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TALKING IT OVER Foundry is now serving officials

MARINE STORE and guests as a three-stall garage, Ann Marasco, Correspondent a long-felt need.

It is with deep regret we an

nounce the retirement of our ma• MARINE DIVISION

rine storekeeper, Frank J. Budreau. LUDINGTON, MICH.

Yes, the boss of Ludington's big. N. C. Sherman, Associate Editor

gest store is resigning his job to The Spartans are popping their

enter the grocery business at North vest buttons with pride for being Victory Corners. Mr. Budreau first the team to win the first individual

went to work in the Marine Store golf trophies given out by the city. in March, 1915, when he was nineFred Adams, Ludington recreation teen years old. In 1918 he transdirector, made the presentation. ferred to the Mechanical Depart

Captain Arthur Altschwager, re- ment, where he became storekeeper. tired C&O carferry skipper, has He was advanced to the office of been selected to sail the U.S. mine local storekeeper in 1925 and in sweeper which was recently com- 1930 was made marine storekeeper. pleted at the Burger Boat Company In his thirty-nine years of railat Manitowoc, Wis., down the Mis

road service, Mr. Budreau has made sissippi River to New Orleans. Ole Sivertson, wheelsman on helping hand no matter how busy

many friends and always lent a Steamer No. 21, recently retired he was. His winning personality after many years of service with the

and smiling face will certainly be company. We wish him many missed. The employes of the Mahappy years of retirement.

rine Store wish him all possible Traffic Director Arthur Sherman, luck and happiness in his new whose hobby is whittling small


Congratulations to Jill Dupont, daughter of John Dupont, Jr. engineer. Jill, a senior at St. Simon's School, was crowned queen at the homecoming game on Oct. 21. ... Dennis Sundholm, son of Rate Clerk and Mrs. Hilding Sundholm,

student at Central Michigan Colwooden windmills, has one perched lege of Education, brought home atop his booth for the benefit of for a few days' visit a very distinthe sailors wishing to know "which guished guest, Ali Hossein Doust, way the wind blows."

of Tehran, Iran.




• CANADIAN DIVISION sistant Division Engineer and Mrs. ST. THOMAS, ONT.

Girard Chabot, Oct. 16, Saginaw, Garnet Haskell, Correspondent,


Timothy James, son of Assistant The annual meeting for election

and Signalman

Mrs. of officers of the local Recreation


E. B. D. Mitchell, Oct. 18, Saginaw, Association chapter was held Oct.

Mich. 7. Thirty-two members inspected

RETIRED the newly-opened clubhouse before casting their ballots for Winter James R. Kenny, locomotive enClunas, president; Garnet Haskell, gineer, Toledo, Ohio, 44 years' servvice president, and Bill McCann, ice. secretary-treasurer. A vote of thanks Simeon G. Cook, Revision Buwent to Cy Rowe, retiring presi- reau supervisor, Detroit, Mich., 44 dent, for his untiring efforts in years' service. making our new clubhouse possible. Louis G. Mikoleizik, engineer,

The Dieselhouse gang is leading Saginaw, Mich., 45 years' service. our five-pin bowling league with John A. Ruzgis, Car Department twenty-six out of a possible twenty- laborer, Ludington, Mich., 12 years' eight points. To date Jack Camp- service. bell tops the individuals with an Ole Sivertson, wheelman, Lud. average of 247, a high game of 373 ington, 40 years' service. and high three series of 828.

Dan D. Blakely, sheetmetal Our clubhouse at Erieau had al- worker, Grand Rapids, Mich., 25 most continuous use during the sea

years' service. son by the duckhunters and fisher

Reese Booker, boilermaker helpmen among our members.

er, Grand Rapids, 31 years' service. "Chessie," the boat belonging to Cy

William Piette, welder, Grand Rowe, Sam Gilchrist and A. Perfect, has been put up for the win

Rapids, 32 years' service.

Dick Wierenga, car inspector, Speedy recoveries to Sam McCain, Diesel House machinist,

Grand Rapids, 30 years' service. and Laborer Albert Haney.

Henry G. Thrall, clerk, Zeeland,

Mich., 39 years' service.

Fred Schasel, clerk, Buffalo, N. Y., Janet Kay, daughter of Locomo

11 years' service. tive Fireman and Mrs. George

John A. McAuley, brakeman, St. Luscher, Jr., Oct. 2, Grand Rapids, Thomas, Ont., 35 years' service. Mich.

Hugh McLean, carpenter, St. Suzanne Marie, daughter of As- Thomas, 40 years' service.

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