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Company G, Bunker lil'. Charles Weod, Captain ; Orson 0. Jones, Ist Lieuten uit; Oweri -Marks and Daniel Potter, 2d Lieutenants--Aug. 11, 1819.

Company II, Stockbridge. M. de Lafayette Branch, Captain ; John W. Rice, Ist Lieutenant; Daniel Jackson and Cortland Branch, 2d LieutenantsAug. 14, 1849.

John P. Sawyer, Brigade luspector ; William Horton, Brigade Quartermaster ; Edwin Hulbeat, Brigade Judge Advocate; Wright Horton, Brigade Aid de Camp-Aug. 14, 1849.

Rufus K. Barlow, Captain, Eaton Rifle Company; Orange Johnson, 1st Licutenant do, do. ; Hiram B. Nichols and Elihu Sutherland, 2d Lieutenants do. do.---July 6, 1849.

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Invoice of Ordnance Stores turned over by Sanders Lansing,
Junr., Military Storekeeper at Watervliet Arsenal, to James H.
Hooker, Proprietor of the Troy and Ohio Line of Canal Boats,
for transportation to Gen. John E. Schwarz, Adjutant General of
Michigan, at Detroit, Mich., in obedience to Order of Supply
No. 401.

No. ot Package



Dolls, Cts

3400 00

Number 1 to 10
Box No 1


Detroit, Mich.
Adj't Gen'l Sate of Michigan,

General J. E. Schwarz,

110 Caissons, at $340 cach,
10 Axes, Felling
10 do Pick
10 Shovels, Caisson 10 sets Implem'ts
20 Tow hooks,

277 10

Bandles 3 and 4
On Caissons
Box No 1

« No 5 to 13

" 14 to 16

and spare parts, 2t
| 10 Spare poles,

827 71-100.
10 do whoels,
10 Handspikes, trail,
10 Tar Buckets, iron
438 Artillery Swords, at $4 each
438 do Belts, at 61 10-100 each

1752 00
481 80

The whole boing equal to 454 8-13

Muskots, or

$5910 10


Arms and Accoutrements received from the United States from

the year 1844 to 1849 inclusive.




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Equal to numbes
Years & datos

of Muskets
1844 July 31/160 muskets and accoutre-

419 7-13 muskets 160 Riics

do 1843 Oct. 20400Pistols

100 canalry sabres
400 sets ot' cavalry accoutre-

480 12-13
ments complete
1846 Aug. 29 2 caisons

2 axes folling
2 do pickets
2 tar buckets (sheet irou)
2 spare poles
2 do whels
2 do handspikos
6 tow hooks
2 sets artillery harness
2 wheel horses

2 do leaders
260 muskets contrac bright

(1st class model of 1852
260 wipers

471 3-131 26 ball screws

36 spring vicos
260 spare Aliut capg

16 packing boxes
460 infantry cartridge boxes

620 cartridge box belts and

620 bayonet scabbards & frogs
1620 waist belts and plate
1620 gunslings

620 brushes and picks
1847 Sept. 300 17 six pdr brass guns nett

w't 15018 lbs at 40 cts per tb
17 six pdr field carriages,

stock patr. $281 each
17 sets of implemens and

884 1-13
equip'ts coinptets 36 70-

100 pr set
17 cannon locks percussion

1849 Oct. 3. 10 caisons at $340 each

10 selts of implements and

spare parts at $27 71-100 438 artilery swords at $4 each

451 0-131 438 artillery" bolts at 81

10-00 each

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2710 5-13

No. 8.


ANNUAL REPORT of the Inspectors of the State



State Prison OFFICE,

Jackson, December 1st, 1849. To the Secretary of State of the State of Michigan:

As the several reports of the Agent, Chaplain and Physician hereto appended, embrace a full and detailed account of all the material facts and events which have accrued during the current year affecting the interest of this Prison, the Inspectors believe that their duty will be best performed by taking only a brief view of its general concerns and condition. More than this could scarcely be done without reiterating statements and facts clearly set forth in the reports above alluded to.

The building department of the Prison, together with the management of its financial concerns, come more directly within the range of duties belonging to the Agent.

It will be seen by a reference to the report of that officer, that considering the number of men employed and the comparatively small sum expended for that purpose, a very large amount of building has been accomplished. This result, we are of opinion, may justly be attributed to the fact that the Agent, during the progress of the work, has devoted to it nearly his whole personal attention, being almost constantly employed with the men, and by his example stimu. lating them to a greater degree, energy and perseverance in their

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