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Vespers for Sundays and


Pater noster, Ave Maria, in secret. Ħ. Deus, in adjutorium Ť. O God, come to my meum intende.

assistance. R. Domine, ad adjuvan- R. O Lord, make haste dum me festina.

to help me. Ý. Gloria Patri, et Filio, . Glory be to the Fa. et Spiritui Sancto.

ther, and to the Son, and

to the Holy Ghost. R. Sicut erat in prin- Ry. As it was in the be. cipio, et nunc, et semper, ginning, is now, and ever et in sæcula sæculorum. shall be, world without end. Amen. Alleluia.

Amen. Alleluia. From Septuagesima to Palm Sunday, inclusively, is said:

Laus tibi, Domine, Rex Praise be to thee, O Lord, æternæ gloriæ.

King of everlasting glory. Ant. Dixit Dominus. Ant. The Lord said. In Paschal Time, the Psalms are all said under this one

Antiphon : Alleluia.

Psalm cix. Dixit Dominus. Dixit Dóminus Dómino 1 The Lord said to my meo: * Sede a dextris me- Lord: Sit thou at my right is :

Donec ponam inimícos 2 Until I make thine tuos : * scabéllum pedum enemies : thy footstool. tuórum.

hand :


Virgam virtútis tuæ emít- 3 The Lord shall send tet Dominus ex Sion: *do- forth the rod of thy power mináre in médio inimicó- from out of Sion : rule thou rum tuórum.

the midst of thine ene

mies. Tecum principium in die 4 Thine shall be the dovirtútis tuæ, in splendori- minion in the day of thy bus Sanctórum: ex útero power, amid the brightness ante lucíferum génui te. of the Saints : from the

womb before the day-star

have I begotten thee. Jurávit Dóminus, et non

5 The Lord hath sworn, pænitebit eum : * Tu es sae and will not repent: Thou cerdos in ætérnum, secún- art a priest for ever accorda dum ordinem Melchisedech. ing to the order of Melchi

sedec. Dóminus a dextris tuis : * 6 The Lord upon thy confrégit in die iræ suæ right hand: hath reges.

thrown kings in the day

of his wrath. Judicábit in natiónibus, 7 He shall judge among implébit ruínas : con- the nations, he shall fulfii quassábit cápita in terra destructions: he shall smite multórum.

in sunder the heads in the

land of many: De torrente in via bibet: 8 He shall drink of the • proptérea exaltábit ca- brook in the way : thereput.

fore shall he lift up his

head. Glória Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father,

&c. Ant. Dixit Dominus D6- Ant. The Lord said to mino meo: Sede a dextris my Lord: Sit thou at my meis.

right hand. Ant. Fidélia.

Ant. Faithful. Psalm cx. Confitebor tibio Confitebor tibi, Dómine, 1 I will praise thee, O

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in toto corde meo : * in Lord, with my whole heart: consilio justórum, et con- in the assembly of the just, gregátione.

and in the congregation. Magna ópera Dómini : . 2 Great are the works of exquisita in omnes volun- the Lord: sought out are tátes ejus.

they unto all his pleasure. Confessio et magnificén. 3 His work is his praise tia opus ejus : * et justítia and his honour: and his ejus manet in sæculum sæ- justice endureth for ever culi.

and ever. Memóriam fecit mirabí. 4 The merciful and gralium suórum miséricors et cious Lord hath left a memiserátor Dóminus : * es- morial of his marvellous cam dedit timéntibus se. works; he hath given meat

to them that fear him. Memor erit in sæculum 5 He shall ever be mind. testamenti sui: * virtútem ful of his covenant: he shall óperum suorum annuntiábit shew forth unto his people pópulo suo:

the power of his works: Ut det illis hæreditatem 6 That he may give them géntium: * opera mánuum the heritage of the gentiles: ejus véritas et judícium. the works of his hands are

judgment and truth. Fidélia ómnia mandata 7 Faithful are all his ejus; confirmáta in sæcu. commandments; they stand lum sæculi: * facta in veri. fast for ever and ever: they táte et æquitáte.

are done in truth and

equity. Redemptiónem misit pó- 8 He hath sent redemppulo suo : • mandáyit in tion unto his people : he ætérnum testamentum su- hath commanded his cove.

nant for ever. Sanctum et terribile no. 9 Holy and terrible is men ejus : * inítium sapi- liis name : the fear of the éntiæ timor Dómini. Lord is the beginning of

wisdom. Intellectus bonus ómni- 10 A good understand. bus faciéntibus eum: * lau. ing have all they that do


dátio ejus manet in sæcu. thereafter : his praise enlum sæculi.

dureth for ever and ever. Glória Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father,

&c. Ant. Fidélia omnia man- Ant. Faithful are all his dáta ejus, confirmáta in sæ- commandinents; they stand culum sæculi.

fast for ever and ever. Ant. In mandátis.

Ant. In his commandments.

Psalm cxi. Beatus vir. Beátus vir qui timet Dó. 1 Blessed is the man that minum : * in mandátis ejus feareth the Lord; in his volet nimis.

commandments he shall

have great delight. Potens in terra erit se- 2 His seed shall be men ejus : * generátio rec- mighty upon earth : the tórum benedicétur.

generation of the righteous

shall be blessed. Glória et divitiæ in do- 3 Glory and riches shall mo ejus : * et justítia ejus be in his house: and his manet in sæculum sæculi. justice endureth for ever

and ever. Exortum est in tenebris 4 Unto the righteous ļumen rectis : * miséricors, there hath risen up light et miserátor, et justus. in the darkness : he is mer.

ciful, compassionate, and

just. Jucúndus homo qui mise- 5 Acceptable is the man rétur et cómmodat, dispó- who is merciful, and lendnet sermónes suos in judi- eth; he will guide his words

quia in ætérnum with judgment: he shall non comovébitur.

not be moved for ever. In memória ætérna erit 6 The just man shall justus: * ab auditióne mala be in everlasting, rememnon timébit

brance: he shall not be

afraid for evil report. Parátum cor ejus spe

7 His heart is prepared


ráre in Dómino, confirmá- to hope in the Lord ; his tum est cor ejus : non heart is fixed: he shall not commovebitur donec despí. be moved until he look ciat inimícos suos.

down upon his enemies. Dispérsit, dedit paupéri- 8 He hath dispersed abus; justítia ejus manet in broad, he hath given to the sæculum sæculi : * cornu poor; his justice endureth ejus exaltábitur in glória. for ever and ever: his horn

shall be exalted in glóry. Peccátor vidébit et iras- 9 The sinner shall see cétur; déntibus suis fremet it, and be wroth; he shall et tabéscet : * desidérium gnash with his teeth, and peccatórum períbit. consume away: the desire

of the wicked shall perish. Glória Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father,

&c. Ant. In mandátis ejus Ant. In his command. cupit nimis.

ments he hath great de

light. Ant. Sit nomen Dómini. Ant. Blessed be the

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Psalm cxii. Laudate, pueri.
Laudáte, púeri, Dómi- 1 Praise the Lord, ye
num: * laudáte nomen children : praise ye the

name of the Lord.
Sit nomen Dómini bene- 2 Blessed be the name of
dictum : ex hoc nunc et the Lord : from this time
usque in sæculum.

forth for evermore.
A solis ortu usque ad oc- 3 From the rising up
cásum: * laudábile nomen of the sun unto the going

down of the same: the
name of the Lord is worthy

to be praised.
Excélsus super omnes * 4 The Lord is high a-
gentes Dóminus : * et su- bove all nations : and his
per colos glória ejus. glory above the heavens.

Quis sicut Dóminus Deus 5 Who is like unto the


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