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scornful impatience ; but as the cere- acclivity. The youths of the clan mony proceeded, he began to gaze were divided into companies according with a gradually subdued wonder upon to their age ; and when brother Virgil the earnest and solemn countenance of came forth, those among whom Harry the priest. Then awe succeeded to Oge was to be included, were just wonder, and his eyes, he knew not taking their position a little nearer the why, filled with tears, as the pious man, mark than the elder band who had looking upward, pronounced, amid preceded them. Whether it was by mysterious words, those names which chance, or that he was more emulous he had often heard his mother call in the presence of a stranger, or that on under sorrow and pain. He suf- the boy's mind was really elevated by fered the consecrated water to be the consciousness of some high privisprinkled on his head, and the sacred lege conferred upon him in the myssymbol to be signed upon his fore- terious ceremony he had undergone, head by the finger of the priest, with- Harry Oge not only surpassed all bis out murmur or motion; and, after fellows in archery, but bore himself the benediction was completed and all with so eminently graceful and elate the ceremony of his baptism over, he an air, as attracted the attention of all stood gazing on the countenance of present. “ By the broad stone,” cried his initiator in breathless and awe. Hugh Calvagh, “ I thought my Harry struck silence, till his delighted mother, was half a head taller than the Tierna casting her arms about his neck, co- Oge; but, somehow, the son of Hugh vered his glistening face with kisses, More looks as tall as he when they and welcomed him with a thousand are asunder ; though when they stand blessings into the church of his fathers. together you can easily see the difOwen Grumagh had looked on with ference.” equal wonder, but not with equal re “I never saw a vouchaleen of his

He took his foster-son by age make such shooting as he is makthe hand, when his mother had ceased ing today,” said Hugh Beg; “my to cover him with her caresses, and Harry, Baccagh though he be, shot shaking off the drops that still hung ring for ring with him yesterday ; but among his thick hair

, he asked him: you see he cannot touch his worst " Harry a vic machree, what was it mark today.” they were doing to you? Was your fair head not wet enough with the him," said a third speaker, as the boys,

Something has surely come over rain this morning, when you were walking the dews before the lazy Gilly started in the footrace that followed :

after finishing their bow exercise, was out of his bed, that he should

" See how he heads the whole flight. throw cold water in your face now, as if you were a woman in a faint ?”

Tieg Gasta, that we thought the fastest Hush, Owen,” said the boy, speak- behind him.

of his company is half a pike's length

There, foot of Finn! ing low ; "it did not hurt me.

how he cleared the ditch ; and, see, he " It were not well for him if it had,” said Owen ;“but come now, avic, it is

runs as light as a fawn, and the rest time to go and shoot at the target.”

are panting like slot-hounds on a sumAt the same moment the lady was

mer day. Surely some one has put a

charm summoned to attend Mac Gillmore

, have you been doing to the Tierna

him. Son of Rory, what and the mouk, promising to remain within call, in case his services should be needed, accompanied his catechu

“ Ask the Gilly Francisagh,” said men, with his tutor, to the field. The Owen; “for, by the hand of my body, I shooting ground was a smooth stripe think it was an incantation he put upon of green sward, stretching along the him, after all.” foot of the rocks to one of those fan “Servant of Francis,” said the clanstastic knolls which have been de- man, going up to brother Virgil, where scribed as rising like the waves of an he stood gazing with quiet pleasure on agitated sea, around the base of the the animated scene, " have you a spell cliff. This verdant hillock formed the for the palsy ?

I would give you a butt, and the target of wood was milking goat, with her two kids, if you erected about midway up its green would put the charm upon my father :

Oge ?**

he has been bedrid since last Lammas you instead of the good will of friends. floods."

'Where other men enjoy that security of “ Friend,” replied the Franciscan; protection which gives them time and “ I have neither spell nor charm; I confidence to till the earth for its leave such sorceries to dealers in the fruits, to have white bread and sweet black art."

wine at will, to clothe themselves in " And what is it that you have done warm and seemly garments, to travel to the Tierna Oge?" demanded the for pleasure or on their necessary occlansman, “ for he is not like the same casions through fair countries, and beauboy he was; though a comely and an tiful cities, seeing all the wonders and active vouchaleen he has been ever delights of the world without danger and always."

and without hardship, yon, my hapless " Ay, Gilly Francisagh, what did brothers, knowing not the moment you do to him ?" asked another, and when you must fly from before your the same question was repeated by enemies have to leave the earth unseveral standing round, so that brother tilled, the arts of industry unpractised, Virgil suddenly found himself the cen- the sweets of life untasted: clad in tre of a group prepared to receive the skins of beasts you must hide your all that he had desired to tell them, heads in desert and inhospitable but which he had half despaired of forests; afraid to venture beyond the their attending to. Much pleased by bounds of a dismal wilderness, you so favourable an opportunity, he took sigh to hear of the blossoming orhis stand upon a detached mass of chards; the yellow waving corn ñelds; rock that lay beside, and, thus elevated the stately cities ; the luxurious pain the midst of his auditory, he address. Jaces and delicious gardens which lie ed them : “My friends and brethren, in the forbidden land without You for all men are brothers in the sight of are separated from mankind; a single God, you have asked me whether I kindred in the midst of innumerable have dealt with your chieftain's son by nations, all in the enjoyment of blesssuch enchantments as are commonly ings which you can never share but used by sorcerers and wizards—God by returning to the world that you forbid. The people of my faith abhor have abandoned.

But how can you all dealing in magic. The success of return ? Brethren, I will tell you. spells and incantations cometh of the The same bond which keeps the numdevil, who is the father of the black berless kindreds of men who compose art: him we reject, and all his works this great and goodly world whereof I we abominate ; but, brethren, if the speak, from sundering from one another, sacrament which I have administered and falling into even such wildness as to the son of your chieftain make him your own, can also bind you with the stronger of hand, or fleeter of foot, or


That bond is neither the relafairer of face, as ye seem to think that tionship of blood, for the kindred of it hath done, the success thereof most whom I speak draw their descent manifestly cometh of God, in whose from far distant continents ; nor the name I have baptized him. In his tie of common country, for they name I am ready to baptize you all; inhabit various lands ; nor the likebut look not that a like wonder shall ness of their countenances, for they be shown on each as hath been mani- are of divers feature and colour ; nor fested in this lovely and chosen boy; the understanding of one another's for, by baptizing you, I but prepare language, for they speak in a hundred you for the knowledge of these things, different tongues ; nor the resemwhich if you believe not, that baptisin blance of the laws by which they are is of no avail. Behold in what a con- governed, for some are ruled by sedition ye are for want of that know- nates, and some by kings, and some by Jedge which I would thus prepare you elected chieftains; and yet the bond is to receive. Other kindreds of men strong enough to bind them all, and possess fixed dwellings on their own without it no other tie could bind lands, each one his home secured them. It is their belief in one God, him by law, which none dare violate ; my brethren, that uuites the nations; but you are wanderers and outcasts, their worship of that God, as prescribed houseless and Jawless, dwelling only by one cburch, that gives the unchangwhere the weakness of enemies stands ing stability to that union; and the

enactment of laws in accordance with him," said a third, “but I would be the holy precepts of one Gospel by satisfied with what he offered first.” which that God has revealed hiinseif "I see my error,” exclaimed brother and established that church, which Virgil ; “ I have told you only of the completes the mystic bond of their worldly ills you suffer, I have painted society, and the glorious work of their only the worldly blessings you have salvation. It is this knowledge of lost; but there are blessings to be God that ye want; it is this knowledge sought and evils to be dreaded in of God that I offer to you ; but to another world of which I have not yet know God as he has revealed himself told you; but, if ye have ears to hear, to bis children, you must hearken to listen to me proclaiming them before the church whose messenger I am; you now;" and with the fervor of a and to prepare you for receiving her sincere heart the pious man proceeded, instructions aright, I am ready, under after announcing to them the immor. God, to administer this holy sacrament tality of the soul, to pourtray in vivid of baptism to as many of you as are colours the opposite condition of the willing, with honest hearts, to receive faithful and of the unbelieving after it.”

death. The pagans stood astonished, When brother Virgil concluded, incredulity yielding to hope on the one there was a stir among the crowd, and band, and to alarm on the other. The considerable interest seemed to have preacher saw his success; he heightenbeen excited by his discourse, for the ed his pictures to the excited imaginapeople whispered earnestly together, tions of his hearers; he made every and there was no motion made by any man the spectator of his own possible to depart. At length one clansman condition through eternity ; then restood forward, and asked—“ Gilly turning to themselves, he represented, Francisagh, if we do this, are you sure as it were by the reflection of that suthat Mac Gillmore will not be dis- pernatural light, the earthly heaven pleased ?"

and hell of virtuous or sinful bosoms; " It was to teach you these things all felt the truth brought home to that he invited me bither,” replied their own hearts ; some stared like brother Virgil.

detected and confounded criminals; “ And if we do all as you desire,” others, resenting the allusions which asked another, “how soon might we

each considered separately directed to look to be settled in the country of himself

, stood with looks of indignation the gardens and corn fields? Could we

and irresolute defiance; one or two get down do you think before the har

were melted into tears, and there vest ?"

were none, however young, indifferent. “ Alas, my friend,” said the good Even Owen Grumagh was touched, monk, “ sheep who have strayed so far but far from satisfied : “ How do you can scarce hope to be taken back at know all this, Gilly Francisagh," he once into the fold; but if thou wilt said, in a pause of the good monk's believe in God as I shall tell thee, I

discourse. will promise thee a better reward than

“ God has empowered the church ever human husbandmen reaped off to teach us his will, and the church dethe face of earth.”

clares it,” replied brother Virgil ; " the “ What is that ?" demanded several church declares it, and the very ground voices.

we stand upon bears witness to the

signs and wonders that accompanied “ Even life eternal, joy and glory her message of it to this ungrateful before God in heaven for ever!” ex land.” claimed brother Virgil.

“ How is that ?" demanded several It grieved the good man much, to voices. perceive that the more precious pro Brother Virgil, in reply, pointed mise had the less effect. They heard out the localities of many of the inirahim witb wonder, but without emotion, culous events related in the lives of “ How can we have joy and glory if Patrick, Bridget, and Columba, all we are dead?” said one; “ But does he visible from the spot where they stood. not say that we will live for ever,” This appeal had more than its effect. cried another; “I do not understand “ It is true, it is true,” cried Hugh

Calvagh, when the monk related to his hands to heaven over the heads of them how Patrick raised the tide to the multitude; “blessed be the day wash away the sabbath-breaker's build- and hour that sees this glorious and ing on the hill of Drumbo. “It is heavenly sight! blessed be the eyes true,” cried the too enthusiastic be- that behold it, and the tongue that liever; " for Fin Mac Coule built up tells it, and the feet that bear the the same fort in one night after, and tidings of it, and blessed for ever be you may see his finger-stone hard by He who hath formed those hands to in the ring of Ballylessan to this day.” do his holy will in perfecting and

“ Nay, nay," said the Franciscan; proving the bliss it promises ! Nay, “thou art confounding thy profane le. nay;" he said, as a pitcher of water gends with the acts of the saints”, was placed before him on the rock; and, extricating himself as quickly as "out of no vessel made by hands will I he could from the unprofitable ques- celebrate this sublime sacrament of a tion, he proceeded as has been said, nation's redemption. Come to the notwithstanding many interruptions running waters, where the fountain equally frivolous, to inculcate the grand will not weary in giving us its clear truths which found their evidence in element, that faint yet still that best every heart, till at the conclusion of earthly image of the purity of God's his address such an impression had nature and of the inexhaustible abunbeen made on the whole multitude, dance of God's love." that, when two women and a man He descended from the rock as he pressed forward and offered themselves spoke, and, taking Harry Oge, who for baptism, there was a general hum stood beside, by the hand, bade bim of approval among all present. The lead him to the spring. The boy triumphant monk, with tears of joy in obeyed, with silent reverence, the his eyes, prepared to celebrate the crowd thronging round or rushing forceremony without delay, for he was ward, and eagerly contending who well aware of the effect of example, should be first to gain a place upon and he already indulged no ill-founded the brink of the little well. All the expectations that if he could effect the booths, save that of the chieftain, baptism of one or two, he might ulti- were deserted; old and young, seized mately succeed in making converts of with an equal enthusiasm, poured down the whole clan. “ Bring me water in the face of the hill, and, but for the a pure vessel,” he cried, " and let those interference of Owen Grumach, who who aspire to the knowledge of the either regarded the Franciscan with true God stand forth !” The three contempt, as the propounder of uninwho had offered themselves imme- telligible mysteries, or with resentment, diately advanced into the circle which as having indulged in some denunciathe crowd now formed before him: tions which seemed to have been letheir example was contagious; first velled peculiarly at him, the very senone, and then another, stepped forth, tinels and outposts would have left aunid loud acclamations, and took their their stations and joined the general places by their sides; then there was

To contemplate such a a confused movement among the mass scene without emotions of pride was of the crowd, the people impelled not to be expected from the human backwards and forwards with an irre- heart of the good Virgil. It could not be solute motion, like the eddying swell but that some fragments of the disand retreat of waves upon the shore, persed visions of the morning would until at last, breaking their ranks in flit involuntarily before his eyes as he a tumultuous burst of enthusiasm, the viewed the approaching completion of whole muinter Gillmore rushed for- this, the greatest and most important ward to the feet of their exhorter, and, act in his imaginary drama. The chapel with one voice, cried aloud to be bap- and altars, and the page of the redtized. Never did the bosom of an lettered calendar, bearing Virgilius apostle glow with more intense and de Rupe conspicuous among the pure delight than now, in the first joy of names of saints and martyrs, did, it is his unexpected success, thrilled through true, occasionally intervene between the heart of the pious Virgil. “ Glory the mind's eye of the worthy man and be to God!" he exclaimed, extending his loftier objects of contemplation;


but if the divine will sometimes use top of his speed, and heard shouting, human instruments, the service of while still at a distance, “ To arms, angels is not exacted from them. And kindred! to arms! Alan Duff is upon now, after descending the romantic us!" steep, they were arrived at the foun All rose in consternation. The cry tain, a limpid well about half-a-mile on all hands was that the enemy was down the hill, lying so smooth and coming. The catechumen, who was pellucid in its wbite bed of limestone, kneeling at the moment under the that, but for the noise of its waters hands of brother Virgil, started to his where they fell babbling over the na- feet, and, looking wildly round, detural terrace out of the green esplanade manded" Where?" then, receiving no of which they bad sprung, a moment reply to his question in the tumult, before, one would scarcely have sus drew his skene, and darted off towards pected the presence of the translucent the encampment, whither all were aland almost invisible element. Here, ready hurrying in furious haste and in the bright sunshine, with a blue disorder. It was like the dispersion sky overhead, and a verdant amphi- of a cloud before the wind. Brother theatre around, the assembled outcasts Virgil had stooped to lift the water stood awaiting the mysterious rite that in his palm, surrounded by a whole was to readmit them to the society of clan, silent, reverent, full of newlymankind. It was a strange and touch- awakened hopes, and eager to receive ing scene; the good monk in the a peaceful sacrament; the drops were midst, kneeling on the margin, his still falling from his fingers, and he venerable figure distinctly rendered stood alone, while up the bill before back by the liquid mirror beneath, as, him rushed, with deafening clamour with elevated hands, he consecrated and vociferation, a frenzied multitude the desert waters to man's dearest of men and women, driven by fright, service; the front rank of the ex anger, despair, revenge, and savage pectant multitude sitting on the grass love of conflict. All were gone but around, those behind them kneeling, Harry Oge, and he had run a stone'sand the remote spectators on tiptoe, throw before he thought of turning to straining their necks to catch a glimpse lead his father's physician back again. of his mysterious proceedings; then “ We must make haste," he said, taking the black cliffs peeping over the sunny brother Virgil's hand in his; " for if slope behind them; and the thick tree- Alan Duff be come, we are like to tops extending from the base of the have a sore fight." grassy terrace where they were assem But the monk moved not; his amazebled, in one matted and impassable meut had given way to unmixed afficwilderness, down to the water's edge tion: he stood as a man might who below--all formed a picture not un

sees his whole wealth swept away by a worthy of the novel and important whirlwind. His wealth had been the occasion, and it was little wonder if hope of doing good, and one moment brother Virgil, when he called forth had beggared him. They were gone, his first catechumen, felt his breast and who could tell when war and out. distended with emotions, such as he lawry would let them back again, or could, to some extent, blamelessly com- whether death might not keep them pare with those of earlier apostles. away once and for ever? Gone with " It was thus that Patrick stood by them were Calendar and CrownTubbermore, and baptized the heathen Tubber More would still have the preof Laharna,” he unconsciously said to eminence among Antrim's fountainshimself, “it was thus that Dunstan Dunstan need no longer dread a rival. in a single day made three thousand “But I have provoked the judgment," inheritors of life eternal, and gained a cried poor Virgil, in the bitterness of crown of glory for his own brows for his heart; “did I not compare myself

John thus in Jordan"—but be- to John the Baptist, and what less fore he had time either to complete punishment could pride so impious dethe audacious comparison, or to per- serve ?". ceive its sinfulness, he was interrupted “ Father," said the boy, pulling him by the approach of a messenger, who by the hand, when he saw that he gave was seen coming down the hill at the no attention to his warning, come


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