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blossoms in their growth and bright- this, I wont be bamboozled by either ness, when they gleamed and glowed of yez; I'll rid the country of the amid the green shelter. But not alone blackguard-mind if I don't! and leave did she watch them, not alone did she your folly now, Letty, and take up in study their emblematic language ; for time; there's more than one decent, when Phelim gathered and gave the responsible boy in the parish that your nosegay, she betrayed the quick inter- stiffness keeps at a distance, and the pretation on her blushing cheek, and poorest of them could outbuy him and by the soft darkening of her downcast all his kin.” eye, which seemed to shrink from the “Oh, then, Charlie, I'll not guess glowing depth of meaning in his, while, who they are, for it does not concern thrilling to her soul went the mellow me; I've little notions of marrying any music of his low-toned voice telling way.” her of love and constancy.

Šo time wore on, and spring and Charlie and the other members of summer came. Pheliin, with assiduous his household could scarcely quarrel attention, had seized every opportunity with the presence of Leity's pre- of seeing her alone, and during sunserver; yet his visits were barely mer such opportunities were daily. tolerated by them. Charlie said he When the other members of the family hated the smuggling papist. In were engaged in the fields, Phelim was spite of all his mighty pleasant ways, constantly by her side. Did she spin : he's a slinking, scheming fellow he read to her, and her varying colour eternally plotting to cheat and bam- and tearful eye hallowed in his heart boozle the coast-guard; he'll may the story of true love and misforbe learn to cheat his neighbours tune." Was she in the garden : too. Pity but he had Letty! troth (as these minor labours were left to I'm feared the outwork she com- her,) Phelim was by her side, that plains so sorely of would be but a she should not have to handle the trifle compared to what she'd have to heavy spade, and so in all the occupaput up with then. God forgive me if tions where he might take a part. it be a sin, but I do not like one of Ever ready to assist her, Phelim, in bis kind ! for I'm credibly told that the turf-cutting time, when she took they think it neither sin nor shame to the jar of milk and basket of bread circumvent us Protestants. Letty's so for the labourers, would carry it up weak, she thinks he was just sent the mountain paths, and wait under into the world for her sake, and the shadow of the rocks for her return. that God favors the foolish fondness Often was she congratulated on her she shows him, because he happened capability of exertion ; ' weakly and to save her that day, when in half slender as she looked, it was little toil a minute longer the boat would have to her to climb the mountain with such saved her just as well.

a load ; and many hints and sly jests “ And in half a minute longer lod showed that they knew she had not have been at the bottom! No, Charlie, been alone ; and so, accompanied by nothing ever can make me forget what a blush, out came the stammering I owe Phelim ; and, Charlie dear, wait acknowledgment that “she had met till you know him better, and you will a boy on the road who helped her think better of him: and he has never asked me yet ; it is time enough to Day and night Phelim haunted Ballyrefuse. You don't like his people, yemen.

He had some book, some Charlie, and would not do him justice flower-seeds, something to say ! A because he prays as his father and pretext was seldom wanting, and selmother taught him. You have been dom too strictly inquired into. Ever always kind to me; but it is not kind welcomed by Letty's bright smile, he of you to judge so hardly of poor saw not, cared not for Charlie's frownPhelim."

ing churlishness. Many a long fore“Ogh, then, poor Phelim he is, and supper he'd outsit his welcome ; but poor Phelim he'll continue, I'm think. when the circle was formed round the ing! The worst is your own, Letty, if clear turf fire, even the most unkindly you wont take warning ; but I tell you were softened towards him by his ani

a bit.”

mated, goodhumoured manners, and by ther tired nor sleepy, but just in a his well-told adventures—for Phelim wandering, thinking, longing kind of had travelled-or by his unusual in- way, I clambered up the path, and formation — for Phelim read well.— sat down to rest on Cruik-na-navig. Thus hour after hour fled unnoticed It was just such an evening as this. by him, till at last the civil hint that I was then, Letty dear, in the humour it was bed-time would rouse his lin- I am often in ; discontented with my gering “good night;" and then he'd present course of life, yet feeling mystand under the bore-tree, or the self unfitted for any other; arguing hawiborn hedge, watching the light in with myself upon the good and evil Letty's room window; and when that attending it, and praying to God for was gone, gazing on the white walls some kind of peaceful occupation to and waving trees which sheltered his end my days in, and such a companion beart's treasure, till the chilly air and as you, Leily dear, to help me ; when twinkling brightness of the stars, or a long bright line of red light shot perhaps some lingering dread of the across the bay, from the Salmon Rock fairies, warned him away. Phelim was to the point of Garron; and believe not without superstition, for, though me, Leity, I think I saw what I will his belief in fairies was scarcely equal tell you. I had often heard that a to the faith in them which some of revealment of Glen-na-sheog was for bis neighbours held, yet he had been encouragement betore sudden danger, early taught and skilled in fairy lore, such as the performance of some good and now, even in bis manhood, it still action at the risk of one's life; for the clung to his imagination, which ran fairies that inhabit it are kindly and riot in all the traditionary legends so full of goodwill. Well, Letty, while generally believed in the country. I looked I saw, gleaming through the

It was a sweet evening in the month waves, and parting the waves, right of March, balmy enough to be the across the bay, a lovely valley. There herald of the coming April, and Letty were smooth sloping green hills, with and Phelim were wandering along the white blossoming hawthorn over them. strand. The sun, gilding the mountain There were cottages covered to the tops, tinting the velvet slope of Luirg eaves with roses and jessamines; streams with gold and purple, and sparkling trickling and winding over rocks and on the ripple of every wave at their pebbles, and lakes among smooth bills, feet, seemed to surround the lovers with lambs upon the banks, and swans with a peculiar halo. “Letty,” said swimming among green islands in the Phelim, “that evening that I saved midst of them. And, Letty, I saw the you was just such an evening as this. good people themselves there; some ---Letty, I'm more inclined to believe in were spinning, some nursing, some at the fairies than ever I was. What one thing, soine at another; but above was it, do you think, brought me to all, and before all, up the valley there the Salmon rock that evening to be was a sound of sweet small music, that the means of helping you? I'm going I could have listened to for ever. I to tell you now; and, Letty, dear, stood gazing, afraid to move or breathe, believe me, if I hadn't seen it I would till it grew paler and paler, and then not tell it to you, nor ask you to be- seemed sinking, and all at once it lieve it. Did you ever hear tell of the vanished, and the gull and gannet revealment of the fairy valley of Glen- were shimming again over the blue na-sheng, Letty. It is a sight that waves.” the little people sometimes give men “ Oh, Phelim, I'm thinking the for encouragement when they're before brandy was too strong, or your eyes

Now, Letty, listen to had been following fancies of their I had been all day in Cove-na-dery, own for want of proper rest.

You with Alister and Cosfiddag, watching had surely slept unknown to yourself.” the tobacco. I will not say that we “ No, Letty, I do not think I had had no brandy, for we had been up slept; and so strong was my belief in all the night before. We ran ashore what I tell you, that the next evening in the dark of that moon. It was

I went to try if I should see it again Alister's watch, and Plover-foot was at the same hour; and I had my regone to sleep; but myself being nei. ward, and trust still to have it, in your

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love, my blessed darling! for blessed as we do now. Give Charlie time, be the dream, if you will call it so, and he will be inore reasonable.” that took me where I stood when I “ God knows, Letty, how I have saw the boats row out to the brig. I reasoned and argued with him ; but knew you were there, and I would all in vain. AJÍ I could hear from have been with you, if that white- him was abuse of my religion and headed farmer had not been by your wild courses; and, sure enough, he side. But no matter : I was, thank has reason for finding fault there : but God, in time to save and take my as for turning Protestant-you know, Fairy Gift; and, oh, that they may Letty, there is little belonging to this always prosper me as they did that world I would not give up for you; evening! Letty, my faith in fairies and I cannot well imagine the blessing, is now so strong, that I almost wish either here or hercaster, I could put to see the Good People bodily." before you. But you know, dear, that Well

, surely there is something in is what I cannot and will not do! dreams,” replied Letty, “and, above My people suffered in the old times,

and I must not renounce what they all, in them unlucky magpies! I never

held so dear for a bribe even though see one fly over my head nor across

that bribe be yourself, Letty. my path, but something happens to vex me before night. It's an unrea

Letty, trust me. Come with me. Let sonable notion ; yet as sure as I see

us take our chance of their anger. I one, there is trouble before me. But

would not urge you, Letty, to any. what can a poor bird know of what thing deceitful, but that Charlie's obis to happen ?”

stinacy leaves us nothing else for it;

for none of your clergy would marry Why, you are as bad as myself

us without the consent of parties, and Letty, and we are a pair of fools, to that he will never give. Proud 1 be sure; yet I've read of wise people would be before the world, Letty, to say taking omens by birds : they have de, you were mine ; but that must rest cided greater matters and influenced with yourself

. I do not care for greater actions than either yours or Charlie. I want nothing from him. mine are like to be, love. But our birds Come with me, then, without his leave. of omen, Letty, shall be the woodquest Have courage, and trust me, and you and the Robin-redbreast : the one for will never rue it.” love and gentleness, and the other for

• Oh, Phelim, I dare not. Charlie trusting confidence. Now, Letty, tell would never forgive me, and he has me when will you be my own? when been like a father to me, and stood will you trust me and make me happy? in place of one since I can remember, I have nothing, Letty, to offer you Time will bring him round. Time will but true love; and I know, Letty, you make you reasonable with each other ; think me selfislı ; Charlie thinks so, and, sure, are we not happy? I am, too; yet, if I can judge my own I am sure. But, oh that I could make heart, my wishes for your happiness him do you justice, or make him are first and greatest. Above my own think of you as I do!" life-above my own peace I love you! Letty, 'tis vain to hope it. Yet, yet Charlie always keeps harping on if I were rich enough, I could buy my unfortunate religion.

Charlie's consent, not only to your • Oh, Phelim, he is unreasonable; I being married by a priest, but to your know he is : but he thinks himself going to the mass with me. Poverty right: he does not know how just, is worse than papistry in his eyes." how true you are : he does not know “You are wrong, and you are wronging, how I love you, nor how you deserve Charlie, Phelim. Charlie is honest and it: he forgets that you saved the life, true to his faith: he values what his peoPhelii dear, that I am willing to ple,likeyourown,thought worth suffering spend with you. So, be patient with persecution and death for. Oh, Phelim, him. We cannot be happier than we I dread that this would be a grievance are: we have neither sin nor sorrow, between us. I could not think as you and should have no care; and the would have me : but I am willing to little we are asuvder, dear, only serves believe that the good, no matter what to make us the happier when we ineet, may be their creed, are welcome in

the sight of God; and surely that is her in reality, what she now was in enough between us."

her heart—bis wife. They parted with Enough, Letty! more than enough. a promise to meet again at night; for Pray as you choose, till you are mine, Charlie had now quarrelled with Phelim and ever after! I am willing to be- and forbidden him the house. lieve that one Protestant may go to Letty's days passed in dreamy lanheaven, any way; for piety and truth guor, inechanically performing her duand purity and duty are no bad pass-ties, silently obeying directions, or anports ; let the world say as it will

. swering questions with an evident But why should we be bound by effort to recall her wandering thoughts Charlie's prejudices ? Say you will happy only when alone, when she take your chance with me! We will could close her eyes on external obbe married in Glenarm; and though jects, and shut out every sight and Friar M'Garry is not the priest I sound but the vivid picture on her would be blessed by, yet it will make memory of his deep eyes and pale imme sure of you Letty: you will be passioned face, and listen in her heart mine then in spite of fate. But I to the echo of his soft low words of must leave you soon, Letty; and in love; or, in the deep stilness of the this uncertainty how could I do my night, when the sound sleep of overduty? I feel that if I go without wearied labour lay heavy on her stepsome security and hope, I am a ru- brother, to steal out, and read in those ined man.

What would I care if the eyes and hear from those lips all that cargo of the Peggy were at the bottom her heart desired; and then to turn her of the sea, if it were not for the hope eyes to heaven, and wonder what the that you would share it with me? And happiness of the blessed might be, if our luek is good, I'll have what when the Almighty had given to such will pacify Charlie. I'll take a farm, a creature as herself love which made Letty, and settle myself, and we shall her forget her brother's anger, her have decency and quietness: but there lover's poverty, bis dangerous course is a risk, Letty; but if I should lose of life, and all that might most na. it , I can work for you. Only set my turally have troubled her. So entirely heart at ease; and, since we cannot and with such a perfect love did she have a better priest, let old M'Garry trust him, that danger to her peace marry us,"

from him never for a moment clouded * Phelim, I am afraid. There is no- her happy hopes. thing I dread like Charlie's anger. I Charlie had been amply recompensed will promise you, as solemnly as you the preceding summer by a speculation like, I never will marry another: but, in Highland shelties; and as he had for God's sake, wait! Be true to me; mountain grazing unoccupied, as soon and so long as I know you love me, as his crops were in the ground he erery trouble will be light, and I can seized the first suspension of his labear patiently with Charlie, and wait bours to make a trip to Scotland, in quietly in hopes of your success.” hope that the Lammas fair would bring

The winding beach had brought hinu in a golden barvest for his ponies, them close under the ruins of Layde as well as for the seed he had trusted church, and, climbing up the grassy to the keeping of the earth and the slope, Phelim and Letty found them- feeding of the April showers. Who selves standing by the roofless walls can tell the feelings with which Pheliin that had once been the sanctuary of saw Charlie go on board, or the hearty saints

. There, on consecrated ground, blessing he gave the soft west breeze under the grey ash tree which has as it swelled the canvass of the little rooted itself in the bare aisle, Heaven and sloup, which he watched till it became their own hearts their only witnesses, a speck almost beyond his ken; then they plighted troth to be true to each turned himself towards Bally-yarmen, other, come weal, come woe. Letty, with hopes brightening round his heart, in the strength of her love and faith like bees about the hives? Letty had in his manly protection, felt the pledge just milked the cow in the farthest as solemn as if all earth as well as stall, when the long shadow from the Heaven had witnessed it, and only doorway made her raise her head. Althe holy benediction wanting to make most with a cry of joy, she recognised

him whom she was thinking of between of his, had proposed for Letty; and hope and fear-hope in his love, and here was a new source of persecution fear in the consequences of his pre- and grievance to ber. Every hour cipitation. Now came the moment made her dread discovery more and when she could no longer procrasti- more, while it hastened the final nenate. The following week he must cessity of the disclosure. But how to leave her on a dangerous expedition. bear it! how to brave Charlie's slights She was alone-no check, no guide, and doubts !-how to endure all she save her own discretion : all her love, must suffer, and he far away whose all her confidence, all her gratitude, in kindness would have supported her the opposing scale; for, would he ad- through every trial. This was more vise her to do wrong? would he deceive than she could think of with patience, her ? Thus did she reason, thus did and the thought of it nearly drove her she justify herself, as she made arrange- distracted. The whispers and insinuaments to accompany him to Glenarın tions of busy meddling tongues now that night. “I cannot be happy with rendered Charlie more impatient to get any other than him. Charlie makes it her settled in the world; and Jemmy impossible that we can be married by Steenson, her new suitor, had a good a regular minister ; but surely God, farm, a slated house to take her home who sees the truth of our hearts, will to, and droves of sheep and scores of sanctify our vows, though the priest cattle. But what were all these to may not be what he ought. And surely Letty ? Even had she been free to Phelim has the best right to advise marry, her heart was at the sea. So, me and guide me.” So, leaving a little Jemmy's suit was rejected: but he was girl in charge till her return, she went, not a man to break his heart for grief, she said, to see an aunt in Cairncastle, nor for love ueither; and, after cons who had been taken ill. Hoping all soling himself by saying, “Odd, she'. things, fearing nothing, Phelim lifted a glum ane, and I ken a lass in Clough her to the pillion. Never did fourteen parish is worth twa o'her!” he went on miles seem so short. Few words were his way—it need not be said rejoicing, spoken; yet their own hearts made but seemingly in no danger of death by sweet society; and the gentle influ- grief, for he whistled “ I'll gang nae ence of the solitude, and the clear mair to yon town" as long as he was cold moonlight, and solemn sound of in hearing; and Letty was left to enjoy the ever-breaking waves, mellowed and the peace of her own sad thoughts, sobered and confirmed their tender happy to be relieved from the presence thoughtfulness. And it is a question of one to whom she could not venture if many who enter the holy bonds with to show the gentle goodnature so more pomp and circumstance have at natural to her, without misinterpretatheir hearts more faith and truth, or a tion. And now, as the hay harvest holier feeling of the purity and abiding came on, and the grain began to ripen, constancy necessary to make such a in hopes of pleasing Charlie and laying state happy. Next morning they re- up a store in his favour, she volunceived the benediction from hands all teered to take her proportion of the unworthy to sanctify the tie, but which, labour; and, in the sweet-scented bay, nevertheless, were hallowed to them. meadow, surrounded by rose-garlanded

Nearly three weeks passed before and honey-suckled hedges, the exerCharlie came home, and Phelim and tion necessary occupied her thoughts, Letty had parted. If he were for- while the freshness and sweetness of tunate, he was to claim her on his re- everything around her unconsciously turn; if otherwise, she was to brave strengthened her heart and cheered her Charlie's anger, and join him wherever spirits. But when, later in the year, she he might be. Days and weeks and came to work in the harvest-field, manya months wore on, and no news reached malicious observation was made; many her. In the mean time troubles thick- were the smouldering fires of envy ened around her. Time seemed only that found vent in speeches such as to add to Charlie's rancour, and the these:-“Musha! but did you see Miss mention of Phelim's name was suffi- Letty the-day? troth, it's before some cient, to throw him into ill temper for thing she's come to join her rig at the the day. A wealthy grazier, a friend harvest! I thought nothing of the hare

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