Level Set Methods and Dynamic Implicit Surfaces

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Springer Science & Business Media, 31 окт. 2002 г. - Всего страниц: 273
Scope, Aims, and Audiences This book, Level Set Methods and Dynamic Implicit Surfaces is designed to serve two purposes: Parts I and II introduce the reader to implicit surfaces and level set methods. We have used these chapters to teach introductory courses on the material to students with little more than a fundamental math background. No prior knowledge of partial di?erential equations or numerical analysis is required. These ?rst eight chapters include enough detailed information to allow students to create working level set codes from scratch. Parts III and IV of this book are based on a series of papers published by us and our colleagues. For the sake of brevity, a few details have been occasionally omitted. These chapters do include thorough explanations and enough of the signi?cant details along with the appropriate references to allow the reader to get a ?rm grasp on the material. This book is an introduction to the subject. We have given examples of the utility of the method to a diverse (but by no means complete) collection of application areas. We have also tried to give complete numerical recipes and a self-contained course in the appropriate numerical analysis. We - lieve that this book will enable users to apply the techniques presented here to real problems.

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