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Of which amount there was received at the Land Office, principal,

$7,154 03 int., penalties and rents, 19,070 23

26,224 26

At the Treasury, principal,

interest and penalties,

10,764 69
12,470 97

23,235 66

Total receipts at both offices on account of School lands, $49,459 92

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$21,162 01

Total receipts on account of University lands, Of which amount there was

received at the Land Office, Principal, in warrants,

$934 84 in specie F.

935 05 1,869 89 Interest, penalties and rents,

8,030 40

9,900 29

At the Treasury, principal,

interest and penalties,

8,363 78 2,897 94

11,261 72

Total rec'ts at both offices on acc't of University lands, $21,162 01



Town Lots at Lansing,

$3,203 00


1,700 84

On account of principal, interest and penalties,

Of which amount there was received At the Land Office, in warrants, $488 21 in specie F.. 302 63

790 84 At the Treasury

910 00

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Of which amount there was received, At the Land Office, warrants, 34,890 64

specie F.

2 50 34,893 14 At the Treasury,

51,298 18

Total receipts on account of Int. Improvem’t lands, $86,191 32



1,280 Acres, amounting to

$4,830 88


4,362 63

On account of principal, interest, penalty and rents,

Of which amount there was received, At the Land Office,

$4,181 20 ", Treasury,

181 43

Total receipts on account of Salt Spring lands,


Total amount of sales. Of Primary School Lands,

$41.083 84 University

6,560 09 State Building

3,203 00 Internal Improvement Lands, 85,188 82 Asset Lands,

1,000 00 Salt Spring Lands,

4,830 88

$141,866 63

Total amount of sales,

Total amount of Receipts.
At the Land Office:
On acc't of Primary School Lands, $26,224 26

State Building

790 84
Int'l Imp’t and Asset Lands, 34,893 14
Salt Spring Lands,

4,181 20

9,900 29

$75,989 73

Amount of receipts at the Land Office,

At the Treasury:
On acc't of Primary School Lands, $23,235 66

11,261 72
State Building

910 00 Int'l Imp't and Asset Lands, 51,298 18 Salt Spring Lands,

181 43

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Amount of receipts at Treasury,

$86,886 99

Total amount of receipts,

$162,876 72

ACCOUNT Of receipts and Disbursements at the Land Office, from December 1, 1848, to May 14, 1849.*

Receipts. Deposites & Expn's. Primary School Fund,

$7,154 03 $7,154 03 Primary School Interest Fund,

19,070 23 18,560 88 do do do expenses,

509 35 University Fund,

1,869 89 1,869 89 University Int. Fund,

8,030 40 7,843 86 do do expenses,

186 54 State Building Fund,

790 84

790 84 General Fund,

4,181 20 4,086 44 do expenses,

94 76 Internal Improvement Fund,

34,893 14 34,693 14 do do refunded,

200 00

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Statement of Expenses, dc., included in the above account. Paid Ira Mayhew, Sup't of Public Instruction,

$178 21 Taxes on University land at Toledo,

97 82 “ Sundry persons for improving streets &c. at Lansing, 129 25 Office expenses for rent, fire-wood, lights, books, blanks,

stationery, postage, advertising, travelling expenses, &c., 385 37 Refunded Chancey Cole and Alanson Cole, for certificates

No. 3061 and 3062, Internal Improvement Land purchased by them, the same having been previously sold, certificate No. 3037,

200 00

$990 65

All of which has been audited and allowed.

* The receipts and disbursements since the 14th of May have been at the State Treaury; an account of which inay be seen in the report of the Board of State Auditors,


The sales of these lands for the last fiscal year amount to 9,602 41-100 acres; which is 6,586 60-100 acres less than the sales of last year. This diminution of sales is owing somewhat to the shortness of the wheat crop, but much more to the bringing into market, of so large a quantity of internal improvement lands, at the low price of from thirty to forty cents per acre. This has had a tendency to suspend the sale of the school lands in the newly settled counties. But this suspension will be temporary and of short duration; for those cheap lands are now fast being taken up, and their sale and improvement will produce a reaction, and facilitate the sales of the school lands much more than they will have retarded them. This, together with the removal of the capital to Lansing, must be the means of greatly increasing the sales of these lands. Indeed, the location of the capital, alone, must make sale of hundreds of sections, which would, otherwise, for a much longer period remain unsold. For our school lands, at four dollars per acre, cannot be sold until the country becomes somewhat settled. Yet, four dollars is a minimum, low enough. For as they are situated near the centres of the townships, they will, generally, as the townships become settled, find a ready sale. It was therefore a very fortunate step for the school fund, as well as for the growth and prosperity of the state, that the seat of government was fixed so far north. Soon will the beneficial influences of this location be felt, not only in the education of our children, but, also, in the support of the state government. And trifling, indeed, will become the burden, borne by the citizens of the south part of the state, in consequence of doing their business at the new capital, compared with the advantages gained, by lessening their taxations, not only for educational, but, also, for state purposes.

The sum total of all the school lands ever sold in the state is 120,728 42-100 acres. The amount unsold in the lower peninsula is about 960 square miles or 614,400 acres. And there are about five hundred square miles in the upper peninsula; ten of which lie in the trap range; and some of them are undoubtedly well stored with copper.

In accordance with the provisions of act No. 27 of 1849, section

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