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Public No. 41, 48th Cong., approved May 29, 1884. Bureau of Animal Indus-

try, to establish.

Public No. 161, 49th Cong., approved Aug 2, 1886. Defining butter, also im-

posing a tax upon and regulating the manufacture, sale, importation, and

exportation of oleomargarine -.-

Public No. 247, 51st Cong., approved Aug. 30, 1890. Inspection of meats for


Public No. 110, 57th Cong., approved May 9, 1902. (Grout Law.) Oleomar-

garine and imitation dairy products to be made subject to laws of States, to

impose a tax on, and to regulate manufacture, sale, importation and export of..

Public No. 49, 58th Cong., approved Feb. 2, 1903. To suppress and prevent

spread of contagious and infectious diseases.

Public No. 382 (Extract), 59th Cong., approved June 30, 1906. Meat Inspection


Public No. 384, approved June 30, 1906, amended to July 8, 1930. Pure Food

and Drug Act.
Public No. 242 (Extract), 59th Cong., approved March 4, 1907. Meat Inspec-

tion Act of 1907..

Public No. 275, 62d Cong., approved Aug. 20, 1912. Establishing plant quar-

antine districts and to regulate importation of nursery stock and plant


Public No. 293, 63rd Cong., approved March 4, 1915. Enforcement of the

Plant Quarantine Act...

Public No. 390 (Extract), 64th Cong., approved March 4, 1917. Amending

section 8 of Plant Quarantine and Nursery Stock Act.

Public No. 40 (Extract), 65th Cong., approved Aug. 10, 1917. Amending sec-

tion 9 of the Act for inspection of meats for exportation.

Public No. 219 (Extract), 65th Cong., approved'Oct. 1, 1918. To amend sec-

tion 6 of Act to define butter and regulate manufacture, sale, etc., of oleo-


Public No. 243 (Extract), 65th Cong., approved Nov. 21, 1918. Amending

section 9 of Act for inspection of meats for exportation...

Public No. 22 (Extract), 66th Cong., approved July 24, 1919. Horsemeat and

wrapped meats --

Public No. 234 (Extract), 66th Cong., approved May 31, 1920. Amending

section 15 of the Plant Quarantine Act..

Public No. 51, 67th Cong., approved Aug. 15, 1921. Packers and Stockyards

Act, 1921...

Public No. 146, 67th Cong., approved Feb. 18, 1922. To authorize association

of producers of agricultural products.

Publíc No. 217 (Extract), 67th Cong., approved May 11, 1922. Market infor-

mation, prices and supply of agricultural products --

Public No. 513, 67th Cong., approved Mar. 4, 1923. To prohibit the shipment

of filled milk in interstate or foreign commerce-

Public No. 519, 67th Cong., approved March 4, 1923. To define butter and

to provide a standard therefor..

Public Res. No. 13, 68th Cong., approved April 26, 1924. For the relief of the

drought-stricken farm areas of New Mexico.-

Public No. 156, 68th Cong., approved May 29, 1924.

To establish a Dairy

Bureau in the Dept. of Agriculture..

Public No. 436, 69ih Cong., approved June 28, 1926. Amending section 6,

Bureau of Animal Industry Act...

Public Res. No. 14, 69th Cong., approved April 13, 1926. Amending section 8

of Plant Quarantine Act, to allow States to quarantine against shipments

therein or through, of diseased plants.
Public No. 450, 69th Cong., approved July 2, 1926. Cooperative Marketing

Division created in Department of Agriculture.

Public No. 180, 69th Cong., approved May 5, 1926. Amending section 304 of

the Packers and Stockyards Act.



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Public No. 594, 69th Cong., approved Feb. 9, 1927. To provide for the eradi-

cation or control of the European corn borer.

Public No. 625, 69th Cong., approved Feb. 15, 1927. To regulate importation

of milk and cream into the United States

Public No. 712, 69th Cong., approved March 3, 1927. Antidumping of perish-

able farm products, to prohibit.

Public No. 802, 69th Cong., approved March 4, 1927. To prevent discrimina-

tion against farmers cooperative associations by boards of irade-

Public No. 783, 69th Cong., approved March 4, 1927. Federal Caustic Poison


Public No. 7, 70th Cong., approved Jan. 26, 1928. For the purpose of rehabili-

tating farm lands in the flood areas.

Public No. 327, 70th Cong., approved May 1, 1928. To amend section 10 of

the Plant Quarantine Act..

Public No. 505, 70th Cong., approved May 24, 1928. To provide for the eradi-

cation or control of the European corn borer.

Pub. Res. No. 57, 70th Cong., approved May 28, 1928. Amending humane

treatment of export cattle act to include other livestock exported from United

States to foreign countries -

Public No. 679 (Extract), 70th Cong., approved Feb. 16, 1929. Appropriations

for suppression and eradication of various plant pests and diseases under

Plant Quarantine Act...

Public Res. 1, 71st Cong., approved May 2, 1929. To provide funds for the

eradication, control, and prevention of the spread of the Mediterranean fruit

Public No. 1035 (Extract), 70th Cong., approved Mar. 4, 1929. Control of

gypsy and brown-lail moths ..

Public No. 8, 71st Cong., approved June 13, 1929. To continue Federal aid

during 1930 in the rehabilitation of farm lands in areas devastated by floods

in 1927.

Public No. 304, 71st Cong., approved June 5, 1930. Promoting agriculture by

expanding foreign field service abroad..

Public No. 325, 7 ist Cong., approved June 10, 1930. Perishable Agricultural

Commodities Act of 1930..

Public No. 538, 71st Cong., approved July 8, 1930. Labeling canned food

falling below standard.

Public No. 540, 71st Cong., approved July 10, 1930. To amend section 2 of

Oleomargarine Act of Aug. 2, 1886..

Public Res. No. 114, 71st Cong., approved Jan. 15, 1931. Appropriating

$45,000,000 authorized by Pub. Res. 112, 71st Congress-

Public No. 612 (Extract), 71st Cong., approved Feb. 6, 1931. Appropriating

$2,000,000 for purchase and distribution of medical supplies in drought-

stricken areas for 1931 and 1932.

Public No. 666 (Extract), 7 1st Cong., approved Feb. 14, 1931. $20,000,000

appropriation for rehabilitation of agriculture in drought areas through loans

for food and necessities and assist in forming agricultural credit corporation..

Public Res. No. 124, 71st Cong., approved Feb. 28, 1931. To correct section

6 of Act of August 30, 1890, as amended by section 2 of Act of June 28, 1926.

Public No. 867, 71st Cong., approved March 4, 1931. To amend sections 3

and 8 of Oleomargarine Act of Aug. 2, 1886..

Public Res. No. 11, 72d Cong., approved Mar. 3, 1932. Establishment of

agricultural credit corporations

Public No. 2 (Extract), 720 Cong., approved Jan. 22, 1932. $50,000,000 loans

for crop production 1932..

Public Res. No. 33, 72d Cong., approved July 5, 1932. Authorizing Red Cross

to distribute wheat and cotton for relief of unemployment in United States ...

Public No. 327, 72d Cong., approved Feb. 4, 1933. To provide for loans to

farmers for crop production and harvesting during the year 1933....
Public No. 329, 72d Cong., approved Feb. 8, 1933. To authorize the distribu-

tion of Government-owned cotton to the American National Red Cross and

other organizations for relief of distress.

Public Res. No. 51, 720 Cong., approved Feb. 11, 1933. Providing appropria-

tion of $4,100,000 to carry into effect the provisions of Public No. 329, ap-

proved Feb. 8, 1933.

Public Res. No. 64, 72d Cong., approved Mar. 3, 1933. Authorizing Red

Cross to exchange cotton for articles of wool..

Public No. 368, 72d Cong., approved Feb. 4, 1933. Aurthorizing the packing

of oleomargarine and adulterated butter in tin and other suitable packages..

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