A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes, Том 5

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Robert Dodsley
J. Hughs, 1765

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Стр. 267 - gainst a post; Yet round the world the blade has been, To see whatever could be seen.
Стр. 269 - Twere no great loss," the friend replies; "For if they always serve you thus, You'll find them but of little use." So high at last the contest rose, From words they almost came to blows: When luckily came by a third; To him the question they referred; And begged he'd tell them, if he knew, Whether the thing was green or blue. "Sirs," cries the umpire, "cease your pother, The creature's neither one nor t'other.
Стр. 24 - ' 'Tis Strephon, on the mountain's brow, Has won my right good will; To him I gave my plighted vow, With him I'll climb the hill.
Стр. 49 - The river gliding down the dale ! The hill with beeches crown'd ! But now, when urg'd by tender woes I fpeed to meet my dear, That hill and ftream my zeal oppofe, And check my fond career.
Стр. 372 - The bright- hair'd fun with warmth benign Bids tree, and fhrub, and fwelling vine Their infant-buds difplay : Again the ftreams refrefh the plains, "Which Winter bound in icy chains, And fparkling blefs his ray. : V. Life-giving Zephyrs breathe around, And inftant glows th...
Стр. 270 - My children," the chameleon cries, (Then first the creature found a tongue), "You all are right, and all are wrong: When next you talk of what you view, Think others see as well as you: Nor wonder, if you find that none Prefers your eyesight to his own.
Стр. 193 - ADIEU awhile, forsaken flood, To ramble in the Delian wood, And pray the god my well-meant song May not my subject's merit wrong. Say, father Thames, whose gentle pace Gives leave to view what beauties grace Your flow'ry banks, if you have seen The much-sung Grotto of the queen.
Стр. 171 - tis pale, 'tis cold — Hence dreadful fpectre ! to behold Thy afpe£l, is to make it mine. And can I then with guilty pride, Which fear nor...
Стр. 268 - And what a length of tail behind! How slow its pace! And then its hue, — Who ever saw so fine a blue?

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