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honor, my lord, it grieves me to be the before, except, indeed, that churl who messenger of such ungrateful news ; sold the Saviour : with such a but, of Parez's guilt, there can be science as he must have, I wish him neither doubt nor question : my lord, joy of his thousand pounds!". you are familiar with his handwriting ; “ If the church teach us aright,” said here are the letters addressed by him Talbot, he would now be glad to to the English captain commanding give it all for one drop of water : the besiegers' trenches." So saying, treachery for treachery, was bis advice he took forth the letters which Sir at the first outbreak of the war, and as William Brereton had read before he counselled so he has been dealt with." the Deputy, and handed them to the What, has the Gunner broken faith unhappy nobleman.

with him ?" exclaimed several voices. Lord Thomas tore them open, and I left his head on a spike above his eye seemed to devour their con- the gates, when I rode from Maynooth, tents; but he did not read more than a yesterday morning," replied Talbot ; line or two till he saw that he had been and then went on to detail the unexbetrayed : then his rage burst out in pected events that had succeeded the fierce exclamations—"By the heaven storming of the castle. above me, it is too true; we are sold “ By my honor,” said Lord Thomas, by the accursed villain !-a thousand when he had concluded, “I hold myself pounds in hand :-base traitor, was it Skeffington's debtor ; though I would for but a thousand pounds you did it, rather let him reconcile such a violaafter the tens of thousands that I and tion of his understood agreement with my father lavished on you? Villain! his conscience, than be the man to do deliberate villain !" he cried, grinding so myself. But come, Sir John, Mayhis teeth with rage when he came nooth is lost, and the traitor who sold to the second letter ; “ you will show it is punished ; there is no

use in a light when they may scale the wall; further complaint or reprobation ; let you have drugged a cask of wine that us now hear what terms you bring us the revels of the garrison may be car- from the conquerors.” ried to a fortunate issue !-Oh fool, “ My lord,” said Talbot, rising, confool that I was to trust him !-- Read scious of the importance of his task, that, Sir Oliver ; read it aloud that we and addressing Lord Thomas with an may all know how we have been be earnestness of manner that at once trayed ; and do you, Sir John, I be- fixed the attention of all present, seech you, pardon my incredulity, for, “when this mission was offered to be before heaven, I thought till now that entrusted to me, I would willingly have a truer and more loyal servant than left it to older and wiser men, whose Christopher Parez, never did good known sagacity might have recomservice by a master!"

mended their proposals to a From the first day I knew him, my careful consideration than I can well lord,” replied Talbot, “I have found hope for, inexperienced as I am in the bim to be a malignant, envious man, management of such grave and moand my own implacable enemy: my mentous affairs ; but, my lord, when lord, só well as I can judge, the thou- it was represented to me that there was sand pounds was not so much his no man in the English camp capable object in betraying Maynooth, as the of undertaking it, who was not likewise gratification of revenge and other infected with the common longing for worse passions which had been thwart- confiscations which brings hither so ed by the protection afforded to me many rapacious adventurers desirous of and my lady by his lieutenant of the protracting the war while any prosbarbican; but as this concerns me pri- pect of plunder reinains, I thought it vately, I shall take another opportu- better to make the attempt with such nity of explaining it to your lordship.”. poor talents as I possessed ; conscious

Sir Oliver now proceeded to read that no wish to rise on the ruins of the traitor's letters, and at every your father's house could impede the pause the room rung with execrations: efforts of my honest zeal for peace. « Before God,” cried the old knight, The fortune of the war, my lord, has when he had finished, " I don't think I gone against you from the first. Not ever heard of so desperate a villain to dwell on an upgrateful topic by


enumerating former disasters, the pre- oath never to bear arms again against sent week has seen you deprived of his Majesty." your two most powerful auxiliaries in “A very fair condition," said Sir the interior, and stripped of the very Oliver. keystone of your strength within the " Ay, and when we have parted pale. Pardon me, my lord, that I lay with our strength, what then?” enquired these calamitous events thus plainly Lord Thomas. before you ; it is far from my purpose, “ That all your military accoutreand still farther from my wish, to irri- ments, artillery, munition and stores tate you by dwelling on misfortunes be given up to the Lord Deputy, or that have been caused by the such other persons as he may appoint pride or treachery of others, and for to receive them.” which you, my lord, may be counted * Good : what next?". in all respects blameless; but it is my “That you, my lord, with your uncles, duty to show you, to the extent of my Sir Oliver and Sir John Fitzgerald, do poor ability, the hopeless state to publicly, at a place to be appointed by which this enterprize has been reduced the Lord Deputy, make your submisby the will of 'Providence, before I sions, and render up to the royal comurge you to make those sacrifices of missioners all your estates of whatever pride and lingering ambition that must kind, to be disposed of at the king's yet be submitted to before our unhappy pleasure ; being guaranteed, out of the country can be restored to the peace royal exchequer, to yourself, my lord, that, in a moment of delusion, we de- a yearly pension of one thousand prived her of. The secession of marks ; and to the rest, by the year, O'Connor and O'Neill has left you in one hundred marks respectively; also undisciplined numbers scarce equal to that you render up Sir James Delahyde the trained and veteran army which and Master Burnel, unconditionally." Skeffington leads against you ; the fall “ And, in return ?" of Maynooth has placed the key of all “ Life and liberty, my lord." Kildare in the hands of your enemy, * And are these the terms to which and Rathangan is but two days' march you would have my father's from tbe scene of his triumph

subscribe ?” exclaimed Lord Thomas ; " Your terms, your terins, Sir John!" starting up in uncontrolled indigexclaimed Lord Thomas, unable longer nation, “sooner may this hand be to control his impatience of this mor- chopped off hy the axe of the hangtifying detail ; "it is true, we have not man, than set sign or seal to such a been successful ; had we been so, we prodigy of malignant and rapacious would not have taxed your endurance insolence! What! disband my troops with this parade of your misfortunes, to return to homes already portioned but have told you in a word what we out to Cheshire or Kentish clowns ! required you to do, and what we were give up the arms by which they must willing to do ourselves.”

win themselves a portion from the * Alas! my lord,” cried Talbot, natives of the interior, or defend the " were you in my place, I know not portion that good-will may assign them how otherwise you could preface the there, when driven ont of their old conditions which I am about to lay holdings on our forfeited estates ! before you. I would to God they come in, most like, with halters round were more favourable ; but, trust me, our necks, and lay our swords at the if I had had a hand in drawing them feet of a base churl, the proxy of a up, there should be little difficulty in false and lascivious tyrant, sprung from agreeing to them."

the tail of a baggage-wagon, as this “ Let us hear them, Sir John, in William the Gunner is creditably God's name," said Sir Oliver. “ It reported to be! Give up the broad were useless for us to deny that we plains of Kildare, that our noble anare willing to listen to reason.”

cestors won with their good swords The first item," said Talbot, taking from kings and royal princes, to be forth bis instructions, “is, that you plotted out to fat undertakers and shall disband your troops, and dismiss beggarly adventurers at so much the each man to his home, on taking an rood, and a clause that no natives be


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permitted on the land! What! see decrees of Providence have left you my noble kinsmen reduced to be pen- My lord, I will speak freely, for I fee sioners on Henry Tudor's bounty! honestly concerned for all parties : i give up my honorable and faithful is your duty, my lord, as a knight and friends, who have stood by me with a Christian, since you have kindled loyal constancy through the worst of strife and contention among your times, to be dealt with as felons by a fellow-countrymen for the sake corrupt Chief Justice! sheath my avenging a wrong that was never done sword while this cruel tyrant holds my you, it is your bounden duty, I say, now father in captivity, and denies a free ihat you have been undeceived, to make and honorable pardon for our taking up amends to the outraged peace of your arms under the delusion of his death, country, even though in doing so you spread as it was by his own minions ? — should have to sacrifice both fortune Never!" He sat down amid loud plaudits and liberty. You bared the sword, from his kinsmen and associates. my lord, to take vengeance for your

Talbot again rose. “Good, my lord,” noble father's supposed murder. Alas ! he said : " remember that I only urge your obstinacy in refusing to sheath it these conditions as the envoy of their when that error was discovered, has framers, not as being in any way the wrought a worse calamity than the evil adviser or suggester of any of them. which you drew it to avenge. And severe although they be, my lord, Ha, Sir John, what has happened they are by no means so unjust as your to my father?" indignation has led you at first sight My lord, he was in some measure to consider them. If your disbanded my own father; I can remember no soldiery want homes on their return, other parent. It is bitter news to tell, which in the present unsettled state of Lord Thomas ; but for all our sakes it the country is far from probable—for must be told he is dead, my lord ; his what English settler would venture on heart was broken by your persevering the Geraldine lands in times likethese?-- in this aimless and hopeless war." But, should your troops have neither Lord Thomas sat for a minute strughome nor employment, there are the gling to keep down his emotion, but it king's levies into which they may, every

more than he could contend man, be drafted within a month. Sub- against. He rose abruptly and in mission is a galling word to a proud silence ; but those who marked his spirit ; but, my lord, the prime nobility face might see that he was bursting and the kings themselves of the land, into tears as he left the apartment. A have often submitted themselves to the general outbreak of lamentation folKing's Deputy; and, so that he be the lowed, and Talbot sat down overcome representative of royalty, who matters with the effect of his own announcewhat may be his name or lineage ? ment, and half-reproaching himself My lord, Roderick O'Connor was not that he had not made it more deliashamed to bend his knee to your cately. Lord Thomas returned in a great ancestor, and he was king of all few minutes, and advanced to the head Ireland. To be pensioners on the of the table. His nianner wis calmı royal bounty is what many of the chief and sad, but the first word announced nobility of England openly desire; that his determination was taken. “Sir yet far be it from me to recommend John Talbot, kinsmen, and gentlemen," dependence on such a stipend, because he began, “it were idle in me to preit is scarce counted dishonorable among tend that I could hear of a parent's strangers ; it is by setting its decent death without such emotion as must provision in comparison with the pre- for a time interrupt any deliberation carious estate of outlawry, that I would on other affairs ; yet, ere I retire, I scek to reconcile you to some farther would apprize you that, in the maiter consideration of this proposal. But, before us, there will be no need to my lord, I have hitherto spoken of resume the arguments on either side. your honor and interest ; it behoves Bear back my defiance to the framer me now to tell you of higher reasons of these insolent demands," he said, why you should not reject such chances turning to Talbot, "and tell Sir William of reconciliation with the state as the Skeffington, that when I make my


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submission to him, there will be no of fortune since they had last met. veed of stipulating for my people's At lenyth Sir Oliver returned. “I pardon, since I mistake them much if crave your pardon, fair Sirs,” he said ; any of them will stand in need of “but my nephew has been so much favor at his hands when that day moved by this news, that 'tis only now comes. And, as for the representations I have thought it right to leave him. of duty which yon have made to me; God rest poor Gerald's soul ! he was believe me, so far as they proceed from a good man and a brave man; and a yourself

, I thank you heartily; but, with better brother, I am bold to say, never regard to those who sent you, tell them broke bread among his kindred. But that my duty makes me consider them we must all die ; and although I would as much the murderers of my father, rather than a year and a day added to now that they have done him to death my own time ihat Gerald had died in by their cruel injustice towards me, as harness, instead of these churls' bolts I did on that day when Alan first and fetters, yet, since it has been spread the rumour of his having fallen God's will so to take him, let us not beneath the axe of their executioner. repine.-So ho, ye knaves, spread the I have done with the subject of your board for supper, and tell Neal Roe mission, Sir John ; and I would not that I will need him here with the have it renewed.. If I have given you barp. Come, Sir John, drink a cup of offence in aught that I have said, wine with me for the sake of the days forgive me ; for this has been a trying when I used to nurse you on my knec evening with us. You will sup with under the old beech tree in Maynooth my kinsmen, Sir John-it will be but gardens." a melancholy meal ; yet, such as it is, “ God be with the time !" cried I give thanks to God that I have it by Talbot, pledging the worthy knight in a the bounty of neither king nor viceroy. full goblet. “ But ah! Sir Oliver, there Sir John, farewell till the morning; is no seat under the old beech now ; and if you like your fare, remember the English cut it down to make room that while there are streams in Des- for their breaching battery." mond and woods upon Slieve Logher, “ Well, let it go,” replied Sir Oliver; I shall never want a board as inde- “it will not burn a whit the less merrily pendently supplied, and at which you for the taint of the churl's hatchet, and will always be welcome, for the sake some good fellow's hearth may yet be of him that is gone." He wrung Tal- all the brighter by its fall. But, 'fore bot's hand and withdrew. His uncles God, now that I think of it, I do accompanied him, and left the knight, remember my father used to say there but not without the expression of much was something that touched the fate of regret, to ineditate over his disappoint- our house in that beech's cutting ments till their promised return at down ; but if we were to heed all the supper. Talbot would have gone, but idle omens and blind prophesies about that he still hoped, when the first the downfall of the Geraldine for these ebullition of grief was past, to have ten years past, we would spend but an another opportunity of conversing with uneasy time. Blessed be God, it has Lord Thomas on the engrossing subject not come to housing in the cow's belly of his thoughts and wishes. But the with us yet !" greater number of gentlemen among “In the cow's belly, Sir Oliver ? whom he had been left were Fitzge- What mean you by that ?" ralds; and although their gloomy pros " How, Sir John, heard you never pects, combined with this melancholy the old rhyme, intelligence of the decease of the great

· When five brothers go head of their house, rendered their

l' the belly of the cow, conversation, during the absence of the

Clan Gerald's day of doom elder knights, somewhat sad; yet as Talbot had been known to many of them before quitting the service of “ Not I, by my faith,” said Talbot ; Kildare, they gave him opportunity “but she will be a lusty heifer that enough to forget his anxiety in relating fulfils your fate, if it is to happen in their several adventures and changes your generation, Sir Oliver.”

Is come?'"

“'Fore God, I think she would soon be sweetly, clearly-ringing, till either the fain to drop her calves,” replied the old smiles come back to our countenances, knight. “John, James, Rickard, Walter, or the tears that oppress our hearts and myself, have an old custom of making flow upward with their weight of sorrow, free elbow-room, go where we will. and pour it from our eyes upon the But Heaven knows--I cannot tell ground.” what to think of these things falling The bard took the goblet, and, rising, out as they often do. We are just stood beside his harp. The flickering five brothers, now that Gerald (God brands at his feet threw his tall figure rest his soul,) is gone.” He paused aud wild costume into strong relief as for a moment, and proceeded : “ But he stood beneath the brace of the come, Sir John, and kinsinen, you see black-browed, overarching chimney. the best we can place before you ; fall He looked round, and, raising the cup, to with the best appetite you can ; for, drained it in silence and at a single come what may, a man made never the draught. A few drops fell from the worse fight, either against grief or reversed goblet as his arm sank slowly handy blows for having his stomach again to his side, while he leaned abwell lined with good munition of stractedly over his instrument, as if venison and Spanish wine.” But, not- gathering his fancies for the coming withstanding his recommendation, poor lamentation : but suddenly raising his Sir Oliver scarce touched the good head, and shaking back the long red cheer set before him: his heart was full; bands of his glibb, that had partialand though he neglected no observance ly fallen over his brow, he extended of the rights of hospitality, the tear the cup again, and exclaimed, “I drank was in his eye throughout. At length to Gerald of the open hand, and the when the sorrowful repast was over, he wine has not melted my soul to lamenpoured out a goblet of wine and gave tation. My heart, among the strong it to an attendant to bear to Neale wine, still burns like the hot iron when Roe, the bard, who sat at the farther the son of the hammer has plunged it end of the table, next the lowest of in a too shallow stream. Fill the cup the gentlemen of the Geraldine name. again! for I will now drink a health;

“ The harp is silent on the hearth, and that neither in silence nor in sorson of Kennedy,” said he, in Irish, row, but freely, loudly, and joyfully !" " and our hearts are low in our breasts. The cup was speedily replenished; Drink a strong draught to the memory and Neale Roe, seizing his barp, withof Gerald that will never listen to the out prelude or preface, burst forth with voice of strings again; then let your this strain in Irish :fingers go forth on the wire, swiftly,

“ Health to the wolf of the red forest of Bawn Regan! Hither, wild dog of the woods, and do his errand who drinks to you in

Spanish wine. Eastward through the plain of Liffey a day's journey, and the smell of carrion

will guide you to Maynooth: There's a dead man in the castle ditch; there is no head


his shoulders : Drag him out upon the bank, and tear him in four quarters ! Give his limbs to your cubs to carry to the four forests of Ireland; But hide his heart in a hole ; taste it not, for it is full of poison ; It would poison the wolf in his famine; it is the heart of him who betrayed his


“ Health to the crow of the red shambles of Moyslaght! Hither, black gorger of Aesh, and do his errand who drinks to you in Spanish

wine. Eastward over the plain of Liffey a three-hours' Aight, and the smell of carrion

will guide you to Maynooth. There's a head on a spike over the castle gate: there is no back-bone

under it :

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