The Antichrist Whom Christ Declared: A Biblical Study of Whom Jesus Christ Considered the Antichrist to Be, and Its Implications for Today's World

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Trafford Publishing, 10 апр. 2008 г. - Всего страниц: 160
THE ANTICHRIST WHOM CHRIST DECLARED A Different Perspective Unlike other the antichrist is exposs this book uses the words, teachings, and actions of Jesus Christ to document whom He proclaimed the antichrist to be. The antichrist whom Jesus Christ actually actively opposed in word and deed. It confirms this reality using Biblical Scripture and the events of history, even as it focuses upon the present to reveal the antichrist and his wide-ranging scope of satanic actions in todays world here and now. TOPICS INCLUDE How Christianity and by inference, other religions too, unknowingly promote the vile evils seen in todays world. How Belief, Faith, and the Holy Bible, are cunningly used to justify and support evil, often utilizing the unwitting, and sometimes willing support of believers and the church. The satanic rationales behind terrorism, environmental destruction and toxic pollution, as well as the ongoing periodic economic crisis, and those who profit from these deliberate satanic deeds. How the media justifies and promotes evil, including by so-called religious values that brings evil into being, then perpetuates it. Non-Christian readers will find this book meaningful and useful. Like Christians, they can use it to identify and counter those who accidentally or deliberately use Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible to abuse religion and promote evils satanic agenda.

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What The Book Of Daniel Reveals
What The Book Of Revelation Reveals
The Myth Of A Christian Nation
Mammons Influence Within The Church
Theological Legalisms Biblical Translations
Theological Legalisms Old Testament Equality
Sanctification The Use Of Theological Legalisms
Mammons Christian Propaganda Machine
Terrorism Censorship Torture For Power And Wealth
Todays World Satanic Slaverys Glorification
Critical Issues Including Terrorism
Regarding The Antichrists Personification

Minimizing Jesus Christ By Elevating The Apostles

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It is the book:The Antichrist Whom Christ Declared and its message which is important, not the messenger. The author of this book is just an ordinary and very imperfect human being, who has taken the time to consider both the words of the Holy Scripture and then look at the world and study where the connections are. So if you want a candidate for sainthood, you will have to look elsewhere. Also, I refuse to proclaim "Holy Spirit" sanctification for this work for two reasons. Primarily because such proclamations are belief based, hence impossible to prove. But really because the act of making such proclamations would merely be an attempt to "legitimize and sanctify" this book in the manner which mammon's theological manipulations demand. This is something I have no reason or need to do.

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