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Exert the Mother's care,

And us thy children own;
To Him convey our prayer,

Who chose to be thy Son.


pure, O spotless Maid,

Whose meekness all surpass'd,
Our lusts and passions quell,

And make us mild and chaste.

Preserve our lives unstain'd,

And guard us in our way;
Until we come to thee,

To joys that ne'er decay.
Praise to the Father be,

With Christ, his only Son,
And to the Holy Ghost,-

Thrice-blessed three in one.


HAIL, Queen of Heav'n, the ocean Star,

Guide of the wanderer here below!
Thrown on life's surge we claim thy care,
Save us from peril and from woe.

Mother of Christ, Star of the sea,
Pray for the wanderer, pray for me.

O gentle, chaste, and spotless Maid,

We sinners make our prayers through thee; Remind thy Son that he has paid The price of our iniquity.

Virgin most pure, Star of the sea,

Pray for the sinner, pray for me. Sojourners in this vale of tears,

To thee, biest Advocate, we cry;

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Pity our sorrows, calm our fears,
And soothe with hope our misery.

Refuge in grief, Star of the sea,

Pray for the mourner, pray for me.
And while to Him who reigns above,

In Godhead One, in Persons Three,
The Source of life, of grace, of love,
Homage we pay on bended knee;

Do thou, bright Queen, Star of the sea,
Pray for thy children, pray for me.

Adeste fideles,

Ye faithful, approach ye, Læti triumphantes ;

Joyfully triumphing ; Venite, venite in Bethle- 0, come ye, O, come ye, to hem :

Bethlehem : Natum videte

Come and behold ye Regem angelorum :

Born the King of angels: Venite adoremus,

0, come, let us worship, Venite adoremus,

O, come, let us worship, Venite adoremus Domi- O, come, let us worship

Christ the Lord. Deum de Deo,

True God of God, Lumen de lumine,

True Light of Light, Gestant puellæ viscera: Lo, He disdains not the Deum verum,

Virgin's womb : Genitum, non factum : Very God, Venite adoremus, &c. Begotten, not created :

let us worship, &c. Cantet nunc Io!

Sing Halleluiah, Chorus angelorum :

Let the courts of Heaven Cantet nunc aula cæles- Ring with the Angel-chotium,

rus, Gloria

Praise the Lord, [est : In excelsis Deo!

Glory to God in the highVenite, &c.

O, come, let us worship, &c.


O, come,

Ergo qui natus
Die hodierna,
Jesu tibi sit gloria :
Patris æterni
Verbum caro factum!
Venite adoremus,
Venite adoremus,
Venite adoremus Domi-


Yea, Lord, we greet Thee,
Born this happy mom-

Jesu, to Thee be glory

giv’n :
Word of the Father
In our flesh appearing :
O, come, let us worship,

0, come, let us worship, 0, come, let us worship

Christ the Lord.


V. Tota pulchra es Maria. V. Thou art all fair, O

Mary. [Mary. R. Tota pulchra es, Maria. R. Thou art all fair, o V. Et macula originalis V. And the original stain non est in te.

is not in thee. R. Et macula originalis R. And the original stain non est in te,

is not in thee. v. Tu gloria Jerusalem. V. Thou art the glory of

Jerusalem. (rael. R. Tu lætitia Israel. R. Thou art the joy of Is. V. Tu honorificentia populi V. Thou our people's spenostri.

cial honour. R. Tu advocata peccato. R. Thou the advocate of rum,

sinners. V. O Maria.

V. O Mary. R. O Maria.

R. O Mary. V. Virgo prudentissima. V. Virgin prudent above all. R. Mater clementissima. R. Mother too most merci. V. Ora pro nobis.

V. Pray thou for us. (ful. R. Intercede pro nobis R. Intercede for us with

ad Dominum Jesum Jesus Christ our Lord Christum.

V. In conceptione tua, Vire V. In thy conception, Holy go, immaculata fuisti.

Virgin, thou wast im.

maculate, R. Ora pro nobis Patrem R. Pray for us to the Fa

cujus Filium pepe- ther, whose Son thou risti.

didst bring forth.

Let us pray

O God, who by the Virgin's immaculate conception didst prepare a worthy dwelling for thy Son, we beseech thee, that thou, who, by the death of that same Son of thine, foreseen by thee, didst preserve her from every stain, wouldst grant that by her intercession we also may be purified, and so come to thee.


(Via Crucis.) The priests and acolyths, kneeling before the altar, say as

follows : O Jesus, our adorable Saviour, behold us prostrate at thy feet, imploring thy mercy for ourselves, and for the souls of all the faithful departed. Vouchsafe to apply to us the infinite merits of thy passion, on which we are now about to meditate. Grant that while we trace this path of sighs and tears, our hearts may be so touched with contrition and repentance, that we may be ready to embrace with joy all the crosses and sufferings and humiliations of this our life and pilgrimage.

V. Domine, labia mea V. Thou shalt open my aperies,

lips, O Lord. R, Et os meum annun- R. And my mouth shall tiabit laudem tuam. show forth thy praise.

V. Deus, in adjutorium V. O God, come to my meum intende,


Ry. Domine, ad adjuvan- R. O Lord, make haste dum me festina.

to help me. ỳ. Gloria Patri, ốc. ¥. Glory be, &c. Ry. Sicut erat, &c.

R%. As it was, &c. Then moving in procession to the first Station, the following

versicle and response are said or sung: ř. Adoramus te, Christe, ý. We adore thee, 0 te benedicimus tibi.

Christ, and we bless thee. Ry. Quia per sanctam cru- Ry. Because by thy holy cem tuam redemisti mun- Cross thou hast redeemed dum.

the world.
This versicle and response are repeated before each


first Station.


The Priest reads : Leaving the house of Caiphas, where he had been blasphemed, and the house of Herod, where he had been mocked, Jesus is dragged before Pilate, his back torn with scourges, his head crowned with thorns; and he, who on the last day will judge the living and the dead, is himself condemned to a disgraceful death,

It was for us that thou didst suffer, O blessed Jesus ; it was for our sins thou wast condemned to die. Oh, grant that we may detest them from the bottom of our hearts, and by this repentance obtain thy mercy and pardon.

An Act of Contrition. O God, we love thee with our whole hearts and above ail things, and are heartily sorry that we have offended thee. May we never offend thee any more. Oh, may we love thee without ceasing, and make it our delight to do in all things thy most holy will.

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