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Ye servants of the almighty king
Ye servants of the almighty Lord
Ye servants of the eternal king
Ye that obey the immortal king
Ye nations praise the Lord
Ye servants of the eternal king
Ye saints and servants of the Lord
Ye that delight to serve the Lord



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Godliness, its nature and reward.
I BLEST is the man whose virtuous steps

No wicked counsels lead aside;
Who shuns the finner's ways, nor sits
Where God and goodness men deride;

2 Who in the perfect law of God

Hath plac'd his soul's entire delight;
On this his mind is fix'd by day,

On this his wakeful thoughts by night, 3 He flourishes like some fair tree

With living waters near the root, Whose leaves are ever fresh and green, • Whose branches bend with timely fruit.

4 Safe shall his dearest hopes remai.1,

And the best pleasures of his mind;
When all the joys the wicked know
Shall flee like chaff before the wind.

5 God will reward the just man's work,

For he approves the path he treads;
But that which thoughtless finners choose
To sure and swift destruction leads. P.

Hope and confidence in God our Shepherd.
I GOD is my shepherd who will see

That all my wants be well supply'd ;
In dangerous and in doubtful ways

He is my guard, and he my guide.
2 His comforts, which revive my soul,
My life's whole journey pleasant make :
And in the peaceful paths of grace

He leads me, for his goodness fake.
3 Tho' I should walk where black despair

And sorrow cast a dismal shade;
Thy power, O Lord, thy tender care
Would chase my fears, and make me glad.
4 Surely thy goodness, O my God,

Shall still surround me all my days:
Thy house I will frequent, and there
Display thy love, and fing thy praise. P.



God our confolation.
1 O GOD, the spring of all my joys,

For thee I long, to thee I look:
No chased hart e'er panted more
To reach the cooling water-brook.

2 Thy mercy and thy truth display;

That, by the conduct of thy light,
Thy courts above I may attain,
And have of thee. a fuller sight.

3. Oft have I found thy worship here
My soul above it's sorrows-raise;
And thence again I'll seek relief,
Till my fad heart shall learn to praise.

4 Why shou'd I cherish gloomy thoughts,

Whence nothing but disquiet flows ?
They can't procure nie what I wish,
Why should they hinder my repose ?

5 I have learnt, at last, a remedy

To keep my passions calm and still;
I am nearer help by hope in God,
And resignation to his will. ...


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PSALM IV. Stability of God's government. 1 JEHOVAH reigns; this King of Kings

Afsumes his robes of glorious light;
Tremble, thou Earth, when he appears
Array'd in majesty and might.

2 He reigns, and the unquiet world

Shall gain stability and peace:
His empire did of old begin,
And, like himself, shall never cease.

3 In vain the world's rebellious powers

In tumults and commotions rise,
Like troubled waters of the sea,
To bid defiance to the skies.

4. Oppose not his resiftless sway ;

He is far above your angry noise;
And even the sea's unruly waves
Do calmly listen to his voice.

5 Lord, as thy power can never fail,

So all thy promises are sure:
'Tis thy perfection to be true,
And their’s that serve thee to be pure.



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