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" Scott may perchance his name and influence lend, .

66 And paltry PILLANS* shall traduce his friend. 6 While gay Thalia's luckless votary Lambet, 510 “ As he himself was damned, shall try to damn. " Known be thy name! unbounded be thy sway! " Thy HOLLAND's banquets shall each toil repay; “ While grateful Britain yields the praise she owes, " To HOLLAND's hirelings, and to Learning's foes. 66 Yet mark one caution, ere thy next Review " Spread its light wings of Saffron and of Blue,

“ Beware lest blundering Broughamp destroy the

sale, “ Turn Beef to Bannocks, Cauliflowers to Kail.”

* Pillans is a tutor at Eton.

+ The honourable G. LAMBE reviewed “ BERESFORD's Miseries,” and is moreover Author of a Farce enacted with much applause at the Priory, Stanmore; and damned with great expedition at the late Theatre, Covent-Garden. It was entitled “ Whistle for It.”

† Mr. BROUGHAM, in No. XXV. of the Edinburgh Review, throughout the article concerning Don Pedro de Cevallos, has displayed more

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Her son, and vanished in a Scottish mist*.

politics than policy: many of the worthy Burgesses of Edinburgh being so incensed at the infamous principles it evinces, as to have withdrawn their subscriptions.

It seems that Mr. BROUGHAM is not a Pict, as I supposed, but a Borderer, and his name is pronounced Broom, from Trent to Tay:-Só be it.

* I ought to apologise to the worthy Deities for introducing a new Goddess with short petticoats to their notice : but, alas ! what was to be done? I could not say Caledonia's Genius, it being well known there is no Genius to be found from Clackmannan to Caithness, yet without supernatural agency, how was Jeffrey to be saved ? The national “ Kelpies,” &c. are too unpoetical, and the “ Brownies” and “gude neighbours,” (spirits of a good disposition) refused to extricate him. A Goddess therefore has been called for the purpose, and great ought to be the gratitude of Jeffrey, seeing it is the only communication he ever held, or is likely to hold, with any thing heavenly,

· Illustrious HOLLAND! hard would be his lot
His hirelings mentioned, and himself forgot!
HOLLAND, with Henry Petty at his back,
The whipper-in and huntsman of the pack.

Blest be the banquets spread at Holland House,

Where Scotchmen feed, and Critics may carouse !
Long, long beneath that hospitable roof,
Shall Grub-street dine, while duns are kept aloof.
See honest Hallam lay aside his fork, 530
Resume his pen, review his Lordship’s work,
And grateful to the founder of the feast,


Declare his landlord can translate, at least* !

Dunedin! view thy children with delight,
They write for food, and feed because they write :

And lest, when heated with the unusual grape, :

Some glowing thoughts should to the press escape,

+ Lord H. has translated some specimens of Lope de Vega, inserted in his life of the Author: both are bepraised by his disinterested guests.

And tinge with red the female reader's cheek,
My lady skims the cream of each critique ;
Breathes o'er the page her purity of soul,


Reforms each error and refines the whole*.

Now to the drama turn-oh! motley sight! What precious scenes the wondering eyes invite ! Puns, and a Prince within a barrel pentt, And Dibdin's nonsense yield complete content. Though now, thank Heaven! the Rosciomania's o’er, And full-grown actors are endured once more ; Yet, what avails their vain attempts to please, While British critics suffer scenes like these ?

* Certain it is, her Ladyship is suspected of having displayed her matchless wit in the Edinburgh Review: however that may be, we know from good authority, that the manuscripts are submitted to her perusal—no doubt for correction.

+ In the melo-drame of Tekeli, that heroic prince is clapt into a barrel on the stage, a new asylum for distressed heroes.

While REYNOLDS vents his “ dammes, poohs,” and “ zounds *,"

550 And common place, and common sense confounds ? While KENNY's World just suffered to proeeed, Proclaims the audience very kind indeed ? And Beaumont's pilfered Caratach affords A tragedy complete in all but wordst?

Who but must mourn, while these are all the rage,

The degradation of our vaunted stage ?
Heavens! is all sense of shame, and talent gone ?
Have we no living Bard of merit ?-none ?
Ring the alarum bell, let folly quake!

* All these are favourite expressions of Mr. R. and prominent in his Comedies, living and defunct.

+ Mr. T. Sheridan, the new Manager of Drury-Lane Theatre, strip. ped the Tragedy of Bonduca of the Dialogue, and exhibited the scenes as the spectacle of Caractacus.-- Was this worthy of his sire? or of him


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