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being able to secure the services, as editor, of any one who combined the proper literary qualifications, and that leisure, which would have permitted him to devote his whole time to his duty, a considerable portion of the editorial labour has fallen upon the publisher, the engagements of the editor not permitting him to assume the responsibility of collecting the articles, but only of sitting in judgment upon them, when collected. The great defect of the literary department, is, as we are ready to admit, its sober tone, and the want of sparkle, airiness, and vivacity. But this, too, is an unavoidable evil. We are a grave and sober people, and not having a class of writers by profession, and our articles being mostly written by men engaged in other avocations, they bear the serious impress of their common habits of thought and daily duties. Humour is not a plant which has yet grown in any abundance upon the soil of New England. They, who have ever undertaken an editorial enterprise of this kind, and know by experience how almost invariably the attempts at humour submitted to them, have fallen into coarseness or vapidness, or both, will understand why we have chosen the less of two evils, and preferred to run the risk of having our book pronounced dull, rather than in bad taste. •

As the literary materials of this work have been obtained at considerable expense, the publisher gives notice, that a copy-right has been secured for the entire contents of the work, and that he shall deem it his duty to protect himself against any wholesale appropriation of its contents.


ZELDA. Painted by William Page, N. A.
Rockland LAKE. Painted by Jesse Talbot.
THE OAKEN BUcker. Painted by F. S. AGATE.
OUTWARD BOUND. Painted by Thomas Birch.
The Capuchin Monk. Painted by C. Ver Bryck.
WINTER. Painted by George Miller.
First Ship. Painted by John G. CHAPMAN. .

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