of his descent! 2 O happy day! when we no more What glory waits on the event!

Shall grieve him whom our souls adore ; The glory that to heaven belongs

When sorrows, conflicts, fears shall cease, 11: Is his, and his the angels' songs. : il

11: And all our trials end in peace. :|| 3 Unlike to those who nothing see 3 Come, Saviour, come! O quickly come,

Beyond the world, those men should be Take us, thy waiting people, home;

Who look for Jesus in the air, [there. :// We long to stand around thy throne, 11: And know that they shall meet him 11

: To love and serve thee, Lord, alone. :|| 15

17 1 The Lord is coming! glad and free 1 He comes! he comes ! the Judge severe! Proclaim the note of jubilee ;

The seventh trumpet speaks him near : Arouse, ye nations, countless throng, His lightnings flash, his thunders roll ; 11: Ring out the tidings loud and long. :/ 11: How welcome to the faithful soul! : // 2 This earth, with her ten thousand wrongs, 2 From heaven angelic voices sound;

Will soon be tuned to nobler songs ; See the almighty Jesus crowned,

Our praise shall then, in realms of light, Girt with omnipotence and grace! 11: With all his universe unite. ://

11: And glory decks the Saviour's face. :|| 3. The trumpet sounds o'er land and sea, 3 Descending on his great white throne,

And heaven rolls back the melody; He claims the kingdom for his own ; The sleeping nations of the dead

The kingdoms all obey his word, 11: Awake, and leave their earth-dark bed. :|1 11: And hail him their triumphant Lord. :|| 4 The Lord, our Saviour, Prince of heaven, 4 Shout, all the people of the sky,

Descends 'mid clouds all thunder riven ; And all the saints of the Most High ;

Look up, ye saints, behold your King, Our Lord, who now his right obtains, 11: He comes deliverance to bring. : || ||: Forever and forever reigns. :



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1. Jesus ! thy church, with longing eyes,For thine ex - pect - ed com-ing waits ;

When will the promised light a-rise,

And glo - ry beam on

Zi - on's gates ?

1 Jesus! thy church, with longing eyes, | 5 Arise, and let us haste to meet

For thine expected coming waits ; The Bridegroom standing at the door,
When will the promised light arise, That we may worship at his feet
And glory beam on Zion's gates?

With holy angels evermore.

J. Rist. 2 O come and reign o'er every land, 20

Let Satan from his throne be hurled, 1 The Lord is coming ! let this be All nations bow to thy command,

The herald note of jubilee; And grace revive a dying world. And when we meet, and when we part,

The salutation from the heart. 3 Teach us in watchfulness and prayer, To wait for thine appointed hour;

2 The Lord is coming! sound it forth, And fit us, by thy grace, to share

From East to West, from South to
The triumphs of thy conqu’ring power.


Speed on! speed on the tidings glad,

That none who love him may be sad. 19 1 Lo, He, on whom all power is laid,

3 The Lord is coming! watch and pray! Who sits at God's right hand on high, Watch ye, and haste unto the day ; To judge the living and the dead,

So shalt thou then

escape In fire and tempest draweth nigh.

And Christ's eternal glory share.

21 2 Awake, thou careless world, awake;

1 The Lord is coming! seas, retire! Sinners, behold his countenance

Ye mountains, melt to liquid fire !
In beauty terrible, and quake
Condemn’dbeneath his piercing glance.

Ye oceans, cease to ebb and flow!

His stately steppings ye should know. 3 But ye, O faithful souls, shall see

2 The Lord is coming! Who shall stand ? That morning rise in love and joy ; Who shall be found at his right hand ? Your Saviour comes to set you free, He with the righteous garment on (won.

Your Judge shallall yourbonds destroy. Which Christ our glorious King hath 4 His people, with a mighty hand, 3 Ten thousand thousands then shall raise

He, from earth's conflict, then shall Their joyful notes, and sing this strain :
Into their promised fatherland, [bring Awake the song of grateful praise
Where songs of victory they shall sing. Unto the Lamb who once was slain.

the snare,

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1 In expectation sweet,

We'll wait, and sing, and pray, Till Christ's triumphal car we meet

And see an endless day. 2 He comes, the Conqʻror comes ;

Death falls beneath his sword; The joyful pris'ners burst the tombs,

And rise to meet their Lord !

3 The trumpet sounds !—“Awake,

Ye dead! to judgment come!” The pillars of creation shake,

While man receives his doom.

4 Thrice happy morn for those

Who love the ways of peace!
No night of sorrow e'er shall close,

Or shade their perfect bliss. 5 Great God, in whom we live,

Prepare us for that day;
Help us in Jesus to believe,
To watch, and wait, and pray.

J. Swain.
1 Ye servants of the Lord,

Each in his office wait;
With joy obey his heavenly word,

And watch before his gate. 2 Let all your lamps be bright,

And trim the golden flame ; Gird up your loins, as in his sight,

For awful is his name.

3 Watch!-'tis the Lord's command ;

And while we speak he's near : Mark every signal of his hand,

And ready all appear.
4 O happy servant he,

In such a posture found !
He shall his Lord with rapture see,
And be with honor crowned.

1 Come, Lord, and tarry not:

Bring the long-looked-for day;
Oh! why these years of waiting here?

Oh! why this long delay?
2 Come, for creation groans,

Impatient of thy stay,
Worn out by these long years of ill,


of delay.
3 Is not the field now ripe?

Come, with thy sickle, then,
Reap the great harvest of the earth,

Come, gather in the grain.
4 Come, and make all things new,

Build up this ruined earth,
Restore our faded paradise,-

Creation's second birth.
5 Come and begin thy reign

Of everlasting peace;
Come, take the kingdom to thyself,

Great King of Righteousness!


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Hark, ten thou-sand thousand voic - es Sing the song of

1. {, - iv =

Ju - bi - lee ; ?

ty. S

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Hail, Mes - si - ah! great De - liv - erer, Hail, Mes - si

ah! praise to

thee! Hail,Mes-si - ah! great De - liv - erer, Hail, Mes-si - ah! praise to thee!

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1 Hark, ten thousand thousand voices 4 Oh, the rapturous, blissful story, Sing the song of Jubilee ;

Spoken to Immanuel's praise : Earth through all her tribes rejoices, And the strains so full of glory, Broke her long captivity.

That immortal voices raise! 11: Hail, Messiah! great Deliverer, 11: Now a sea of bliss unbounded Hail, Messiah! praise to thee! :||

Spreads o'er earth from pole to pole. :|| 2 Now the theme, in pealing thunders, 5 While our crowns of glory casting Through the universe is rung ;

At his feet, in rapture lost, Now, in gentler tones, the wonders We, in anthems everlasting, Of redeeming grace are sung.

Mingie with th'angelic host; 11 :Wilder now, and louder rising,

11: Jesus reigns! the shout is sounded, Swells and soars th’enraptured strains. : || And its joyous echoes roll. :// 3 While they sweep the golden lyre, 6 Yes, he reigns; the great Messian, More enchanting notes arise,

In majestic glory crownea : Till each anthem, wafted higher,

Israel's hope and earth's desire, Joins the chorus of the skies.

Now triumphant and renowned. 11: Earth's unnumbered tongues comprising, 11

: Hail, Messiah! reign forever! Sound the Conqueror's praise again. :// Hail, Immanuel! Lord of all! :||


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Let the glo-rious proc - la - ma - tion Hope re-store, and faith in-crease;

Christ is com - ing!Christ is com - ing! Come, thou blessed Prince of peace!

1 Christ is coming! let creation

Onward roll from tongue to tongue ; Bid her groans and travail cease ;

11: Christ is coming! :| Let the glorious proclamation

Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come ! Hope restore, and faith increase;

J. R. MACDUFF. ill: Christ is coming! :||

27 Come, thou blessed Prince of peace !

1 Lo, the day of Christ's appearing,

Day of life, and day of light, 2 Earth can now but tell the story

Day when death itself shall perish, Of thy bitter cross and pain ;

Day which ne'er shall set in night. She shall yet behold thy glory

ll: Hallelujah!:// When thou comest back to reign : Day which ne'er shall set in night. 11: Christ is coming ! :||

2 Speedily that day is coming, Let each heart repeat the strain.

When the just shall find their rest,

When the wicked cease from troubling, 3 Long thy exiles have been pining,

And the patient reign most blest. Far from rest, and home, and thee;

ll: Hallelujah!: // But, in heavenly vesture shining,

And the patient reign most blest. Soon they shall thy glory see ; ll: Christ is coming! :||

3 See the King desired for ages, Haste the joyous jubilee.

By the just expected long ;

Song implored, at length he hasteth ; 4 With that "blessed hope" before us,

Cometh with salvation strong.
Let no harp remain unstrung ;

11: Hallelujah! :/ Let the mighty advent chorus

Cometh with salvation strong.

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