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Psalm cxv.

Credidi. Crédidi, propter quod lo- 1 I believed, and there. cátus sum: * ego autem hu- fore did I speak : but I was miliátus sum nimis.

humbled exceedingly. Ego dixi in excessu meo : 2 I said in my excess : Omnis homo mendax. All men are liars.

Quid retríbuam Dómi. 3 What shall I render no: * pro ómnibus quæ re- unto the Lord : for all he tríbuit mihi?

hath rendered unto me? Cálicein salutáris accí. 4 I will take the chalice piam. * et nomen Dómini of salvation : and call upon invocábo.

the name of the Lord. Vota mea Dómino red. 5 I will pay my vows unto dam coram omni pópulo the Lord in the presence of ejus : * pretiosa in conspectu all his people: precious in Dómini mors sanctórum the sight of the Lord is the cjus.

death of his saints. O Dómine, quia ego ser- 6 O Lord, I am thy servus tuus :* ego servus tuus, vant: I am thy servant, and et filius ancillæ tuæ. the son of thy handinaid.

Dirupísti víncula mea : 7 Thou hast broken my tibi sacrificábo hóstiam lau. bonds in sunder : I will offer dis, et nomen Dómini invo. unto thee the sacrifice of cabo.

praise, and will call upon

the name of the Lord. Vota mea Dómino red

8 I will pay my vows unto dam in conspectu omnis pó- the Lord in the sight of all puli ejus : * in atriis domus his people : in the courts of Dómini, in médio tui, Jerú- the house of the Lord, in the salem.

midst of thee, O Jerusalem.



Psalm cxxv. In convertendo. In converténdo Dóminus 1 When the Lord turned captivitátem Sion : * facti again the captivity of Sion : sumus sicut consolati. we became like men that are


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Tunc replétum est gaú- 2 Then was our mouth dio os nostrum :* et lingua filled with gladness : and nostra exultatióne.

our tongue with joy. Tunc dicent inter gen- 3 Then shall they say tes: * Magnificávit Dómi- among the gentiles : The nus fácere cum eis. Lord hath done great things

for them. Magnificávit Dóminus fá. 4 The Lord hath done cere nobíscum:* facti sumus great things for us : we are lætantes.

become very joyful. Convérte, Dómine, capti- 5 Turn again our captivitátem nostram:* sicut tor- vity, O Lord : as a river in rens in austro.

the south. Qui séminant in lacry- 6 They that sow in tears : mis:* in exultatióne metent. shall reap in joy.

Euntes ibant et fiebant : * 7 Going on their way, mitténtes sémina sua. they went and wept : scat

tering their seed. Veniéntes autem vénient 8 But returning, they cum exultatióne:* portantes shall come with joyfulness : manípulos suos.

bringing their sheaves with

them. Psalm cxxxviii. Domine, probasti. Dómine, probásti me, et 1 O Lord, thou hast cognovísti me: * tu cogno- proved me and known me : vísti sessionem meam, et thou hast known my sitting resurrectionem meam. down and my rising up.

Intellexísti cogitationes 2 Thou hast understood meas de longe : * sémitam my thoughts long before : meam ct funiculum meum my path and my lire hast investigásti.

thou searched out. Et omnes vias meas præ- 3 And thou hast foreseen vidisti: * quia non est sermo all my ways : for there is in lingua mea.

not a word in my tongue. Ecce Dómine, tu cogno- 4 Behold, O Lord, thou víeti omnia, novíssima et hast known all things, new antiqua : * tu formásti me, and old : thou hast formed


et posuísti super me manum me, and laid thine hand upor tuam.

Mirábilis facta est scién- 5 Thy knowledge is be tia tua ex me: * confortáta come too wonderful for me : est, et non pótero ad eam. it is strong and high, and I

cannot attain unto it. Quo ibo a spíritu tuo ? * 6 Whither shall I go from et quo a fácie tua fúgiam ? thy spirit: and whither shall

I flee from thy face? Si ascendero in coelum, 7 If I go up into heaven, tu illic es: * si descéndero thou art there: if I go down in infernum, ades.

into hell, thou art there also. Si súmpsero pennas meas 8 If I take to me the wings diluculo: * et habitávero in of the morning: and dwell in extrémis maris:

the uttermost parts of the F

sea : Etenim illuc manus tua 9 Even there also shall dedúcet mea : * et tenébit thy hand lead me: and thy me dextera tua.

right hand shall hold me. Et dixi, Fórsitan téne- 10 And I said, Perad. bræ conculcábunt me : * et venture the darkness shall nox illuminátio mea in deli- cover me: and night shall ciis meis.

be my light in my pleasures. Quia ténebræ non ob- 11 But darkness shall not scurabúntur a te, et nox be dark to thee, and night sicut dies illuminábitur: shall be as light as the day: sicut tenebræ ejus, ita et lu- the darkness thereof and the men ejus.

light thereof are alike to

thee. Quia tu possedísti renes

12 For thou hast posmeos : * suscepisti me de sessed my reins : thou hast útero matris meæ.

holpen ine from my mo

ther's womb. Confitebor tibi, quia ter- 13 I will praise thee, for ribíliter magnificátus es : * thou art fearfully magnified: mirabília ópera tua, et ani- marvellous are thy works, ma mea cognoscit nimis. and my soul knoweth them

right well.



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Non est occultatum os 14 My bones are not hid meum a te, quod fecisti in from thee, which thou didst occulto :* et substantia mea fashion in secret : and my in inferioribus terræ. substance in the lower parts

of the earth. Imperféctum meum vi- 15 Thine eyes did see my dérunt oculi tui, et in libro imperfect being, and in thy tuo omnes scribentur:* dies book shall all men be writformabúntur, et nemo in eis. ten : day by day shall they

be formed, while yet there

is no one. Mihi autem nimis ho- 16 But to me thy friends, norificáti sunt, amíci tui, O God, are made exceedDeus : * nimis confortátus ingly honourable: their doest principátus eórum. minion is firmly established.

Dinumerábo eos, et sui- 17 I will tell them, and per arénam multiplicabún- they shall be more in numtur : * exurréxi et adhuc ber than the sand: I have sum tecum.

risen up, and am still with

thee. Si occideris, Deus, pec

18 Wilt thou not slay the catóres : * viri sánguinum wicked, O God: ye men of declináte a me:

blood, depart from me. Quia dicitis in cogita- 19 For ye say in your tióne: * Accipient in vani- thoughts: They shall take táte civitátes tuas.

thy cities in vain. Nonne qui oderunt te, 20 Have I not hated them, Dómine, óderam :* et super O Lord, that hated thee : inimícos tuos tabescébam? and pined away because of

thine enemies? Perfecto ódio óderam il- 21 I have hated them los : * et inimíci facti sunt with a perfect hatred : and mihi,

they became as enemies un

to me. Proba me, Deus, et scito 22 Prove me, O God, and cor meum :* intérroga me, try my heart: examine me, et cognosce sémitas meas. and search out my paths.

Et vide si via iniquitatis 23 And look well if there

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in me est : et deduc me in be in me the way of ini.
via ætérna.

quity : and lead me in the
way everlasting.


First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudate Dominum, p. 103.

Second Vespers : last Psalm, Credidi, p. 94.


First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudate Dominum, p. 103.

Second. Vespers : ditto, Memento, Domine, as follows :

Psalm cxxxi. Memento, Domine. Memento, Dóinine, Da- 1 O Lord, remember Da. vid : * et omnis mansuetú. vid: and all his meekness. dinis ejus.

Sicut jurávit Dómino :* 2 How he sware unto votum vovit Deo Jacob: the Lord: and vowed a vow

unto the God of Jacob : Si introiero in taberná- 3 I will not enter into the culum domus meæ : * si tabernacle of nine house : ascendero in lectum strati I will not go up into my mei:

bed : Si dédero somnum ócu- 4 I will not give sleep to Jis meis :* et pálpebris meis mine eyes : nor slumber to dormitationem,

mine eyelids, Et réquiem temporibus 5 Nor rest unto the temmeis : donec invéniam lo- ples of my head : until I eum Dómino :* tabernácu- find a place for the Lord : lum Deo Jacob.

a tabernacle for the God of

Ecce audivimus eam in 6 Lo, we heard of it in
Ephrata :* invenimus eam Ephrata : ve found it in the
in campis silve.

fields of the wood. Introibimus in taberna- We will go into his ta.

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