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many favourable notices of our labours; to our friends generally, who have aided us either by their recommendation or advice; and to the public at large, to whose generous support we are so deeply indebted, to each and all, we embrace this occasion to offer our warmest thanks.

The plan originally proposed by us in the formation of the Family Library, and to which we have rigidly adhered through the whole course of its publication, was to bring together, in a form the most convenient for general use, in one uni. form size and style, and at the lowest possible cost, a large number of the most useful, interest. ing, and attractive works which the literature of our language affords. In the carrying out of this purpose we have been constantly assisted by the advice of our literary friends. Great pains have been taken that all the works selected to compose this series should be of the highest or. der as to literary merit, of the most instructive and pleasing character, and entirely unexception. able in their moral tendency and design. It is on the ground of these considerations that, highly flattering as has been the reception heretofore ac. corded to the Family Library, we still confidently believe it will continue to acquire for itself a stead. ily increasing reputation, in proportion as it shall be more extensively circulated and more univer

sally known. Its popularity has an enduring basis in the intrinsic and substantial excellence of the works of which it is composed. Of the extraor. dinary cheapness of this series there can, we think, be but one opinion. We doubt if, in any country, there has ever been printed, in book form and in the same style, so great an amount of interesting matter at so low a rate.

In the range of subjects embraced in the Family Library, are History, Biography, Travels, Voy. ages, Natural History, Natural Philosophy, Astronomy, Natural Theology, Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Physiology, the Institutions, Manners, and Customs of Nations, Belles Lettres, &c. And among the authors by whom these subjects are treated, are Dr. Franklin, Sir Walter Scott, Paley, Abercrombie, Brewster, Dick, Montgomery, Tyt. ler, Combe, Paulding, Lockhart, Southey, Gleig, Thatcher, Mudie, James, Turner, Russell, Mil. man, Leslie, Cunningham, Bush, Griscom, &c. So rich, then, as this Library is in works of the highest merit, and embracing so wide a range of the most important and attractive subjects, and, withal, so beyond example cheap, what an induce. ment is held out to parents, guardians, trustees of schools, &c., who would the most effectually pro. mote the intellectual and moral improvement of their children and families, to present it to them entire.

We will here close our remarks, with a renewed expression of thanks to all who have patronised or befriended us in this enterprise, which, from the generous support hitherto received, we may be in. duced to continue somewhat farther, as suitable works shall offer.

HARPER & BROTHERS. New-York, April, 1840.










Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1840, by

HARPER & BROTHERS, In the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New-York.

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