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No. 10.


ANNUAL REPORT of the Secretary of State rela

tive to the State Library.

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Lansing, December 1, 1849. To the Hon. the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 51 of Chapter 12, of the Revised Statutes, I have the honor to submit the following

REPORT: The number of Volumes added to the Library since the date of my last Annual Report, is five hundred and sixteen, as follows: sixteen volumes by purchase, a list whereof is annexed marked "A;" three hundred and forty-two volumes received as donations from other States and the Congress of the U. S.; one hundred and twenty-eight copies of the 2nd Vol. of Douglass' Michigan Reports, deposited in the Library, as required by Sec. 68 of Chapter 95 of the Revised Statutes, and thirty volumes of the Session Laws of this State for the year 1849, deposited as required by law.

The whole increase of the Library during the two years last past, being one thousand one hundred and thirty-seven volumes.

Three Volumes were lost during the last year, the cost of which $3,50, has been paid into the State Treasury, to the credit of the

proper fund.

The work of Laplace entitled “Mecanique Celeste" in four volumes, has been removed from this Library and deposited in that of he University, as required by act No. 166 of 1849; in all other re

spects the Library remains in the condition shown in my last Report.

The contingent expenses of the Library for the fiscal year, amounted to the sum of ninety-eight dollars and sixty-one cents, incurred principally for new cases; the accounts for which were audited and allowed, as required by law.

The annual increase to the Library averaging nearly six hundred volumes, and the present cases being all filled, it is estimated that the contingent expenses of the year coming, for cases and furniture, will be somewhat larger than during the last, probably one hundred and fifty dollars. All which is respectfully submitted.


Secretary of State.


List of Books purchased during the year ending Nov. 30, 1849.

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