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for good spake against me,

23 Haste thee to my because I followed good- help, O Lord God of my

salvation. 22 Forsake me not, O Glory, &c. Lord my God: go not thou far from me.

4. Psalm l. Miserere.

I. David prays for remission of his sins; 8. for perfect sanctity.

17. God delights not in sacrifice, but in a contrite heart. 19. David prays for the exaltation of the Church. Miserere mei, Deus :* 1 Have mercy upon me,

O secúndum magnam mise- God; according to thy great ricórdiam tuam.

mercy. Et secúndum multitú. 2 And according to the dinem miseratiónum tu- multitude of thy tender mer. árum :* dele iniquitátem cies: blot out my iniquity. meam.

Amplius lava me ab 3 Wash me yet more from iniquitáte mea:* et a pec- my iniquity: and cleanse me cáto meo munda me. from my sin.

Quóniam, iniquitátem 4 For I acknowledge my meam ego cognosco :* et iniquity: and my sin is always peccátum meum contra before me. me est semper.

Tibi soli peccavi, et 5 Against thee only have I malum coram te feci :* sinned, and done evil in thy ut justificéris in sermó. sight: that thou mayest be jus. nibus tuis, et vincas cum tified in thy words, and mayjudicáris.

est overcome when thou art Ecce enim in iniquitá- 6 For behold, I was contibus conceptus sum :* ceived in iniquities : and in et in peccátis concépit sins did my mother conceive me mater mea.

me. Ecce enim veritatem 7 For behold, thou hast dilexísti:* incerta et oc- loved truth : the uncertain and


cúlta sapiéntiæ tuæ ma- hidden things of thy wisdom nifestásti mihi.

thou hast made manifest unto



Asperges me hyssópo, 8 Thou shalt sprinkle me et mundábor :* lavabis with hyssop, and I shall be me, et super nivem deal. cleansed: thou shalt wash me, bábor.

and I shall be made whiter

than snow. Audítui meo dabis gaú- 9 Thou shalt make me hear dium et lætitiam :* et ex- of joy and gladness: and the ultábunt ossa humiliáta. bones that were humbled shall

rejoice. Avérte fáciem tuam a 10 Turn away thy face from peccátis meis :* et omnes my sins : and blot out all my iniquitátes meas dele. iniquities. Cor mundum crea in 11 Create in me a clean

Deus:* et spiritum heart, O God: and renew a rectum innova in viscé- right spirit within my bowels. ribus meis.

Ne projícias me a fácie 12 Cast me not away from tua :* et Spíritum sanc- thy presence: and take not tum tuum ne aúferas a thy holy Spirit from me. me.

Redde mihi lætitiam 13 Restore unto me the joy salutáris tui :* et spíritu of thy salvation: and strengthprincipali confirma me. en me with a perfect spirit.

Docébo iníquos vias 14 I will teach the unjust tuas :* et impii ad te thy ways: and the wicked shall converténtur.

be converted unto thee. Libera me de sanguí. 15 Deliver me from blood. nibus, Deus, Deus salutis guiltiness, O God, thou God meæ :* et exultábit lin- of my salvation : and my gua mea justítiam tuam. tongue shall extol thy justice.

Dómine, lábia mea 16 Thou shalt open my lips, apéries : * et os meum O Lord : and my mouth shall annuntiábit laudem tuam. declare thy praise.

Quóniam si voluisses 17 For if thou hadst desired sacrificium, dedíssem ú. sacrifice, I would surely have tique :* holocaustis non given it: with burnt offerings delectaberis.

thou wilt not be delighted. Sacrificium Deo spíri- 18 The sacrifice of God is tus contribulátus :* cor an afflicted spirit: a contrite contrítum et humiliá- and humble heart, O God, tum, Deus, non despí- thou wilt not despise. cies.

Benigne fac, Dómine, 19 Deal favourably, O Lord, in bona voluntáte tua in thy good will with Sion : Sion :* ut ædificéntur that the walls of Jerusalem muri Jerúsalem.

may be built up. Tunc acceptábis sacri- 20 Then shalt thou accept ficium justítiæ, obla- the sacrifice of justice, oblatiónes, et holocausta :* tions, and whole burnt-offertunc impónent super al- ings: then shall they lay calves táre tuum vítulos.

upon thine altars, Glória, &c.

Glory, &c.

5. Psalm ci. Domine, exaudi. 1. The extreme affliction of the Psalmist. 12. The eternity and

the mercy of God, 19. to be recorded and praised by future generations. 26. The unchangeableness of God.

1 O Lord, hear my pray- for I have forgotten to eat er : and let my cry come my bread. unto thee.

6 Through the voice of 2 Turn not away thy face my groaning: my bones from me: in the day when I have cleaved to my flesh. am in trouble, incline thine 7 I am become like a pe. ear unto me.

lican in the wilderness: and 3 In what day soever I like a night-raven in the shall call upon thee: oh, house. hearken unto me speedily. 8 I have watched : and

4 For my days are va- am become like a sparrow nished like smoke : and my that sitteth alone on the bones are dried up like fuel house-top. for the fire.

9 Mine enemies reviled 5 I am smitten as grass, me all the day long : and and my heart is withered: they that praised me have


sworn together against me. shall be created shall praise ·

10 For I have eaten ashes the Lord. as it were bread : and min- 20 For he hath looked gled my drink with weep- down from his high and ing.

holy place : out of heaven 11 Because of thine in- hath the Lord looked upon dignation and wrath : for the earth. thou hast lifted me up and 21 That he might hear cast me down.

the groaning of them that 12 My days are gone are in fetters: that he might down like a shadow : and I deliver the children of the am withered like grass. slain.

13 But thou, O Lord, 22 That they may declare endurest for ever : and thy the name of the Lord in Sion, memorial to all generations, and his praise in Jerusalem.

14 Thou shalt arise and 23 When the people ashave mercy upon Sion : for semble together: and kings, it is time that thou have that they may serve the mercy upon her, yea, the Lord. time is come.

24 He answered him in 15 For thy servants have the way of his strength: Dedelighted in her stones: and clare unto me the fewness of they shall have compassion my days. on the earth thereof.

25 Call me not away in 16 The Gentiles shall the midst of my days: thy fear thy name, O Lord: and years are unto generation all the kings of the earth thy and generation. glory.

26 Thou, Lord, in the be17 For the Lord hath ginning didst lay the founbuilt up Sion : and he shall dations of the earth : and the be seen in his glory. heavens are the work of thy

18 He hath had regard hands. unto the prayer of the lowly: 27 They shall perish, but and hath not despised their thou endurest: and they all petition.

shall grow old as a garment. 19 Let these things be 28 And as a vesture shalt Written for another genera- thou change them, and they tion: and the people that shall be changed : but thou

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art the same, and thy years servants shall continue: and shall not fail.

their seed shall be directed 29 The children of thy for ever. Glory, &c.

6. Psalm cxxix. De profundis. The cry of a contrite heart imploring the Divine mercy. De profúndis clamávi ad 1 Out of the depths have te, Dómine : * Dómine, ex- I cried unto thee, O Lord : audi vocem meam.

Lord, hear my voice. Fiant aures tuæ inten- 2 Oh, let thine ears condéntes* in vocem depreca- sider well: the voice of my tiónis meæ.

supplication. Si iniquitátes observáve- 3 If thou, O Lord, shalt ris, Dómine:* Dómine, quis mark iniquities : Lord, who sustinébit ?

shall abide it ? Quia apud te propitiátio 4 For with thee there is est :* et propter legem tuam propitiation : and because sustinui te, Dómine. of thy law I have waited for

thee, O Lord. Sustínuit ánima mea in 5 My soul hath waited verbo ejus :* sperávit áni- on his word: my soul hath ma mea in Dómino. hoped in the Lord.

A custódia matutína us- 6 From the morning watch que ad noctem :* speret Is- even until night: let Israel rael in Dómino.

hope in the Lord. Quia apud Dóminum mi. 7 For with the Lord there sericórdia :* et copiosa apud is mercy: and with him is eum redemptio.

plenteous redemption. Et ipse rédimet Israel, * 8 And he shall redeem Is. ex ómnibus iniquitátibus rael from all his iniquities. ejus. Glória Patri, &c.

Glory, &c. 7. Psalm cxlii. Domine, exaudi. 1. David prays for favour in judgment. 3. He represents his

distress. He prays for grace; 9. for deliverance; 10. for sanctification; 12. for victory over his enemies. 1 Hear my prayer, O Lord; gire car

to my

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